New Dot-Co Domain Name

Searching for a snappy title.

I can’t have loco and I can’t have taco.

I can’t have alfresco, tobacco, tabasco.  I can have neither banco nor blanco.

Neither bunco nor bronco.

No atlantico.  No atletico.

No taco.  No deco.  No wilco.

Neither politico, portico nor simpatico.

Ecco?  No.

Bosco? No.

Forget zydeco, magnifico, terrifico, pacifico.

Don’t bother looking for a latchico or a medico.

Texaco?  Definitely not.

Mexico?  You must be nuts.  This ain’t no disco, no flamenco.

What am I talking about?  It’s the new .CO Colombian domain name.

It’s a fiasco.

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