Educational Requirements to Join an Garda Síochána

Razor-sharp intellects at every level of an Garda Síochána

Have you any idea what educational heights a young lad or lassie must attain to gain entry to the Garda College?


Well then, I’ll tell you.

The College is, according to the official Garda website, an Institute of Higher Education, and therefore an aspiring entrant is required to meet certain minimum educational standards, as one would expect.

What standards?

Wait.  I’ll tell you.

In order to be admitted to this institute of higher education, a young man or woman must have the following grades:

Maths B3 at Foundation Level or D3 at Pass level.  

This means being able to spot the difference between One Thing and Many Things.

English D3 at Pass level.  

This means being able to spell most of The Cat Sat On The Mat.

Irish C3 at Foundation Level or D3 at Pass Level.  

This means being able to say either or Níl, but not necessarily both.

(Note: a candidate is not expected to achieve these grades in both Irish and English. One will do. This explains many things about our daily conversations with the Irish police).

Other language D3 at Pass Level.  

This means being able to order a beer in Spanish while out of your head on illegal drugs in Ibiza.  Two-ay servayzas please.  Good man, Horse..

Two other subjects D3 at pass Level.  

You can pick woodwork and domestic science.  Whittling  a truncheon and frying doughnuts..

Once you scale this intellectual mountain, you become a fully-fledged student of the Garda College, emerging eventually with a detailed knowledge of how to polish your shoes, march around a square and swing a baton at other students.  You also acquire invaluable expertise on looking up the owners of cars on the Garda computer and phoning them for your pals when they come up for sale.

When you graduate, you begin to study the training of hawks, but that’s for a different tale.

Now.  Are you reassured?  Don’t you feel relieved we’re in such safe hands, with such razor-sharp intellects at work to protect us?

And to think the PSNI couldn’t find anyone in the Garda qualified to shortlist for their Chief Constable interview.  Isn’t that amazing?

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The ability to knock young girls unconscious and throw them out on the pavement and the ability to lie without batting an eyelid seem to be the only qualifications needed for the job.One of the worlds most obnoxious police forces.

The thing is that they’re likely to be marching about their own conditions sooner rather than later….
Who will bate them that day?
O, ya, Dermot Ahern will, I forgot.
He promised!

Well there is one thick foxy-headed fucker in Newcastlewest who wouldn’t make that spec. Is there some way to complain to the Garda Ombudsman that one of them seems to be too thick to have a D3 in lower level maths?


I see you found the website.

Shocking isn’t it. I remember reporting once to a garda out in wesht limerick that there were stolen cheques being circulated. I explained that cheques had been scanned and the payee had been blanked out during the photocopying of the forgeries. He then asked me what was he supposed to do? God help us. I’m sure (I mean I hope) that most of our gardai attain more than the requirements, though it would explain the big hullaballoo regarding the PULSE system/training fiasco.

I wouldn’t disagree that they are incompetent Bock. I don’t know if it’s more to do with laziness than intelligence though.
The minimum educational requirements to be considered for a lot of university degrees is also quite low. It’s just with so many students going for certain courses, the points system is used. Also the criteria for mature students is different.

ha. Sure. It’s low, but it’s the minimum. But for a University it’s not much higher.

The latest minimum requirements for UL for instance are:
Minimum Entry Requirements (degree)
Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certificate (or an approved equivalent) with at least Grade C3 in two Higher Level subjects and Grade D3 in four Ordinary or Higher Level subjects (including Mathematics; Irish or another language; and English).

Minimum Entry Requirements (certificate/diploma equine science)

Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certificate with at least Grade D3 in five Ordinary Level Subjects (including Mathematics; Irish or another Language; and English).

I’d like to point out too, that a leaving cert or lack of isn’t indicative of intelligence. Just to be fair to all those who didn’t have the opportunity for schooling.

There is no possibility whatever of getting into UL or any other university with those results. And even then, the grades you quote are a mile above what is required to get into the Garda college.

Our dog might have a reasonable chance of passing that educational standard.

My father didn’t have, as you put it, the opportunity for schooling, but I bet he’d have done a whole lot better than a fail-plus in five subjects.

Come on. Surely we can demand more than this of a professional police force?

Those are their official requirements though Bock. The reason a person may not get the course they want is due to limited numbers, hence the points system.

