A Few Pictures

Visual break from all the ranting

I can’t be bothered writing any more tonight.  Too much shit going on, and I don’t mean the government.

Here.  Have a look at a few pictures I took over the last few days.

Tell me they’re crap.  Tell me you like them.

I don’t mind.

17 thoughts on “A Few Pictures

  1. the candles are atmospheric.

    very good feedback on the photos in the whitehouse.

    joe versus lennie – joe thinks he’s undervalued .

  2. I like them a lot! You should have given a reference. Second last is that a vandalised grotto or what?

  3. 1. Like. He must have drunk a LOT of beers in his life. Black and white adds to the effect.

    2. Can’t say that I like that one. Does the doll belong to that lady? (It is a doll, isn’t it?)

    3. That’s nice. Invokes calmness, simplicity.

    4. Too messy. Who’s on the left?

    5. Very nice. I like when a scene, and especially the swan, is mirrored blurrily in water. Too bad the building is in the backround, though.

  4. Nice pictures Bock. Canon G11? If so thought you might like to know theres an update on the market. Unsurprisingly its called the G12. Costs just under £500 sterling. Theres a Nikon Coolpix P7000 for about the same price with roughly the same spec. Would you recommend the G11 Bock?

  5. The G11 is a fine little camera for most uses, but there are certain situations where you need a full-blown SLR. If I had to choose on or the other, I’d take the G11.

  6. What about the G9–i’m going to great lengths to get my hands on one. You posted a while back about the G( and G11 (I think) which you sold very well.

  7. I particularly like the study of artist E.J. Peters (No.1,) E.J. had the good sense to leave the civil services when others would have opted for job security and pensions, he is good company and an exceptional artist usually exhibiting with other locals in the run up to Christmas.
    Nice shots

  8. 1. Character and pain, Sees both sides ( dont think he drank a lot of beer ! not the face of a heavy drinker )
    2. Woman lost in thought or wants to be.
    3. Beautiful.
    4. Broken, decayed, faded, jaded, Like all it represents.
    5. A lone swan, unusual.
    Lovely pics and lovely relief.

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