Glowing Orbs and Floating Balls of Light

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Anyone who has visited this site for more than a week will know that I’m a hardcore sceptic.  As far as I’m concerned, everything has an explanation, and if something is unexplained, it’s because nobody has yet worked out the answer, not because some hobgoblin cast a spell to make it happen.

I think invoking the supernatural is the laziest way possible to avoid thinking about things.   Never mind how it happened.  ‘Twas by magic, as the Pooka McPhellimey once remarked.

Magic, and the supernatural mean only one thing: we made up some shit so we wouldn’t have to work it out for ourselves.

Therefore, when I tell you about something I saw as a child, I don’t want you thinking I sudddenly believe in ghosts and fairies and God, and other such comforting fantasies.

I do not.

However, it would be very good if some informed person would explain to me in broad outline the physics that made this thing possible.

When I was a child, maybe 8 or 9 years old — it’s true!  I was once a child — I happened to be at home in bed, pretending to be sick, reading my huge collection of superhero comics when I noticed a small ball of light floating in through the window.  I’m telling you for a fact that I saw this.  I wasn’t hallucinating due to my illness, since there was nothing wrong with me apart from a severe aversion to school.   It was about the size of a tennis ball, and it glowed, though not particularly brightly.  It floated slowly across the room, and eventually it stopped at the bedside lamp where it disappeared with a soft POP!

I saw this.  I know what I saw.  It was not a ghost or a fairy or a poltergeist.  It was some kind of physical phenomenon, and I would very much like to know what it was.


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  1. Bock I remember something called will o the wisp or some similar name.Its lights caused by gas bubbles that come from bogs.Think that might be any help.

  2. Possibly a form of ‘ball lightning?’ the attraction to, and grounding on, an electric appliance seems to indicate electric properties in the ball itself. Glass wouldn’t stop energy. Now, I know some people disbelieve in ball lightning, too, but my father has seen it roll along a sand dune in Florida. He was a policeman, a trained observer, so I believe it.

  3. Willaim — Will o’the wisp is caused by methane gas. I wasn’t that bad as a child.

    Erynne — It isn’t about belief. It’s about science. I’m asking for a scientific explanation for what I saw, and there’s absolutely no suggestion in this that the thing has anything but a logical explanation. I just don’t know what it is yet and I’ll be grateful when someone tells me.

  4. No. It didn’t. It looked like a lit bulb, and there were no rednecks, all-night vigils or abductions involved. It simply wandered across the room and then gave a little pop. I didn’t even think it was anything unusual at the time, because I was a kid. I just wondered what it was.

  5. Did you live near the sea? In certain conditions there is a thing called St Vitus’ Dance that appears long masts of sailing ships. I am struggling to recall the atmospheric conditions necessary but it does have a physical reason.

  6. The brain of a child is not completely developped and not yet riddled with grown-up experiences which puts everything into the proper learned file. It’s in a learning curve.

    When you are a child, knowing nothing about grown-up things or life as such, and if you additionally immerse yourself into some fantasy stuff, which is normal even without reading comics, things will occur. It’s the learning effect of the brain.
    You see, hear, feel, smell things and don’t know yet what it means, so the brain “invents” explanations and occurences as far as your children’s brain knows (that’s how religion was invented, imo). Otherwise the brain would be completely confused and break down. Which is not supposed to happen in evolution.

    It’s a cognitive process, completely normal, and everyone should grow out of it eventually. Religious and extremely stupid people don’t.

    Scientific enough?
    (It was one of my most interesting subjects at uni – the cognitive process of children’s development, psychology department).

    I remember fondly the times when I was ill as a child. I’ve had the most wonderful hallucinations. A light fever still does it for you. Or some drinks.

  7. Captain Con — You’re thinking of St Elmo’s fire. It happens on the rigging of sailing ships. I was in a bedroom.

    Carrig — I know what I saw.

  8. The only thing that I can think of, from your description, is a bubble. It could reflect light in the way you describe and look like a lit bulb, it would also pop if it came close to a hot lamp.

    My older brother once saw the reflection of a king in a rock pool when we were on holidays on the coast years ago, we were both under 10 years old. I remember his pale face and him running up to my parents crying. He still recalls what he saw today and swears he did see the reflection of a king. He can’t explain it.

  9. Bock: “Carrig — I know what I saw”

    Yeah, that’s what all the moving/crying-madonna-seers say…

  10. True. The difference is, they all want to believe it was caused by some fairy. I’m simply telling you what I observed, dispassionately, without any need to prove anything or to believe anything.

  11. Well no harm done. Strange though.
    “playing” :) “Can Bock come out to play?” As would be said back in the day.
    If I didn’t feel like school, I would just pretend I’d left the house to walk to school, sneak back in and climb under the bed till everyone left the house. Always worked.

  12. ok I’ll raise you one Amadan and give you one total idiot !
    I saw ” Something ” did’nt think of it as an orb at the time, It was 20 yrs ago, I had moved back here a couple of months, I was a ” grown up ” as in Adult !
    I was fast asleep and felt something flicking my face, I woke up thinking it was one of the kids, There was this pale yellow thing, like as you say tennis ball but glowing, It seemed to move around the room then out the window where it dissapated over some outbuildings.
    I got up, went outside, The night was clear and very bright, I saw nothing more, I felt a bit foolish but it happened.
    Next morning a neighbour called and I told her, Wondering if I might be losing the plot a bit, She said not to worry because the lady who had lived in the house before me had died the night before and was probably having a last look ! Now that I couldnt believe but to this day I cant explain it.
    I was hoping Irate Chemist might have the answer ?
    Havent thought about it since but as you brought it up !!
    And no before anyone asks my lifestyle was as ” pure as driven snow ” No drink or funny stuff ! And no strange sightings since.