The entry requirements for a certificate/diploma in UL is similar to the Garda college requirement.

My father also didn’t have the opportunity for schooling..

I don’t think the problem with the Gardai is lack of intelligence but more so laziness and arrogance and a systemic policy of avoidance to deal with real crime.

Am wondering also, is there not stringent criteria within the Gardai to become a detective or a member of the Emergency response unit or to become a sergeant for instance? How much intelligence, really, does it take for the ordinary level Garda to stamp a passport or to give a traffic ticket?

Well you did say “Once you scale this intellectual mountain,” And the comment you added in terms of your dog having a reasonable chance of passing that educational standard is not because he can eat more donuts I take it.

Anyways, the point I’m making is it’s the minimum requirement. I’m sure plenty of people who’ve well surpassed the minimum requirement are members of the Garda Síochána yet are lazy, arrogant, donut eating, ignoramuses. In saying that, I’m sure there are one or two hard working, decent ones too.

“Come on. Surely we can demand more than this of a professional police force?”

What makes you to think we have a profesional police force?
To quote a friend of mine, a retired member of the force, “we have too many guards, and not enough policemen”

They have to get through an interview first, seems this is to determine if the person is suitable to train as a garda, the ability to think and an education, not really a requirement. Even more comforting, there are courses to help you pass this interview. Then “college” for six weeks and you’re sent to a station to learn as you work, supervised of course, this only takes two years. It’s far too easy to become a garda. When you sit back and think who joined the force from you’re own circle or area, it doesn’t really inspire confidence in the process.

An alternative? Everybody on this site more or less is inactive in bettering any community but nevermind lets stick it to the cops!!

This is how thick your average guard is. A mate of mine had stuff stolen to the value of €700 from the side entrance of his house. Went out done his own investigation told there guards where the stolen stuff was (a shop in limerick) what do you think the guards done? FUCK ALL. completely ignored the information this person was giving them. Proceeded to tell him somebody would be “in touch” to take a statement. Btw the shop owner is a dishonest cunt who hopefully gets raided at some stage but i doubt it with the force full of clancy wiggums on the case.

The Gardai are cosseted and compromised, all promotion is subject to political approval, a throwback to the Dublin Castle “Peeler” days. Ask any serving Inspector or above the date of his promotion then you know his politics. It is top heavy with Fianna Fail “One of our own” which takes precedence over ability and academic achievement. Hold them up to scrutiny and see them for what they are, a greedy and detached self interest group. They did buy en mass into crazy lending policies of criminal banks they now refuse to investigate. They are willing pawns of a corrupt and discredited government and will defend their discredited masters to the hilt as witnessed last week by the brutal treatment of students. I would suggest at all future protests we use “Please Dont Kick Me I have the Blue Flu” Tee shirts I am sure Bock could be persuaded to run off a batch given enough interest.

Rob — You say “Everybody on this site more or less is inactive in bettering any community”.

How do you know that? What private information do you have about the people who comment on this site?

All the younger Gardaí I’ve had to deal with recently (don’t ask – suffice it to say it involves ostriches and nitro-glycerine) have been reasonably bright and even amenable to reason.

Perhaps I have just been lucky.

The old adage springs to mind. “There are two jobs that those who volunteer for should not be allowed to hold, policemen and politicians”

“The Garda Síochána will succeed, not by force of arms or numbers, but by their moral authority as servants of the people” Michael Staines (1885-1955) first Commissioner of An Garda Síochána.
Have they lost the plot.?

When I look back to the 2 lads in my school who ended up in the Guards there was a thick man child who was bullied a lot and the other a pure thug who escaped an assault with a deadly weapon charge by the skin of his teeth as a kid (stabbed a guy in the stomach). So no I don’t believe they are our best and brightest.

What pisses me off about the rioting squad the other day was that Supt. Joe Gannon was found in breach of discipline by the Garda Ombudsman Commission and they recommended action be taken against him, the commissioner in his wisdom decided to promote him and put him in charge of the new heavy gang (look it up kids), this looks remarkably like a deliberate move towards beating protesters off the streets.

Question . Why does every public conversation about the Garda have to begin:-
” Before we go any further , let me say that we all recognise the great job that the Garda does ”
Whereas at least some of “we all ” have serious reservations about the quality of some of their work.

