RTÉ and the Apparitions

National broadcasting agency fails to fulfil remit

RTÉ has a programme tonight on Marian apparitions.

It challenges “visionaries” like Joe Coleman, but at no time does it question the notion that the whole apparition industry might be a load of nonsense.

The reporters on our national broadcasting agency which is paid for by all of us, continue to refer to something called “Our Lady”.  They continue to make a distinction between the likes of Joe Coleman and “authenticated” visions.  For criticism of Coleman, they interview priests, who believe that supernatural figures can appear in the sky, and they fail to question these people’s sanity.

Our national broadcasting agency accepts without question that apparitions of the Virgin Mary are real.

This is Irish journalism in 2010.

Are we still in the 1950s?

It appears so.

25 thoughts on “RTÉ and the Apparitions

  1. Love the bit with Joe Coleman arguing with the two guys with the sign. He says “God bless you”, in a manner which must be the nutbag equivalent of a “yo momma is so fat”-type insult…

  2. I’d say Joe, the knacker-visionary, is constantly fighting back the urge to head his critics between the eyes.

  3. I watched that, I reckon he did it for a laugh, the shots of him kneeling praying like a first communion child looked like a piss take

  4. Still watching it. It’s always so bizarre when you see young men/women involved in the church… I noticed a young fella in Cons and another young man in a gift shop with like 5 nuns wearing that bizarre all-white garb.

  5. I have a chat with Elvis all the time and he never mentions this lark. Mystified.

  6. Well now, we can’t have working class types without a legit franchise claiming to have a direct line, can we.

  7. Joe coleman got a lot of publicity thanks to rte there will be thousands of foolish people following him around in knock last night it showed he published a book so it is money he want not sending messages from our lady what a smart move he will make a fortune out of foolish peple why would our lady appear to him

  8. I hope Ratzo pulls some kind of stunt to fake Coleman out. Like, when he is meeting foreign dignitaries he could stop shaking hands all of a sudden and shout “I feel a spirit” and then start dancing around, speaking that elven tripe Enya made up.
    Ratzo could then say that God appeared and told him that Coleman is a bull-shitting cunt and has gotten into the apparition business because he is too old to rob shops and that, like honest criminals.
    Which is true anyway. Ratzo and Coleman would then hopefully go head to head in a knife fight and take each other out at the same time—like Rocky and Apollo Creed did at the end of Rocky III. That would be great.

  9. What really irks me still with RTE is “the angelus”. The angelus? THE CUNTING ANGELUS? IS THIS THE 21ST CENTURY OR THE CUNTING BRONZE AGE?

  10. Mike — I take it from your comment that you think there’s a real Our Lady who appears to people. Would that be right?

  11. Not meaning to offend, but when I read posts like Mike’s – all lowercase, no punctuation – I always have to read it in a Cylon voice.

    Not that a Cylon would be talking about apparations of the BVM in Knock. Though it might be funny if they did.

  12. i never knew that when our lady appears to a group of people, that members of that group are treated to individual and personal apparitions. people interviewed afterward all described a different apparition. thats a pretty neat trick. could you imagine going to a concert and everyone in the audience saw and heard a different song lists? or perhaps they see the artist from an earlier period in his career? i’d love to go to a Dylan concert and be able to see him as he was in 1974, being backed by the full line up of The Band.

  13. I happen to think Bock there is right, there was no one in the program to challange any of the clergy on their outrageous statements. They were allowed to spew the same fucking rubbish as visionary joe, albet in a different way. He`s not one of us so why should we believe him, he`s just a passing fad, we have been here for century`s fooling people. He can go and find his own floor show!

  14. Whatever about RTE not doing the job they’re supposed to, Coleman has some serious competition now. Apparently Jesus in the ‘second coming’ arrived sixty years ago. He’s located in Miami I believe and he’s now on his way to Ireland. Must have heard about Joe having these daily chats with his mother, 3.00 pm every day.
    I don’t believe Joe Coleman will be overly enthused as he’s going to be asked if his invisible vision spirit has any news for her ‘son’ who’s just in from the States!
    I can only imagine that three way conversation. Should be able to get the next lotto numbers for us, as proof of their authenticity; don’t you see.