  13. As Conan Doyle said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

    So we’ll start eliminating the impossible….

    Will of the wisp – No
    St Elmo’s Fire – No
    Acid-spiked Frosties – No
    The Holy Spirit – No
    Darth Vader – No
    Soap Bubble – No
    Georgie Best – No

    Shit, I’m out of ideas. Sorry, Bock. Interesting story, though.

    Incidentally, I was watching some BS about hauntings on the Discovery Channel the other evening and they mentioned consulting a ‘respected psychic’. I had no idea such a creature as a ‘respected psychic’ existed, but if it they do, perhaps you should find one yourself?

  14. On behalf of the continuity tuatha de dannan I strongly deny any association with this light ball. It sounds like the work of the Glocca Morra brigade.

  15. William. There has to be a scientific explanation that really explains.
    Maybe its some kind of Karma for me as I used to tell my kids all kinds of imaginings when we saw fireflies ! Also told them that if they buried cornetto wrappers a cornetto tree would grow……….The shame !!

  16. Norma…I agree about the scientific explanation,people just cant decide what it is.Interesting that this phemomonon is common around the world.

  17. How the hell can you take anyone get St. Vitus Dance and St Elmo’s Fire mixed up? Don’t drink and try to answer serious questions late at night! By the way Bock, I’m sure you saw what you describe, and I have no idea except…did you drink as a child?

  18. “There has to be a scientific explanation that really explains.
    Maybe its some kind of Karma for me as I used to tell my kids all kinds of imaginings when we saw fireflies ! Also told them that if they buried cornetto wrappers a cornetto tree would grow……….The shame !!”

    Sorry Norma I couldn’t resist. is there a scientific explaination for the Karma too !
    Seriously though, what most people forget is that magic does exist, but you can only see it when your a kid. As you grow older you loose the ability until one day there no more magic left and all you have is Fianna Fail (that you used to refer to as the armies of Mordor) to complain about. Bearded Mages turn to Hobgoblin politicians and Rumplestiltskin ends up writing for the News of the World.
    Any wonder people go off and make up their own reality.

  19. “Rumplestiltskin ends up writing for the News of the World”.. haha

    Darren we’re part of a bubble from the Cambrian explosion.. that’ll burst too eventually. As do all bubbles.

    “serious questions…. did you drink as a child?” ha.

  20. A dusty eye? To a kid a spec of dust might appear as an orb? The more you try to focus on it the more it moves out of sight and with a blink or two it will disappear? I don’t know if you did this as a kid but having the impression you could see around corners? You stood at a corner and closed one eye, you could only see the wall on opening both the wall seemed to become transparent! Just a thought seems possible you are the only one that could say if it is probable!

  21. That’s a bit of a Father Dougal idea. Small or far away?

    No. I watched the thing come in the window and drift across the room. Then it made a light popping noise as it reached the lamp.

  22. Anyway despite all the ridicule I am going to endure………here goes! Maybe it was a fairy! Maybe it was something from another universe that you managed to get a glimpse of before it popped back into its own dimension.
    Watched a really interesting documentary on T.V. about the Big Bang theory last night Now some scientists (a growing number) think that the big bang was not the begining of the universe, but rather part of a continuing cycle, similar to the natural cycles we have on our little planet, spring, summer, autumn and winter. See even science is not sure about its own theories to such an extent that now the big bang may have been just a tiny fart in a continuing cycle. So lets not leave out the possibility that you may have had a visitor from the land of Noddy! Who knows. Nice thought though eh!

  23. C’est. Of course you couldnt resist !
    I used Karma just to save myself the explanation that if i’m a fucker i’ll attract fuckers and thats no clearer.
    However I absolutly embrace my ” inner child ” I regularly behave like an adult but I dont want to be one !

  24. Somebodies Karma ran over your poor Dogma Bock..

    I just think karma means what goes around comes around.. you reap what you sow etc. It’s part of ‘The Secret’ apparently. Now that’s a book you would love Bock.

  25. I know what it is. Most cultures have a similar concept. All I’m saying is there’s no evidence whatever to support its existence.

  26. For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s law could apply maybe… Maybe not. :)

  27. My favourite scientific law is this : c e i i i n o s s s t t u v.

    A free Bock t-shirt to the first person who explains it.

  28. Ut tensio, sic vis; as the extension, so the force.

    Hooke’s law of elasticity: F = -kx

  29. Excellent. That’s the translation of the anagram. Now explain what it means in a way anyone can understand and the t-shirt is yours.

  30. The restoring force is proportional to the displacement from the bodies equilibrium position, in the opposing direction to the displacement.

  31. Jeez I go away for a few minutes and look what I miss.
    ok it means..
    The principle that the stress applied to stretch or compress a body is proportional to the strain or to the change in length thus produced, so long as the limit of elasticity of the body is not exceeded.
    I gots me google!! :)

  32. IC — Look, you’re getting a t-shirt. But please, please say it in a way that people will understand. If you leave it at that, they’ll laugh.

  33. FME — IC was in long before you. At 9:03 to be precise. And anyway you had to Google it, which is always dodgy. Do you really know what it means?

  34. Ok.. to me it means the force you apply to an object (presumably stretchable) correlates to the amount of stretch gained.