“Other sources said the additional security to be placed around the Ministers will include a high-visibility presence of uniformed gardaí and plain-clothes armed detectives.”

Christ almighty, imagine giving our beauties that kind of protection.

Bock, your own lack of any sort of intelligent research before making sweeping statements about Gardai is indicative of your educational standards. I am a Garda and I have two Masters and a law degree. Please try and be balanced in future.

Bock, your initial remarks such as :”Once you scale this intellectual mountain, you become a fully-fledged student of the Garda College, emerging eventually with a detailed knowledge of how to polish shoes.” I think it’s good that you demand a high standard from Gardai – there are some that do let the Organisation and society down by their actions. But my criticism of your blog would be the absence of balance. For example, When 10,000 people apply for 1,000 positions I don’t think you can argue that candidates are selected simply when they achieve te minimum entry requirements

John — Is that it? That’s the sweeping statement about the Gardai? As far as I’m aware, there is an inordinate emphasis on square-bashing in Templemore, and I’ve been informed of this by serving Gardai. Is my statement incorrect? You will no doubt have spotted, having, as you pointed out, a superior education to my own, that I did not say these were the only things they learn. Nor did I suggest that there isn’t another selection process in the form of interviews, but I would have thought that 5 D3s inc luding a D3 in pass English is a simply abysmal level to set for any job.

As regards standards in the Gardai, I think I’m in the same camp as Justice Frederick Morris, who also made sweeping statements regarding the entire force. You probably read his report.

Perhaps we can discuss the falconry in a subsequent post?

I’d love to see them bate scumbags up and down o connell street daily. will my wish come true….
or give the “fueding families” of Ireland a good weekly kicking…

I agree and disagree with you Bock! For example:

“Maths. B3 at Foundation Level or D3 at Pass level. This means being able to spot the difference between One Thing and Many Things.”
D3 at pass level is fine, it isn’t as if the maths required to work in the Gardai involves algebra, basic arithmetic is all that’s required and a D3 is evidence of this in the Leaving Cert. However, foundation maths should be unacceptable, I’ll agree with you there.

“English D3 at Pass level. This means being able to spell most of The Cat Sat On The Mat.”
You claim that a Guard should have more than a D3 at pass level, but a D3 at pass level means that an individual has a decent grasp of reading and writing, it might mean that you might not be good at interpreting metaphors in novels and poetry, but what would the Gardai need that for?

“Irish. C3 at Foundation Level or D3 at Pass Level. This means being able to say either Tá or Níl, but not necessarily both.”
I think the only reason a guard needs Irish is so that they can read an accused their rights as gaelige, so I think having Irish as a necessity is ridiculous, anyone can learn to a simple paragraph of Irish. I’m open to correction on this one, but I think that’s why an applicant needs it.

“Other language. D3 at Pass Level. This means being able to order a beer in Spanish while out of your head on illegal drugs in Ibiza. Two-ay servayzas please. Good man, Horse.”
Once again, what is the point of having another language? What is the point of having French for example when you may never have to arrest a French only speaking person in your career? Also, it wouldn’t be much use if you had to deal with a person who only spoke Spanish for instance.

“Two other subjects. D3 at pass Level. You can pick woodwork and domestic science. Whittling a truncheon and frying doughnuts.”
Once again, getting a D3 in two other subjects doesn’t make you a “thick”.

Besides, there is a Garda entry aptitude test that an applicant has to go through, which is something you have already acknowledged, so I’m sure they’ll weed out any of the “thicks”

I also want to make a note that I have no relations in the Gardai, neither have I any ties to them, and quite frankly they can do a piss poor jobs at times, and yes, at times I also abhor them. It’s just my opinion on the matter.

Two points in response.

First, the choice is either D3 in English or D3 in Irish. They don’t have to achieve both.

Second, it isn’t that I expect the guards to be Shakespeare or Stephen Hawking. It’s more to do with the fact that you can meet the educational requirements with five Pass D3s. That’s one step above remedial. Is it really the standard we should be setting for our police force?

I have difficulty with your utilitarian view of education but that’s for another day.

Apologies, I misread, they should be getting at D3 or over in English at pass level, Irish shouldn’t come into it. I also believe (as I stated in the previous post) that they should be getting at least a D3 at pass level in maths. They are the only subjects where foundation level is available. That leaves four other subjects and I would have no problem with an applicant if they got a D3 in all these subjects, but NO fail.

