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Seeking readers’ opinion on a vital matter

The readers of this site have always been an intelligent, upstanding, smart, well-read, discerning, good-looking, charming, attractive, witty, generous bunch.

Yes indeed.

All right then. I am looking for something, but not a lot.  Just your opinion.

I have a new idea, and I want to know what you think, but first, a little background.

From the very start of Bock four years ago, the site was always going to have a Limerick flavour, because that’s where it’s based.  I like where I live and I’m happy to tell you about things happening in the place, if I think they’ll interest you.  However, it was never going to be a Limerick site.  I wanted the site to deal with everything from sport to music, with a heavy emphasis on current affairs.  I wanted some jokes and the occasional dollop of the insanity that runs through everyone’s private lives.  I wanted it to appeal to people no matter where they live, and that seems to have worked.

Therefore, any posts with a Limerick theme must also have a more general appeal, which might be about music or sport or some political issue that interests everyone and not just those who live in this town.  I probably haven’t always succeeded, but that’s the way I try to keep it.  Local yes, parochial no.

Now.  Here’s the point. I think the time has come to expand Bock by launching a Limerick edition.

For some time now, I’ve been avoiding some of the juicier local stories because nobody outside Limerick wants to hear me talking about what an idiot the Mayor is, or what a bunch of dimwits we have for local councillors.  If you live in Dublin, or Galway, or for that matter London or New York, or wherever else you happen to be reading this site, you don’t want to hear my opinions on planning decisions for some stupid supermarket.

You will, however, still probably want to see videos of local gigs, reports on rugby from Thomond Park and pictures of local events where they’re of interest, so there will probably be a fair amount of overlap.  You’ll see a lot more coverage of local events, businesses, shops, restaurants, pubs and the like, but as usual, the sacred Bock Central Principle applies: make it up as you go along and hope for the best.

I’m trying to decide what to call the new site, and I’d like your opinion.  I might not take up any suggestions but I’d still be interested in your views.  Who knows what inspired idea might pop up?

What do you think the new Bock local Limerick site should be called?

68 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. *sigh* hit the wrong thing before i was done…anyway, i’ll read it whatever y’all call it. (how about locus limerick latin for place or location) xooxoo

  2. Many a mile away for the past 23 yrs or so…don’t mind a bit of local ‘ska’ (not that I’m homesick or anything, far from it really ! ) ….as for a name, maybe something like ‘Homegrown- Bock’ etc !

  3. Here’s my opinion: Brilliant.
    Name of the site: Limerick you’re my lady!! :)

  4. FME — Does that name come with free sick-bags? I’d rather push pins in my eyes than call it that.

    Mikael — That’s something we’ve been debating.

  5. Bock, go way out of it, you’re a big softie really .. you love Limerick! I’ve seen you around town wearing tee shirt saying as much!
    You gotta admit you’d get lots of hits with that kind of name. Go on, do it!

  6. Honey.. ooooh! :)
    Well it must have been klaus kinski then.

    Good idea though. I don’t know or am interested in other limerick sites to bo honest .. so a good idea to have some info or gossip or whatnot here at Bock on our fabulous, fabulous town.

  7. “Local yes, parochial no” – international definitely.

    As a German living in Clare for donkeys years and before that in Belfast, and reading your blog more often than contributing, I don’t mind if you go local or not. Not that you care….You are local anyway. Which is the first rule for good writers, as long as they can actually write – which you can – and think beyond your local boundaries. Be local, think globally, that is, make local interest the sum of the state of the state.

    The best writers can make an example of the small things to explain the big ones. Think Heinrich Böll. He described Achill Island as an example to describe not only the backwardedness of rural Ireland but to use it as an example to put a mirror to backwarded Germans who thought that Ireland is the better Germany.

    And why do you need different blogs to express your different expressions and opinions on different subjects? Can’t you just be the one and only Bock? The one with a refreshing and diverse and controversial opinion?

    Local Limerick might be the world, if you get it right…

  8. Carrig — Thanks for kind comments. BTR will continue as always. This is something extra, and I have a reason for creating a separate corner for the very local stuff but it would take a while to explain it.

  9. I would like to read your local stuff, Bock.
    Most of it would be transferable to any locale, I’m guessing.
    I would like you to keep it linked to this site, but you seem intent on your new venture, so what about something like –


    Do you want it identifiable as coming from Bock?
    If yes, why not something like –

    Bock’s Town or even BockTown

  10. Mairéad — It will be part of this site. The technicalities are for the techies. I just want to know the name of the local corner.

  11. 1. Bocket list
    2. Bock’s Limonarchy
    3. Classifieds
    4. Confidential
    5. Don’t click here

  12. Do like the BBC. Have the Bock World desk as well as some local news. What I’m wondering though, looking at your map, is who’s your man in Nantes?

  13. I for one have no real interest in “things Limerick”, but always enjoy the stuff you post.
    So, I think Mikael’s suggestion would be a good way to go.

  14. How about “the back room” or “the Green Door” admittance strictly by invitation only. Limited to persons who can prove at least six generations of residence in Limerick. Protected by password access. No others need apply. Why did you leave Charles and the Americans off the map?

  15. How about “Bock the Stabber” ?where you take a “Stab” at making sense of local issues.

  16. hi Bock. I can’t help you with the name, but the idea is great. Limerick is crying out for someone to call it as it is. You are well-placed to do so. It’s a pity that Kevin Kiely is no longer the mayor. You would have had a lot of material with his drunken rantings alone. What is heard and spoken of on the streets and in the pubs never seems to get as far as publication either in the printed press or online. I reckon you can step in there and bring the sordid truth about this city and how it is run, to a wider audience, and ultimately that will be a good thing for Limerick.