  35. Hooke’s law states that the force applied by a spring, F, relates linearly to the springs displacement from equilibrium, x. k can be thought of as the proportionality constant between force and displacement, or as the slope of a force versus displacement (graph). k provides a physical measurement of the springs stiffness, which is referred to as the spring constant, as k has a unique value for each spring. Hooke’s law can be valid for any object in which a restoring force is present, the object experiences a force directed toward an equilibrium position, i.e. a spiders web as it catches an insect.

  36. People, please send addresses for despatch of t-shirts. Anonymous is fine. Pubs if you like. Fake names. That’s ok with me.

    Alternatively, I can suggest a drop-off point.

  37. Well IC are you coming up all the way from Cork for your t-shirt?
    Drop off point Bock.. How about under a rock down by the river? Would that work?

  38. Yep.. born and bred, IC.
    Oh well , it’s not the t-shirt that counts.. It’s the winning. :) I beat you to it in terms of an understandable explanation! hehe.

  39. IC. Its safer up there !
    FME. You little minx !
    Those orbs are creating a lovefest, What a great distraction !

  40. haha you’re a gas woman Norma. Some love fest.. that’s some kinky stuff F = -kx aint it? :)
    So Bock.. where would you suggest I collect my t-shirt? I presume they come in pink. If not, get on it! Thanks.

  41. Could I share another one Bock. True story, in a pub one night full of jumped up old spoofers. This charachter known to all decides to have a little fun with them. “Can anyone give me a practical example of torque?” well the spoofers defined torque ad nauseum with the questioner insisting he needed a practical example! To cut a long story short he fogged them all off and decided to give them an example it went like this” you know lads when you wake in the mornin and it’s there the piss horn! Well lads if you grab on with both hands and push down the distance your heels lift off the ground is proportional to the force applied even if the direction is not related” cue red faced spoofers and pints being spit out in all directions. Now to get back on track I suppose you are right everything can be stretched.
    Sorry for going off topic, you had to be there. Delete at will.

  42. FME. I’m just worried about you, Rendezvous with Bock down by the river ?
    Stretchin with an Irate Chemist…………If your bit of yankee beefcake finds you out !
    Those ” Orbs ” will get you in trouble yet !………..

  43. Awe thanks Norma.. I’m a good girl though. There are some strangle people in Limerick all right. Just today a colleague whom I occasionally flirt with asked me would I be interested in hanging out with him and his misses.. if you catch my drift. haha WTF. People online might be safer than live ones.. :)
    Did I say my beefcake was a yankee? Hmmm. Good guess.
    Anyways we’re just good pals. All though he did do a good job at entertaining me, as his mom would ask. :)

  44. Bock. I’ve heard some good “lines ” in my time but 73 deserves no 1 in the top 10.
    What a clever little divil you are !

  45. ………’Glowing orb’s and floating ball’s of light’ ???…aah !…run like fuk …keep on runnin’ … ..don’t ask

    ..ah fk it ! ….Lol !

    ( a complete fantasy scenario….by me ! )

  46. i also experienced a similar event when i was 13 or 14…i witnessed several glowing spheres hovering around each other pass through my window and into my room. when i covered my head with my sheets i could still see the light passing through them….the light only disappeared after i felt a charge of energy that left my heart racing….i didn’t sleep that night and lay still until the sun rose.

  47. Bit late to the party with this but from your description, it could have been an hallucination caused by the magnetic field of a lightning strike, which has been known in cases to stiumlate neural activity and cause you to see (and hear or even smell) things which are not actually there (I think they’re called phosphenes or something like that)

    I’m not saying that is what it was; but for example if there was a lightning discharge in close proximity, or some other strong magnetic field, that stimulated your vision processing to form the glowing orb in your “mind’s eye” so to speak; the movement could perhaps be explained that because you expected it to move, you subconciously tracked it with your head, and since the hallucination was always dead-centre of your field of vision, it appeared to move as you rotated your head. The “pop” sound could also be explained by the fact that your mind, having decided it was a bubble, “heard” it popping just after is disappeared, but this all happened too quickly for you to be able to tell that in fact it was already gone before you “heard” the sound.

    Either that or it was aliens. Or an angel. Or the divil :)

  48. Bock, you keep saying you know what you saw. Well very few of us really do. Human perception is quite unreliable and memory has a way of rewriting the data. Thus four people who saw the same car accident can have a different story – and think they know what they saw. 8 year olds see things all the time and you must keep your mind open to the possibility that your perception of a past event has altered. You could have been half asleep – it might have been a bubble catching the light in a very unusual way. It’s unlikely to have been a strange unusual phenomena (by definition).

  49. You must keep your mind open to the possibility that I saw what I saw. I realise that kids imagine things but my memory of this event has not altered in the slightest since the day it happened.

    (Nice website, by the way.)

  50. I didn’t even think it was anything unusual at the time, because I was a kid. I just wondered what it was.

    you didn’t think it unusual but yet you still have a crystal clear memory of it some, 30?, years later.
    Things that aren’t unusual don’t stay in the memory for that long

  51. I witnessed a similar occurrence with a friend when i was about 15. In a span of about 5 min. We both witnessed a green glowing ball the size of a softball at the base of an Oak tree about 40-50 yards away. The ball went up into the branches and disappeared only to be followed by an orange ball a couple of minutes later.
    I’m 36 now & will never forget it. Maybe swamp gas ? I dont know but I live in TX about 200
    Miles from the nearest swamp

  52. Philip K Dick had a similar experience which he documented and analysed in great detail

    “In February and March 1974, Dick experienced a series of visions and auditions including an information-rich “pink light” beam that transmitted directly into his consciousness. A year after the events, in March 1975, Dick summarized the 2-3-74 experiences that would pervade his writing for the final eight years of his life:
    “I speak of The Restorer of What Was Lost The Mender of What Was Broken.”