This would not be one step above remedial level, because if a remedial student is doing the leaving then typically they will sit foundation in the 3 core subjects and probably fail some or all of the remaining four subjects. However, most of the remedial students sit the Leaving Cert applied exams and are thus ineligible to join the mighty Garda Siochana.

Postedit: “I have difficulty with your utilitarian view of education but that’s for another day.”
Only spotted this, it’s called being practical about it Bock.

Ah I know Bock, it’s not a brilliant performance, but at the same time my proposal is better than what’s there at the moment. However, as the previous poster John pointed out, 10,000 apply and only 1,000 get through, so just because you have the minimum requirements it doesn’t mean you get in. Also, the Leaving Cert isn’t everything in the application process, personality (I’m open to attack on that one :P) comes into it, the aptitude test and the actual Garda exam.

Now let me reiterate, I do believe that a D3 in English and maths at pass level should be mandatory, and neither should any subject be failed, so that is just not good enough for the present application process.

Just two quick questions for you, and I’m not taking a pot at you.

1- Why do you believe a D3 at at pass level English is not good enough?
2- What do you think should be the minimum for an applicant to get in the Leaving Cert?

These days there are hundreds of applicants even to stack shelves, so the numbers signify little. In any case, the police force was traditionally seen as a solid earner.

A D3 at pass level is the lowest possible result short of a fail. It might be acceptable in one or two subjects, but in all five?

What does that say about the candidates?

But of the 10,000, I really doubt that the most would be better off stacking shelves.

Anyway, as for those who receive a D3, it quite simply means they didn’t fail, that’s what a D3 is, it also means that they didn’t do the Leaving Cert Applied, neither are they remedial students.

What’s wrong with a D3 in English, and what do you propose as the minimum in a Leaving Cert for Garda eligibility?

Postedit: Opening sentence

I have had contact with several policemen recently and found them to be insightful, responsive and courteous at all times, and certainly did not reflect any of the distateful qualities referred to in this blog. There you go!

MD — In my opinion, a D3 is a very poor standard to set. Five D3s is extremely low. If the best you can say about a candidate is that they didn’t fail, we’re not starting out from a very promising position, are we?

The LC is a crude measure of ability anyway, but it is the only criterion we have for entry to colleges in the country. SInce the Garda college is a recognised third-level institution, perhaps it might not be unreasonable to expect a couple of Honours grades?

Having a good grasp of English means more than interpreting metaphors in poems and novels, as you put it, though there’s nothing wrong with that. It means being better able to detect nuance and layers of meaning in everyday communication. It means being able to write and speak more effectively, and God knows, if you’ve ever attended court and listened to a Guard giving evidence, they badly need that skill.

Contrary to widespread belief, maths is not all about arithmetic or even algebra. It’s about logical thinking, being able to extract the essentials from a situation and it’s about problem-solving. It’s a training of the mind. A D3 indicates that the student almost completely failed to grasp these underlying concepts. This is not reassuring in a candidate we would hope possesses good analytical skills.

I hope this clarifies my position.

Some more examples of public sector jobs with little or nothing in the way of academic requirements at entry:

Air traffic controller
Driving examiner
Ambulance driver

All examples of occupations where the required skills and personality traits have little or nothing to do with academic qualifications.

I don’t accept that the *minimum* academic requirements for entry to Templemore is necessarily indicative of the calibre of candidate selected for training. As Johnn McManus pointed out, recent recruitment competitions have been oversubscribed by 10:1, and that’s *before* the jobs market tanked.

We all have our stories of boorish behaviour by Gardaí. I don’t think that behaviour is any more prevalent in the police than it is in other vocations. Maybe it’s the uniform that makes us more sensitive to it?

But a D3 in maths and English is good enough for entry into most colleges in the country!

Anyway, it appears we’ve reached an impasse Bock! I believe a D3 at pass level in all subjects to be good enough for entry into the Gardai (not forgetting the other Garda entry exams), you don’t.

But a D3 in maths and English is good enough for entry into most colleges in the country!

Anyway, it appears we’ve reached an impasse Bock! I believe a D3 at pass level in all subjects to be good enough for entry into the Gardai (not forgetting the other Garda entry exams), and you don’t.

