Munster vs Leinster Magners League

Rugby rivals meet in Limerick

Right.  Today is Munster versus Leinster in Thomond Park, and I’m about to collect the tickets from Limehouse Dick, the scoundrel.

It’s a strange disconnected day.  Due to our ludicrous, religious-influenced licensing law, Limerick is the only place in the country where the pubs will be open.  This means that every maniac in Ireland will be travelling here for one night, and the majority of them won’t give a rat’s arse about the rugby.

I don’t think I’ll bother going for a pint after the game, because the chances are all the pubs will be full wall-to-wall with demented bastards who arrived half-drunk on buses from every corner of the country.

It should be an interesting game.  We’re missing POC and Earls, but Jerry Flannery is back, while Micko and Warwick step in as able replacements.  Leinster are missing BOD and have opted for bulk up front, but with Munster fielding a highly-mobile and fast back row, Cheika could be taking a big gamble.

Of course, everyone wants to see how the No. 10s shape up to each other.  Will the Thomond Park silence unnerve Sexton as it does Charlie Hodgson?  Will ROG impose his shape on the game and book his seat on the plane to New Zealand, or will the young pretender finally silence his harshest critics in their home town?

Romain Poite, the world’s worst referee,  is the man with the whistle, to the dismay of everyone, both in Munster and Leinster.  Given the uncertainty regarding policing of the breakdown, the shape of this game is is impossible to predict, and even the most experienced players will be unsure of themselves in the tackle.  It depends on how the mercurial M. Poite interprets his brief, but we can probably say with confidence that whatever he does, it will make tonight’s game worse.

We’ve learned not to take Leinster for granted.  They’re formidable opposition, but neither side will want to sustain heavy injuries a week ahead of the crucial European Cup quarter finals.  That doesn’t mean either side will take it easy, but I suspect POC’s groin strain, and the identical injury to Earls, are being treated more conservatively than usual.  I don’t know if BOD also has groin strain, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  Maybe the three boys can discuss their treatments as they watch the game from the sideline.  If Flannery didn’t need match time before the Northampton game, he might well have been struck down with groin strain too.



We didn’t win.  Leinster were better.  They won by a point.

Romain Poite was, as predicted, a complete idiot, but his decisions towards Leinster were as stupid as his decisions concerning Munster, and therefore all he succeeded in doing was distorting what could have been a very good game.  This man is by far the worst referee in the entire world.

Here’s his WIkipedia entry:

Romain Poite (born September 14, 1975) is a French rugby union international referee. He made his World Cup debut in 2007 during the match between Ireland and Namibia. He also officiated (as touch judge or television match official) during three games in the 2009 Six Nations Championship. He will referee his first Six Nations match in 2010. He is well known for being consistent in decision making by mistakingly awarding penalties and yellow cards to each team equally.


Here’s 26,000 people staying silent for the penalty kicker.


Happy Good Friday!!

13 thoughts on “Munster vs Leinster Magners League

  1. Heh – I read the referee’s name as Remain Polite ..

    geddit geddit ?

    It doesn’t seem to have the hype of the other matches Bock.

    I’ve no doubt there’ll be an edge (no to be confused with Dave Evans who was never REALLY edgy, more wedgey).

    Leave one of your two allotted collations ( from your good Friday fast of one meal & 2 x collations) for laters, donkeys is closing early.

    And its black TEA not PORTER for the day .

    I saw that cunt-moppet Father Fitz. loitering outside the Auggies yesterday. He had a fucking leer on his face and his hand was dug deep into his pocket rubbing his-self. It may have been a coincidence, but the boys choir had just finished up and were heading out the door.

    Those little piggy eyes and sweaty brow lend him nothing.

    But he gives good damnations and brimstones and hell-fires.

  2. “I don’t think I’ll bother going for a pint after the game, because the chances are all the pubs will be full wall-to-wall with demented bastards”. Me thinks you’re a bit on the demented side yourself.. but a bastard – now that’s a bit too kind all together :)
    Admit it Bock, you didn’t eat meat today and you won’t be having a pint due to the day that’s in it. There is hope for your soul yet!! ha ha ha.

  3. “This means that every maniac in Ireland will be travelling here for one night, and the majority of them won’t give a rat’s arse about the rugby.”

    Shur, aren’t there many of them in Limerick as well, Bock. I have to admit that I’m only in it for the drink, but I’ll have wan eye cocked on it if they’re showing it on the box.

    You say that your man Poite has to interpret his brief? He’s French, I suppose

  4. RTE commentator outside Thomond Park failed to recognise the Leinster team when they arrived around 3 or 4.00pm and says he with his microphone to a local,

    “I suppose they’re here for the game?’
    Ya eejit! Of course they’re here for the game; that’s the Leinster team!’

  5. ‘Twas Paddy O’ Gorman on Drive Time, unstranger.
    He told the story himself.
    Very funny.
    He said they gave him a right look when he asked if they were in Limerick for the match!!

  6. Well they were up for the match anyway! enthralling stuff, great defence by Leinster, Munster just couldn’t break their line. Not for the want of trying though. ROG kicked well but made some other mistakes, especially for the last penalty that Sexton put over. Sexton played well but left half his kicks behind him. The debate continues.

    PS was disappointed at the jeering for Sexton when he was taking his kicks, it seemed to grow throughout the match. I’m sure that all real Munster fans are too.

    Anyway enjoy your pints tonight and have a good Easter.

  7. I saw Bock in mass earlier today, avoiding the press, who don’t know him anyway. Limerick was peaceful and the pub I was in was cosy and jovial, until it was time to not be jovial any more. Some dodgy Corkonians tried to stir up some trouble but nobody went for it, worst case scenario didn’t come true, again :)

  8. Great game of rugby. Lot of cheap shots going in especially from Munster. O’Callaghan could have had 3 yellows before he collected his. Leinster were superb in defence and were superb overall in the second half. Sorry to hear about booing, it has no place in Thomond Park. I thought the ref had a very good game. So well done and well deserved Leinster.

  9. Some fools were shouting but they were nearly lynched by the Munster supporters

    There might have been two referees on the field. I’m not sure. But I was definitely not watching the same ref as you.

  10. There wasn’t mass anarchy, looting or general mayhem last night. The pubs seemed to adhere to the rules and the guards seemed to enforce the rules good naturedly. Good!
    The game was exciting but the result disappointing. They were better than us, hungier than us. There was niggle on both sides and the referee was a joke. He is indeed one of the worst. Isn’t he the same guy who refereed the Munster v The All Blacks game? Hmmnn…..
    Paul O Connell was sadly missed as was Keith Earls. I hate when Rog is captain – it doesn’t sit well with him. Mick O’ Driscoll would have been a better choice. Poor Doug Howlett has lost yards of pace but still works very hard. Warwick played well but looked pissed off.
    Roll on Saturday and bring on the Saints! I hope Paulo and Earlsy will be back and that parents will sit their little darlings down the night before and explain why we keep silent in Thomond Park for both kickers; the tradition, the way it gives our opponents the heebeejeebees and that they will be beaten if they open their mouths!!

  11. Enjoyed a few in the local, nice crowd majority interested in the match, result put a bit of a dampner on the day but all in all a very good day for Limerick. Personally I can’t understand why O Leary was not replaced, stringer was warming up on the sideline but never called in to play. Roll on next weekend as we welcome Northampton back to our great rugby city. Any one heard who the ref for this will be!!!!!!

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