    “March 16, 1974: It appeared – in vivid fire, with shining colors and balanced patterns – and released me from every thrall, inner and outer.

    “March 18, 1974: It, from inside me, looked out and saw the world did not compute, that I – and it – had been lied to. It denied the reality, and power, and authenticity of the world, saying, ‘This cannot exist; it cannot exist.’

    “March 20, 1974: It seized me entirely, lifting me from the limitations of the space-time matrix; it mastered me as, at the same time, I knew that the world around me was cardboard, a fake. Through its power of perception I saw what really existed, and through its power of no-thought decision, I acted to free myself. It took on in battle, as a champion of all human spirits in thrall, every evil, every Iron Imprisoning thing.”

    There are those who are eager to create a “Saint Phil” who emerged from this experience. In that regard, it is wise to remember that Dick himself always bore in mind what he called the “minimum hypothesis” -that is, the possibility that all that he had undergone was merely self-delusion. ”

    Just a thought really, I know his was a dfifferent colour, but are there any similarities ?

    He did take a shed load of drugs though, by all accounts

  53. PKD was out of his face on acid. I was 10.

    I know what I saw, and I’m not suggesting for a second that it was anything paranormal. I just want someone to tell me about the physics of it so I can study it for myself, because I have a deep and abiding love of science.

    By the way, everything we see is “transmitted directly into his consciousness”.

  54. First time i have read this thread Bock. It really explains a lot to me.

    Good luck in finding out.

  55. Is there any chance your parents could have accidently or otherwise given you acid, ( the black and white version rather then the pink light version ) maybe while trying to medicate you ?

    Maybe some radical experimental thinking ?

  56. When I was a child, doctors recommended lysergic acid as a treatment for chickenpox, so you could be onto something there.

  57. all i know i had the same experience when i was 13 i was walking down the street and a huge green ball of glowing light was hurled down at me i didn’t have time to get out of the way all i could do is hold up my arms over my head i thought for sure i was going to die that day i waited a few seconds and nothing happened and when i looked up again there was nothing their I’ve been searching for an explanation ever since the only thing i came close to was at the throne of God the most high the creater of heaven and earth at his throne in heaven at his feet is glowing light like that of emeralds and that was the color of the glowing ball like that of emerald but only glowing search the scriptures and they will reveal what that bubble was:-)

  58. Closest I’ve come to a scientific explanation for karma is Newton’s 3rd Law. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When i was a younger man one night fishing for seatrout with a friend up round the Dargle we both saw an intensely bright, extremely fast moving, object above the Sugarloaf that was pulling manoeuveres no air-frame I’m aware of could tolerate. My mate got quite upset by the sight and refused to continue looking at it. Objectively I’d say it was an extremely bright star appearing to jump about due to perturbations in the frigid upper atmosphere, but it sure looked like something that should be going DeeDeeDooDooDahhh…
    Met a lady on a flight to San Fran last year who had a collection of snaps on her digital camera that she asserted were ‘orbs of light’ or spiritual essences. They sure did look strange, and the context in which they were taken were her backyard and swimming pool. Of course they could have been photoshopped and transferred back to the camera. The little LCD was hi-res but too small to discern evidence of pixels being inserted into the original.
    I wonder would your glowing ball have anything to do with static discharge from your own body having walked across a bedroom carpet? Or could your bratty little brother have been hiding under the bed with a torch?

  59. It could certainly have something to do with static electricity, but in those days we were too poor to afford carpets. It wasn’t a light on a wall though. This thing was definitely a distinct ball moving around in the air.

  60. Just handling plastic stuff (toys back then weren’t treated with anti-static spray I suspect) you could charge yourself up quite high on the voltage gradient. Then you could flashover to any conductor say a metal pipe or rad or handle. Did you recall getting a shock I mean other than the one you got seeing the glowing ballthing?Just trying to think how a kid could rationalise something like that as a ‘distinct ball’ of light. Might even have been ball lighting? Hardly a micro-black hole though. It wasn’t sucking light IN was it? At such a young age you’d hardly have known gravitational lensing if you’d seen it i suppose…

    Maybe it was one of these:
    ?? :)

  61. OKeydoke. Then we’re left with the alternative that there’s stranger things in heaven and earth than our dreamt of in our philosophies. Maybe transdimensional beings saunter in and out of our miserable 4D Euclidean/Minowski space.

  62. You wouldn’t have the name and addy of that childhood doctor would you? I feel a tingling might be chicken pox. Might be either that I just want to listen to Dark Side of the Moon properly .

  63. There’s nothing supernatural about it. The thing was a natural phenomenon and it has a scientific explanation. I just haven’t discovered it yet.

  64. Reckon it was either ball lightning which has so many witnesses down through the centuries we might accept it as a reality even in the absence of a definitive scientific verification of its existence. For the purposes of this discussion anyway. Foo fighters chased warplanes during WW2, glowing balls of light, and military helicopters throw glowing static rings around their rotors. Was there a heavy electrical smell in the air, like burnt ozone? Had there been thunder? Was it at night, when the earth’s magnetosphere changes? No. You were mitching school you said. Could it have been that phenomena whereby people subjected to heavy magnetic fields see flashes of colour and light in front of their wide open eyes? Perhaps it was some sort of not necessarily burning as much as positively charged gas? Enuf. We could be a long time speculating. Bratty siblings are often a rational explanation for all sorts of inexplicable phenomena when ure a kid.