BP — I don’t know about air traffic controllers, but I’m pretty sure there’s no third-level college for firefighters, ambulance drivers or driving examiners. That’s the point. Five D3s in pass subjects are the standard laid down for entry to the Garda third-level college.

Mmm That explains it, Irish politics and Banking is awash with illegal behaviour delinquint politicians are chauffeured by serving members of the Gardai to Dublin castle where they admit to the most suspect behaviour and are then chauffeured home at the taxpayers’ expense. The Gardai are a detached ineffective law enforcement agency Irish politics and Banking is awash with illegal behaviour. We see occasional P.R. motivated gesture’ism like Fitzpatricks well orchestrated overnight in Bray; face it, they will continue to ignore every transgression by the so called elite and continue to hide behind some imagined legal obstacles when all it demands is one serving member to arrest on suspicion any of the liars’s and thieves we read and hear about every day of the week. Garda inactivity in the most lawless era in Irish politics narrows options, their inactivity is a barometer of their ineffectiveness.
Michael Davitt and John Redpath of Land League times predicted the inevitable explosive outcome of a “Politicized Police Forces and a Detached Government”

“Getting a D3 in any pass subject does indeed mean you’re fairly thick.”
So going by your logic, if somebody got 6 A1s at Honours level and one D3 at pass level, that would make them a thick, please put some thought into your posts in future please.

Point taken. The IAA run a training school for ATC intake, but to the best of my knowledge they don’t claim third-level status or accreditation.

My point is simply that evidence of academic achivevement is not necessarily the best metric for entry into many occupations. Further, I fail to see how lack of appropriate “paperwork” is indicative of poor intellect, and I took that to be your initial position.

No. The post is about the minimum educational standard laid down for entry to a third-level college.

Despite the two Masters degrees he told us about, John McManus also seems to have read this post as a slur against the Gardai, instead of a question as to why the authorities don’t lay down stricter standards so that we can ensure the best possible police force. Unfortunately, we have allowed a lot of dense people into the force over the years.

I have no difficulty whatsoever with that position.

I hope that when you say “John McManus also seems to have read this post as a slur against the Gardai” the use of the word “also” isn’t a suggestion that I, too, saw it as a slur?

Bock.. RE: “instead of a question as to why the authorities don’t lay down stricter standards so that we can ensure the best possible police force.Unfortunately, we have allowed a lot of dense people into the force over the years.” It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the dense ones might have pretty good leaving certificate results.
I’ve known people with masters degrees who are pretty dense, believe it or not. (edit, I’m no Einstein myself obviously :)

That’s quite true.

I’m not saying that a good LC implies high intelligence, but since the standard laid down by the Gardai is based on that exam, it’s all we have available to discuss.

Why don’t we abandon all educational standards while we’re at it?

BP – D3 in any pass paper is atrocious, but if it makes you feel better, I should have said having a number of D3’s in pass L.C. does mean you are on the thick side . The educational standard to get into the guards is ridiculous. The fact that they allow people in who took foundation level is very worrying.

@ Ellie, Apologies for coming across as arrogant in the last post, but I don’t agree that a D3 in pass is atrocious, if it was, a D3 would be considered a fail, however, I do agree with you that Foundation Level should be unacceptable for Garda entry.

“Why don’t we abandon all educational standards while we’re at it?” That’s a good point Bock.
I will say though that the leaving certificate in comparative terms demands a pretty high standard of education, even pass level.

Let’s be logical about this. Either there’s an educational standard or there isn’t.

If we accept that the LC is used as the standard, then I’d have to say that somebody coming out of school with five D3s in Pass subjects is either extremely dull or extremely lazy. Yet that’s the minimum standard laid down for entry to the Gardai.

What message does that send out?

What message? I don’t know Bock. But I will say I’d prefer a hard working, decent, helpful, if slightly dense Garda who gave a shit than a bright chap with a great leaving cert, a couple of degrees etc who was too busy eating his donuts to give a damn. I not sure if raising the entry requirements to the Garda College would result in a competent police force. Off the point, but there you go.

Haven’t we got very well educated people in positions of power in our country. Both in Politics and in the higher echelons of our civil service? Surely with this level of education, we could expect our leaders to have a very professional approach to the running of our state. What happened?