  17. How about just adding another category, “The Shannon Triangle” or something that could then include “Bock’s People” (go on ya Tommy O’Gorman ya!) and other local interest strories and simple cross categorise the them as they become more relevent in a national or even, god help us, international context.

  18. Isle be Bock!

    What’s the provenance of the name Bock anyway – an anagram, a nickname, local slang ?

  19. have heard older people in Limerick mention “Bop the Robber”. No idea who he was, but he must have made his mark somewhere along the line. ‘Bock’, I presume, is a play on that or maybe those older folk just said ‘Bop’ instead of ‘Bock’ because they heard it that way in the same way as Limerick people talk about ‘rubby’ when talking about the game of rugby.

  20. Lots of ideas up there, I’m liking ” Isle be Bock ” and “Shannon Triangle ” has nice connotations !
    You are also a kind of one man resistance movement, Not to completly separate your International flavour and connection, ” Maquis” albeit french might be representative, ” Maquis Le Bock ” would remove any “parish pump” presumptions ?
    Lots of life in Limerick that has no connection to anything ” Sordid ”
    Limerick has had a long history of social resistance to the ” confraternatity ” brigade, You have provided access to the thoughts and expressions of many like minded people, Whatever you choose, good luck and long may your thoughts flow freely in this space and beyond.

  21. -Norma
    Drumlish bloggers will be up in arms if he tries to use the word “marquis”, unless he calls it the Marquis de Spade! Actually “The Parish Pump” has a certain acidic irony to it. If not perhaps “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…”, “The Lime Reek” or my personal favourite, “One in the Hand is worth Two up in Dublin”

  22. Cest. Totally lovin ” Marquis de Spade ” and correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t ” up in arms ” part of the whole point ? within legal bounderies need less to say !
    Although what Co Co worker calls a shovel a spade ? might fall into minefield there.
    Christy Moore singing ” Don’t forget your spade if you want to go to work “

  23. How about Limerbock.com. Or Bock CIty. Or Bock Along in Limerick. Or Bock Loves Limerick. Or… ah fuck it, what do I know.

  24. Would this be a separate blog? If not, I wouldn’t change a thing, your site is clearly Limerick without being in your face, and it ain’t broken……

  25. Look forward to the Limerick section.
    Whilst I enjoy my daily read of the weighty subjects a section devoted to everyday Limerick life will be good. There are no other sites in Limerick covering Limerick well.

    No idea what to call it other than maybe ‘Bock’s local news’

  26. We’ll see. It will be a little corner where we can gossip and bitch about local tomfoolery. And laugh at the mayor, obviously.

  27. “We’ll see. It will be a
    little corner where
    we can gossip and
    bitch about local
    tomfoolery. And
    laugh at the mayor,

    Given the quote above, why not just call it the snug.

  28. “Get Bocked “…….or similar, with maybe a ‘Sham’ worked into it……Lol, sry !!! bin, maybe ???

  29. Oh thanks be to Jasus…….at last………..a dedicated place to vent my frustration at the goings on in Limerick…..I really have lots to vent and I didn’t want to be taking up thread space on your blog. Get this up and running soon………the name doesn’t really matter but I like the LimBockTwo suggestion. YNWA

  30. How lyrical and alliterative do you wish your title to be, Bock?

    Shannonside Scribblings
    Angela’s Ashtray
    LK by BK
    Thomond Telegraph

  31. Bock, if it’s the Limerick Local Bock to be read where ever Limerick folk now lay their hat, the name must ring a bell, linguistically speaking. My suggestion – Cumere Ai Wantya!

  32. “How about ‘Bock to Limerick’?” Yeah or even Bock to the future! –you heard it here first! :)

  33. I think it’s going to be called something like The Limerick Bungler, or the Daily Gobshite, or something of that sort.

  34. Like I said, Billy, it will probably be called something like The Limerick Bungler, or the Daily Gobshite, or something of that sort.

    Did you miss that?

  35. Instead of The limerick Bungler, how bout ‘Bock’s Limerick Bungles’.
    I wouldn’t go with the Daily gobshite, you’d only be asking for it. :)

  36. Or how about Limerick: Lashings of langers. Might get the girls interested too!.
    Limerick bungler is good too. Limerick Bungler – We’re no sucklers. I should be a poet.

  37. I think it will be called the Citizen, as a post-ironic plea for existence in a mechanised ethos.

    I like the Joycean overtones and the sidewards glance towards Limerick, as well as the curmudgeonly and slightly unstable character implicit in the name.

  38. Vent no 1: Who the feck in city hall, decided that closing all of Sarsfield street for works was a good idea?? Could they not have closed two lanes, done some work, finish the other lane and Bock’s yer uncle with minimal disruption to the huge traffic that flows over one of our main arteries? Shower of eegits?

  39. Fascinating though your comment might be, I have difficulty seeing what it has to do with the topic. However, as I’m just in the door after a major birthday party, my critical faculties might be somewhat blunted, and it’s possible that I’ll see in the morning how relevant it all is. Or not. Time will tell.

  40. T-shirt for yourself then ?….inspired marketing !..Lol !….LC..t’will do !

  41. Bock:
    The Citizen title is great. Lots of scope, simple and attractive to the eye. It will remind me to look into what might be happening. We are truly hopeful for this grand old city and its future. We cannot continue to accept the corruption and violence and the degradation attributed to our good citizens. For the sake of our future generations and in tribute to those before us this is our chance to change, this is our time. Good luck with it Bock.



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