  65. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you I’m good at these things. It was a clearly-defined spherical light, about the size of a tennis ball. It was not a flash of colour. It moved from the open window, across the room, roughly in a straight line but with a little deviation. When it reached the bedside lamp, it made a small pop and it was gone. There was nothing dramatic about it and I wasn’t shocked in any way. I was just puzzled.

  66. I saw a lot of strange things later in life and some of them might have been chemically induced, though I’m not prepared to confirm that on air. However, when I was nine, the strongest substance I had yet consumed was a bullseye.

  67. You say that but you have previously confessed to parental sanctioned Lysegic acid trips at the time, let the record show about post 92.

    The prosecution rests

  68. I apologise profusely it was the doctors what did it, your parents are exonerated from any blame for your early experimentation in acid trips.

  69. Doctors recommended you cure your Chickenpox by experimenting with Lysergic acid ?

    Your parents are in the clear ? as are you underage, acid experimentation ?

    You might get away with it

  70. Perhaps it was a realistic dream?
    One thing that is more unreliable than our senses is our memory…

    I once sat up in the bed and saw a small glowing figure zipping around my room, so I assumed i was dreaming and went back to sleep.
    Who knows though…

  71. “There’s nothing supernatural about it. The thing was a natural phenomenon and it has a scientific explanation. I just haven’t discovered it yet.”

    Bock, for someone who has made a lot of insightful posts about the scientific method in the past, I feel that I must point out that this statement is in direct contradiction of your own previously expressed opinions; specifically, since you have by your own admission no provable evidence as to what it was(unless you do know and this post is a puzzle and/oryou are pulling our leg) it follows that it could (however unlikely) in fact have been a supernatural occurrence (specifically, something outside the known laws of science of nature).

    All that being said, could it perhaps have been a soap bubble made by some kid outside that caught the light as it floated in your window and acorss the room?

  72. As a kid I (or at least thought I) saw all kinds of things at night – and now even as an adult too. Much as I do believe in the Supernatural (I believe it’ll eventually be proved to be another physical dimension intersecting our own, but it must share our same time line or else there could be no intelligent interaction – such as furniture “picking itself up and throwing itself against the far wall at night”), I’m also a strong believer that we will find ways of quantifying these “interactions” (or “intrusions”) into our physical universe. (Lately the participants of the Ghost Hunters TV Programs have been making claims about a drop in temperature as an entity manifests. If so, well, as far as I’m concerned that’s exactly the kind of thing we should be looking for. But then that’s also the exact same problem I’ve been trying to resolve myself in my Home Heating and Cooling Research – how to read a 3-D map of the air temperature in the room – and these guys pointing an IR Thermometer at something will only read the temperature of the far wall! Come on guys, get real!) So what CAN we do meanwhile? Sonar? Radar? Whatever happened with the Bio Feedback? Last I’d heard it was being tested in combination with Sensory Deprivation – only the subjects were said to be going nuts and going on about things “manifesting”. (Yep – sounds like they were definitely on to something! But then. why did they STOP? Unless… well, it’s been proposed that “evil spirits” and other “unscientific” things of that nature are everywhere, and if we could actually SEE them, it’d be extremely disconcerting – to say the very least! Is THAT what was happening? Who knows!?) How many people here have “out of body” experience(s)? I have (and there’s some other bored, er board that asks how many people have ever been invisible? Quite a few apparently, as it turns out – but, like, it’s the exact same thing dude!) Insofar as my senses, I could still see – and in color too. (Don’t know if I could feel, hear, smell, or taste as I lacked an easy way to test these things in the few seconds I had, although my brain, memories and all was fully intact – no “smarter” tho – which I found disappointing since I thought it was our physical brain that was holding us BACK, if anything! However, I did read an account of someone else playing with this and he claims he then saw a UFO hovering outside his window (let me guess – he couldn’t have seen it with his physical eyes?) and then some alien, and then the alien saw him, and then gave chase, and he bolted, and this thing fired his “ray blaster” at him, but since your vision kinda goes 360 degrees, he sidestepped – and when he woke up he thought he’d dreamed it all – except his doorknob was all melted… (So who KNOWS what’s all out there!?) My own personal experiences at a later time (if anyone is actually interested – do tend to write books, no matter how hard I try NOT to!) Cool website tho! Cheers!

  73. If you feel like Vincent Browne why don’t you ask him out on a date? (God I’m really scrapin the barrel here)

  74. AHHHHHHH FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK that tastes so good. Rite I’m off. Always look on the bri-i-i-ght side of life, deedoodeedoodeedoodeedoo. Happy Easter Saturday all. I fully intend to see a UFO tonite. At least the one that rescues Brian when he jumps off the tower. l8er

  75. Im trying to find out what they are also, my 9 year old was sees glowing balls of light floating around and my 7 year old claimed he has seen them also, orbs glowing balls of energy i have no idea. they have seen diff colors red blue and yellow size of golf balls

  76. When I was between the ages of 4 and 5 I had a similar experience. I woke up in my room and there they were- seemed like hundreds of them, all floating around my room…..about the size of a tennis ball as well….some glowed brighter than the others. They were just softly floating. I screamed for my dad and when I told him what happened he said it was just a dream. So I spent most of my life telling myself it was only a dream because I had no other explanation for it…..but like you, I know what I saw. It was real. It was physical. There just was no explanation for it.