I’d like to know, if John above obtained his two masters and law degree, before or after the joined the Garda Farce?? I’ve a few acquaintances who are ex Gardai, who studied law while in the farce (now practicing law) and who couldn’t tolerate the ongoing shenanegans and corruption rife with the the farce at the mo. I call it the ‘farce’ because that’s exactly what it is. It seems that anyone with any bit of intelligence, professionalism or integrity that asks questions is downtrodden, and the planks get promoted for being corrupt!

LJS — As I remarked earlier, we must decide whether an educational standard is necessary or not. However, given that the Garda authorities have defined a standard, should it not be a high one? At present, the standard they have laid out is the lowest possible.

Perhaps they want to recruit the thickest.The thickest will follow orders blindly without questioning them.Want the heads of a few sitting down students busted.Thick guy..yes Sarge straight away..intelligent guy ..but they are no threat Sarge..which do you think they prefer?

William, I think you’re equating ethics and decency with higher intelligence and obedience with a lack of intelligence. Neither of which are correct assumptions.
I don’t want to call anyone an idiot, but seriously – “Want the heads of a few sitting down students busted.Thick guy..yes”. ffs.

In comparison to other subjects discussed on a reasonably unbiased basis (although I have discovered that disagreeing with the site owner is not tolerated), I find this crass, purile, and subjective. Appealing to the lowest common denominator. As in any aspect of society, it’s the dumb ass legislation they are asked to implement which is more important than the way they apply it

FME…I would not dress up in a dark vader suit with a big club and batter a young girl senseless (as was seen on footage from the student protest) regardless of who fucking ordered me to do it.And anyone who does follow such an order has to be a retard.Although I accept that you consider anyone who sees them as such to be the real idiots!! …..ffs

Yes I do. Not unlike any aspect of public service occupations, there those who are good at it and those who should not be in their line of occupation. Highlighting the academic qualifications required is rabble rousing. Some the stupidest people I have ever met have been academically gifted, and some of the smartest people I have encountered have left school prior to completion. It’s subjective to the person involved.

A minimum educational requirement is really all that’s required. It’s a people management job, and usually dealing with the branch of society that is not conforming to the legislation of the day. Probably slightly advantagous to not have applicants with pre conceived ideas about what they do as some of the dumb ass laws they have to implement don’t bear scrutiny. Like I said, there are good ones and there are crap ones, like doctors, bartenders, bouncers, mothers, fathers etc etc etc. The only exception to the rule is traffic wardens. They are uniforms that didn’t even make the Gards

William, I’d say anyone who follows those orders is a brute.. not a retard. The post is about the minimum requirements to attend the garda college. By your implication, the ones who well surpassed the grade wouldn’t carry out such orders.. and that’s illogical in my view. I’m simply saying that intelligence and ethics are different.. emotional intelligence if you will.
I’m in agreement with you that a Garda battering a young girl is a complete and utter thug. He might be one of the bright ones though, with a great leaving cert.. a few degrees whatever..

FME..You could be right there.Although one might hope some of the bright ones would object.But I can see your point.

An example from history that, I think, illustrates FME’s point is the fact that of the 15 participants at the infamous Wannsee Conference in January 1942 which officially approved the genocide of European Jewry, 8 of them had PhDs.

@ Spailpín : Don’t quote me on this, but I think that they’d probably
be netted fairly early on in the interview process these days.


I have my doubts about the value of many interview processes.

Perhaps it’s somewhat off topic, but an example would be the manner in which Anglo Irish Bank selected David Drumm to succeed Sean Fitzpatrick as Chief Executive in 2004.

There were 4 applicants. When the candidates were asked who, in the event of them not getting the job, they would prefer to get it. The other 3 all opted for Drumm, as he was much younger than them.

Not exactly the most rational or criteria, I think – and certainly not if subsequent events are anything to go by.

There’s an interesting article in today’s Irish Times relating to this headed “Random system of promotions may be just the job”:…/1224283324821.html

Actually, average joe, it may be of interest to you to know that I am a witch.

Just a white one, so I won’t do you any harm.

Guards probably needs more direct entry approaches for specialised graduates at officer level, as exists in many forces. These would then fill the ranks of serious crime detection and bring specialised skills with them.

I wonder how intelligent one would have to be, or what educational requirements would be expected of one to attain the position of Garda Commissioner or Assistant Garda Commissioner? Seems Assistant Commissioner Byrne had been a right plonker of late, in that he is currently being investigated on allegations of false imprisonment and assualt on a Garda whistleblower in a hotel in Monaghan in October!! Auld Fatchna is a bit tongue tied a the moment about the whole fiasco.