  15. “The reporters on our national broadcasting agency which is paid for by all of us, continue to refer to something called “Our Lady”. Its a good point Bock, is the term “our lady” anywhere in the Bible. Our Lord and Our Lady, as if we didnt have enough fuckers with these titles over the years. Reminds me of the reported comment of some guy at the end of the war of independence “We’ll have our own gentry now”.

    Are these terms unique to the Irish church by any chance?

  16. They’re not uniquely Irish but they are specifically Catholic.

    By comparison, you’d never hear an RTÉ journalist mentioning Mohammed and saying Peace be upon him. Why’s that?

  17. I think it’s just a failure to engage the brain. They don’t even know there’s anything wrong with using the expression in that way.

  18. Folks be under no illusions about RTÉ… They’re up to their eye balls in it and always have been. Just take a look the individual presenters… Joe Duffy for example… He’s a pure devout Catholic. RTÉ have always been as thick as thieves with the Catholc Church. Not a hope will you ever see or hear RTÉ, or anyone from within the organisation, having a pop or questioning the Catholic Church.
    I was particularly disgusted by the two young girls who appear to be like two little groupies following him around the place. That’s just weird. Too weird. He’s filling their heads with pure nonsense and they’re getting brainwashed by him. Surely there’s a case for the social services to be called in there.
    The whole thing makes a complete joke of this country though… The most powerful instituion in this country is still the Catholic Church. What’s wrong with people! And worse than that… There are over 50,000 people in this country who are strong supporters of this charlatan/raving lunatic who fully believe that he’s chatting away to herself. 50,000 is far too great a proportion of the population of our little island to have being that bloody stupid. If there was even a fraction of that figure having this level of studpid I’d be saying “Is it any wonder the country is in the state it’s in!” But seriously 50,000 people holding this level of stupidity… This lack of logic and reasoning… There’s no hope! This coupled with the fact that Enda will probably be our next Taoiseach and them Jedward pricks being allowed to release an album… There’s no hope! Hope has foresaken Ireland. I give up.
    I’m just baffled. Anywhere else in the world, if people were hearing voices, staring at the sun (burning the living daylights out of their retinas) and believing that statues were moving/crying/bleeding etc. They’d be locked up and left in a nice comfy rubber room to bounce around the place to their heart’s delight.
    I have to laugh too at Coleman’s descriptions and imagery… “So beautiful I can’t even describe…” Well isn’t that a handy way out of that one. And his description of “the devil”… “The most horrible thing I’ve ever seen…” And wait for it… “He was half dog, half man…” This half dog, half man creature was an imagine created by the Catholic Church a few centuries ago to scare people. And this “beautiful lady” always seems to be deistinctly European looking and tall and slim. Seriously… If she did ever exist she’d have dark skin, would be very short and probably a little bit fat with a fairly big nose. Like all the other women of her ethnic and geographic background.
    Lastly… Thanks Bock. Great blog. Great rants. And I really needed to get that off my chest. Keep up the good work.

  19. I’ll admit, I was a bit sceptical at the off, but something unexpected happened over the course of the programme. I learned about Joe and his spirituality and commitment to his cause. I saw for myself the love in his eyes and the measure of his soul. I found myself trusting him and basking in the glow of Our Lady. At least try to open your minds. As the saying goes, “a blind man doth not see the light, for he hath not the use of his eyes”. It’s disappointing in this day and age to see such hard-hearted people.

  20. Quote of the week on RTE news last night.

    “North Korea are threatening the USA and South Korea with a nuclear strike” – and now we go over to Joe in the sports desk”…..

    Alexei Sayle wouldn’t get a look in with them.

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