    This is not the only strange thing that has happened in my life so I am curious- have you had any other weird experiences? I assure you I am a totally sane, level headed woman- not into any kind of occult or mystical stuff…..just a normal woman who has had some pretty strange things happen to/around her. I would be interested in hearing any other stories you have. I have googled the living **** out of this topic to see if anyone has any answers……similar experiences but still no answers….. it’s mind boggling….seriously. And it’s 1:11 as I am typing this- which is another weird thing that’s been happening to me lately lmao. Wow. Email me if you can.

  77. You’re not going to believe it folks, but the young wan of the silvers took a photo of a fairy in the wild part of the garden last week. I know this is not directly related to Orb experience, but its kinda similar and it does look really funky. I will send to the Bock maestro for review.

  78. Kristi — I’ve had many weird experiences, but this is the only one I need a scientific explanation for.

  79. Neutrinos

    Very intresting Horizon programme on the BBC last week about new Very Large Telescopes, finished on what look like metal beds which are tracing Neutrinos which travel through the earth. (they haven’t found any yet, and not sure if they are going to)

    Worth watching if you can find it on iPlayer, apparently all of the Astronauts who went to the moon experienced something similar to what you describe, which was described as the abillity to see Neutrinos.

    Just a thought

  80. man me and my friend seen the same thing about 5 years ago and then the same friend seen it a few weeks ago we have never found a post like yours that describes the same thing we have seen we are anti religion dont believe in ghosts and the supernatural but we did see this!!!! get back if u can?

  81. Tonight at about 8:45 I live in Chandler Az I was walking my dogs I noticed light in my peripheral vision (I’m always looking for cars no sidewalks et) When I focused on this light it was round glowing no sound bouncing type of move not far from me & not high up either its like when I realized this is floating it disapeared? I did not hear a pop. just happened? Weir weird weird

  82. I had the same experience when I was about 11 – I was in my bedroom with my brother who also saw the glowing balls of light float in through the door, there were four or five and different colors (one yellow, one purple I remember). The balls of light floated around the room randomly and farily slowly. Never known of any explanation for this….I remain puzzled 36 years later. I discussed this with my brother a few years ago and he remembers it clearly

  83. My 8 year old daughter has told me she experiences the same as described, she’s also seen a yellow one that hovered over her sistered bed then came to her. It frightens her, I would like to find an answer.

  84. Woke up suddenly, saw a light in the corner of my room. It was moving. The light could only be described as “incandescent” looking, yellowish around the edge, white in the middle, like a light bulb, or I think more correctly, a spot light style light, for it moved and wavered. It cast light on the wall, like a very low powered light bulb would. It moved up and away from my position in bed and up towards the wall (slanted wall 1 1/2 story house) and disappeared through it. I got to see it for 3-4 seconds. I have never seen anything like this ever before in my life.
    Anyone seen or experienced anything like this. I was NOT sleeping during this, I was wide awake.

  85. Bock,

    I am not offering any possible scientific explanation because I just don’t know. There is the well known but very obscure ball lightning and St. Elmo’s Fire usually seen at sea if at all.
    Getting into deep water here for me, perhaps a charged particle, possibly a speck of dust that gathers opposite charges until it “pops”.
    I have never seen this event myself but I have worked at sea for about 6 months and too many sensible seamen have told me about St. Elmo’s Fire to dismiss it as a fable.
    All their accounts are consistent.

    All I can suggest to you is to try to recall as much as possible about environmental conditions around you at the time such as estimates of humidity, natural or artificial lighting, temperature, time etc. and then try to garnish similar information from others who have witnessed the same phenomena.

    Of course, nearly all of it will be subjective but possibly accurate enough to make a start at finding at least a plausible explanation. Unfortunately, this event always happens without any prior notice so waiting for it for objective measurement is pointless.

    Laborious if you feel up to it but that is how understanding of the world around us is achieved —- inspirationally and painstakingly.

  86. As your at it Rob, can you also let us know where you negotiated the tabs, they sound great!

  87. Iap337 — Thank you for that lecture on the objective scientific method. I will try to understand what you have explained to me.

  88. Hey i saw the same shit when i was 7 or 8 people thouth i was crazy when i use to talk about it the crazy thng was that the ball was talking to me but in my head then my toy where flowing in the air i would tell u more details if you wanna know but glad to know im not the only one who’s seen it by the way i live in japan and i grew up on a small military base on top of this mountain thats where iseen it ialso remember that it came to me more then once im happy to know that im not the only one

  89. Well now, in fairness, Kenneth, the thing didn’t talk to me. It just floated around for a little while and then it popped.

    I’m comfortable with the possibility that a natural phenomenon might be capable of doing something that is probably amenable to a rational explanation.

    I am not comfortable with the notion that it might talk.

  90. There was about three of them lights and it came in from the window into my room and ofcourse it doesn’t have a mouth or nothing but it was like as if it was send some kind of wave signal to my head and I remnaber it was saying lets play and then I remember all the Legos and stuff started to float and started sping every ever I got scared and ran out my bed and ran over to my mom and dad room and my dad thought I was crazy but then my mother who took me back to my room saw that all my toys where everywhere and before me and my brother go to bed she made us clean up everything so my mother was the only person who believe me till this day. People might say that’s crazy and that’s a lie but I know what I saw and I still remanber it still till this day.
    I always believed that I was special to even see that and that meant something.
    And now I see that others have seen that too but also have to notice it’s all young age kids who are the one’s that experience that. I was very pure heart then and always believe that I had a big purpose in life. I know I’m not crazy and I don’t care if no one believe’s me but I know what I say and I know the ball was sending me messages to my head talk to me.