I ‘m not sure but coming up through the ranks seems the predominant way to get promoted up til now. I don’t think that can be maintained in the future.

@ Bock. Direct entry to officer grades in the DF ? Other than by the cadet route ?
Only for a very few specialists I think… medical for example.

haha all yee people giving out bout the guards, who do yee ring when yee are in trouble?, something has been stolen?, child/family member/ relative missing? youve been in an accident? need help? exactly!

I agree higher educational standards should be applied to Garda applicants.I don’t think that would counter corruption.Laziness and apathy are obvious to all,but anyone unfortunate enough to have business dealings with the boys in blue usually regrets it.Generally,they are crafty,sneaky cute hoors and best avoided.

You can see the Gardai chatting to the local Hookers on a regular basis on O’Curry street, I wonder what they discuss? They never seem to arrest the long term Hookers, only the competition from Romania etc!!!

It seems to me that most of your subscribers are gobdaws that would not be accepted into any employment and wish to vent their spleen at their betters. As for sepcialised graduates at officer level, this seems to be intended to let some smart arse who shagged his or her way through college and now is unemployable to get a job and a life!

Such fancy-dans would not last pissing-time on the streets; try explaining how highly educated you are to a Limerick City scumbag, ditch rat! (Then run squealing for help to the real men and women!)

Leave the job to the men and women with courage and ability, and the balls to stand up to the sewer-spawn!

You parasites were educated by the taxpayers who had too much pride to beg their way through college like you lot.

You are of the types that wrecked this country. Now give up your coke-snorting and please f*** off to the building-sites of Australia or Canada and do a bit of work, instead of begrudging and back-stabbing.

(Of course, among you are some of those sewer-spawn criminals; long may the Guards give you what you deserve!)

Every honest and law abiding worker, including my good self, back the Guards to the hilt when dealing with such a vile curse upon civilised society. And may their aim be ever true!

Everyone gives away a little information about themselves when when they write a comment.

Jameson’s give-away phrase is “officer level”.

“Everyone gives away a little information about themselves when when they write a comment. Jameson’s give-away phrase is “officer level”.

Well spotted Bock.. all I gathered was Jameson is a complete and utter dope. Maybe he’s been “accepted into employment”, maybe he’s not.. either way let’s hope the standards of the guards are above that type of idiot…otherwise I may have to retract any earlier comments I made.

Bock, I think you’re mixing up educational achievement with intelligence. I know many people, both garda and non garda alike, who are well educated but are thick as two planks.

Education, while important, is not the end all and be all. Intelligence, experience and having good common sense far outweighs educational achievement any day. Just look at our so called high educational achievers in government, banking, consultancy firms etc who have brought the country unto its knees.

Wow a lot of negative feelings towards the gardai.. they do a pretty good job with what they are givin.

They are given plenty,being the highest paid police force in Europe,possibly in the world.Scrounging off the rest of the community is a common Garda activity,similar to our Travellers

In an American stall set up there such a rail was seen whose machonery worked on the basis of radio communication system.
Today howevfer advances in technology have nearly eliminatd thwse problems.
, which is the leader in the market of police equipment,.

I loved the line I heard about the Christian Brothers: Too thick for the seminary. Not thick enough for Templemore

I do think the entry requirements are quiet low In order to obtain an undergraduate degree I know that it takes 3/4 years to cover curriculum. How come trainee garda can graduate after 34 weeks? This is just one year It does not look well when on paper. Comments refer to comparison between Ul entry and Garda College entry they are as different as chalk to cheese The usual points for UL undergrad courses is 430 tp 550 the educational requirements for entry to Templemore do not attract the those high flyers. Perhaps its who you know not what you know is the password to Templemore. As a Career Guidance Counsellor/ Educational Psychologist I am told by past students and their parents that its tough in Garda College with some students being sent home at short notice a week or even days. I agree this might be in the best interest of a particular student but I took from complaint that this exercise or manner in which it is done leaves a lot to be desired In light of todays suicide epidemic young people need to be treated with dignity and sensitivity and given a hope for the future I do not encourage any students to join An Garda Siochana this is my personal reflection

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