  91. Kenneth, what I saw was some form of limited electrostatic phenomenon that will be explained in due course.

    If I thought I heard voices, I’d be seeking help.

  92. I have really good memory ever sences I was a kid and people might say that was just a dream or I’m just crazy but I know for sure if some doctor that could make me go into one of them going back to my memory things the spell stuff that they would know that I wasn’t just making some bull shit to get attention. I never talked about it again till this day because I never thought there where people who experienced the same thing. If I was just dreaming how can you explain why there are people who are explaining the same thing don’t u think I’m pertty sure that everyone that has had the same things have to have atleast one things in common don’t u think? I would love to think I am gifted to even experice what I saw

  93. Ok but thinking about it if people can’t explain what we saw they how can u say it wasn’t talk to me. Maybe the ball was reaching out to me anything is possible
    I’m a sharp person and I think clear till this day and I’m not hearing anything and I know I’m not crazy I have a very open mind and I know that there is many things that people can’t explain but shit that’s life and like I said u or anybody doesn’t have to believe me but I know what I saw and hear and I would never let anybody make me think other wise.

  94. Kenneth, I wish you well, but we’re discussing two different things here.

    I’m referring to a non-specific transient physical phenomenon I briefly observed, that I’d like to explain in scientific terms.

    You’re talking about hearing voices.

    Can you see the difference?

  95. Maybe Cuz u don’t want to believe it that’s why the world is not ready for the next change in life u ever think why only kids see it and not adults?
    Maybe it was a test to see if the next genaretion was ready for something to happen but it’s seems like everyone was scared when they saw it that it knew it wasn’t the time for something new.
    I believe anything is possible and I know we are not the only one in the universe.
    Call me crazy I don’t care Cuz I’m always going to stand by of what I thinks unless someone can really explain what it really was. And someone said it was some gas stuff or bla bla bla why can’t people just think more positive and open mind about everything. Makes life more interesting and more to live for I think. Im glad u got to see it I feel sorry for the people that can’t think that maybe u are special and maybe you are the key to the next life.
    Maybe people should be more positive and start thinking outside the box.

  96. Just becuz it doesn’t have a brain or mouth body arm….ect doesnt me u can say this was alive right? U can’t explain what it was then how can u say anything about it.

  97. I’m not looking for any answers
    All I’m dojng is taking my time to tell people what I expericed maybe it might now help anyone and everyone might think it’s bs but I’m not about to waste my time to write some bs Cuz I anit got no time to waste I’m just trying to let people know this is my story of what I expericed
    I didn’t have to share this with u or anyone so mat be u should appreciate me even to take the time to even write u my experice. No one going to let u know what u saw or explain to u what it was and I’m pretty sure ur not going to find the answer to your question atleast not in this life I bet. Maybe one day but just know I didt have to share this let people think I’m crazy cuz atleast I know who I am.

  98. I am very confused with a sunset photo I took 2 days ago I can not explain it! it sounds like reading some of your posts i have a pretty clear photo of the green glowing ball! if there is anyone who is intrested.. lee

  99. I’m a very skeptical person! I’m not saying I believe that it is anything other worldly it just stands as un explained. . I have taken a panaramic photo using a Samsung galaxy s5 so no lenses or anything like that.. so could this be something the camera software has done while stitching photos together?? If I could show you the photo that might help.. I’m mealy looking to explain this! not to convince anyone of anything!

  100. I know you probably get alot of nonsense but I’m not joking and I would appreciate a second opinion.. il be asking the guy who prints my photos to see if he has seen anything like it or if he thinks its something to do with the phone or software ect and I will keep you informed of his opinion..

  101. Ok just a small update I have been back to the exact spot where I took the panaramic from and retook as best as I could the same photo.. This was a couple of days after though and maybe an hour earlier in the day but there is no green glowing orb shaped thing in the second photo! Next stop go to ask the printer what he thinks.. I would really appreciate some help with this investigation if there is anyone who is serious about finding out what it is .. p’s the picture I have is very clear and taken with a 16 mega pixel camera and can be zoomed in on very clearly! .. Please help I’m running out of ideas!

  102. I looked out my back slider in 2009 and saw a tennis ball size blue glowing ball hovering over roof tops methodically touching each roof several times going from house to house. It did this on all the house behind mine for a distance of 500 plus ft disappearing over condos Tammy

  103. Hi All. There was this ine night around 9 0r 20 years aho. I was in bed i had not fell asleep yet as not long been in bed. My bedroom door was shut and my light was off. I seen a small mass of light squeeze through the key hole of the door. The a tennis ball shaped ball of glowing orange light almost like a ball of fire started to hover for a few seconds and then it formed in to a human shape mass of orange light. Just hovering about. It lit up the room, I wasnt scared I was just gobsmacked. It lasted as a human shape for about 30 seconds before turning back into a tennis size ball and squeezing back through the keyhole of the door. I honestly had never seen anything like it on my life and im exactly the same. I know wht I saw. I am desperate for an explanation but never found a story similar yet. People have seen the balls of light but no transformation into human shaped. I was round 32 at the time so not a child.

  104. i understand the sight of such phenomenon is unsettling i am 59 and have recently been experiencing the need to rise a couple of times during the night to visit the bathroom. I usually take a peek outside to see what is going on in the neighborhood. A few weeks ago I saw something that unnerved me abit. As I looked to the neighbor to the SW I saw an orange glowing ball of light. My First thought was it was Mars which occupies that spot at around 2-2:30 this time of year and sets before 3 am. But then i realized that was not possible as it was 4:30 am. Based on the distance to the light i would say it was approximately the size of a softball of small volleyball. As I was watching and trying to decide what i was seeing it suddenly started rising into the air. I rose about 20 feet to about 40 feet in the air and started moving off to the SE. Leaving me stunned at what i had just witnessed.

    And just a little background i am a 100% sceptic but like Bock said i know what i saw. I spent over 10 years in the US Air Force as a Weather Observer and Weather Forecaster so I am a generally observant person. But I am at a loss to explain what it was I did see. The weather was clear so I don’t think that was a contributing factor.

  105. So, I’m 30 years old and looking into an experience I had when I was younger. Between the ages of 7 and 12, I had multiple experiences of waking up in bed and seeing a silver floating ball moving through the bedroom. It would instantly give me a sickening feeling…I would just feel “weird”. On some occasions, the ball would float u next to me and I would touch it. Once I touched it, I would get poked, and a sharp needle like projection would come out of the ball and I would be overcome with an extreme sadness, before I decided to go back to sleep and the ball would be gone when I woke up.
    My husband and I were talking about “alien experiences” and I told him about this, talking about it after so many years made me want to do some extra research and I found this page

  106. Found you post from a search on Small Glowing Emerald Green Orb… Ive had different experiences since I was a child starting around 4 yrs old, Im now 48. I had a very recent experience was sound asleep/ I opened my eyes, about 2 feet from my face was a small (about the size of a racket ball) glowing a Emerald Green, I could see inside like lines of dark green lines moving about- No Noise, No Movement it just floated there. The glow wasn’t emitting light–t it itself was just bright and had movement within….Some sort of energy I suppose. and Poof- just like that it was gone.

  107. was in Mexico, playa area 3-4 years ago night before the equinox. I was on my deck wife went to bed. then I seen these orbs come on to the deck at waist height on the 2nd story deck. I believe there were 5-7 of them all different colors. I went in the room to wake my wife and came back out and they were going towards the end of the building. it was like they were scanning. it wasn’t scary just different. size of tennis balls

  108. I have never seen anything like the orbs described above. A good friend of mine had an experience as a young man in San Francisco many years ago. Kristin’s report sounds very much like my buddy’s.

  109. This is slightly different but one evening in suburban Omaha, Nebraska, in the 90’s, my mother saw a small silver ball, like the size of a tennis ball, zoom around, not like right next to her but in varying speeds and directions in the air but not up in the sky, as if it was hovering, then zoomed away. My mother joked about the irony that something unexplained would appear to her since she had scoffed at the supernatural her entire life. It only happened that one time but I have always wondered about it. Since nowadays, you can post your experience or question on the internet and actually find information, I thought I would try it. I really appreciate your site as a forum to share some weird experiences and talk about them. These thing only seem to happen once in awhile but I don’t believe people imagined them or were high, drunk, asleep or crazy. Thanks to you and Google.

  110. I know this is an old thread but Brock if you read this know I saw a ball of light almost exactly as you described. Was around the same age too I think.
    Staying at an Uncles farm for the weekend I woke to notice a sort of green glow from up the hallway. Always slept with the bedroom door open back then. Remember thinking it might be from the green light on the front of the fridge and was wondering how it could possibly shine up the hallway when the door was closed to the kitchen and the fridge was facing the other way anyway. But then the light seemed to get brighter as if whatever it was was coming closer down the hallway. Cant remember if I watched it move into view in the doorway or if I covered my face and saw it there when I lifted the covers to see. A greenish ball of light, fuzzy at the edges, probably a few feet from the floor. Do remember hiding under the sheets and each time I looked it was closer. Last time I looked it was right there by the bed as if it was coming to me. I swung out at it and said get away and it went. Didn’t pop or just disappear it just went back out and up the hall and was gone.
    Mentioned it the next day to the adults but they just suggested it was probably the headlights from a car going past reflecting on the wall. Nope. I knew what moving headlight reflections looked like in that room.
    That was over forty years ago and to this day I can’t explain what it was. May have been an hallucination or a dream but i’m pretty damn certain I was quite awake.

  111. Sorry Bock I spelled your name wrong above.
    Now after reading up through the comments I see many have seen the same thing.
    This is exciting for me. I’d pretty much put it out of my mind it was so long ago. In fact I’d only ever brought it up a few times because as can be expected when I did it was dismissed as only delusion or external lights coming in through the window. So much so I ended up doubting it myself.
    Interesting to note from the comments here, many experienced this at around the same age.
    Some of the testimonies above are so real to what I saw I’m more convinced I did in fact see it than ever before.
    I agree with Bock, there must be some physical scientific explanation for what we’ve seen. Even if it is simply a psychological phenomenon.
    One thing that’s stumped me about what I saw is why did it have to move through structural openings.
    How did it enter and where did it go?
    The only door open to the hall was the one into my bedroom. The lounge room door was almost never left open because it needed to be chocked to stay open. There was always about an inch and a quarter gap underneath it however. Then where could it come from outside that? The door to the back porch was always closed at night which could only leave the fireplace chimney as an opening unless a window had been left chocked up.
    I know I was awake because I remember now I watched the doorway to the hall until the sun came up. In fact I think it wasn’t until someone else got up and went to the bathroom that I dared get up and go out there myself.
    As a kid I was afraid of “aliens” from stuff I’d seen on tv but that wasn’t what I thought of when I saw this light. Never been a believer in the supernatural thing. No, there’s an explanation for this ball of light thing. We just don’t know what it is yet.

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