Biffo and Seanie Go Golfing

Cowen and Fitzpatrick schmoozing before the deluge

Isn’t it a great little country when the chairman of a failed bank can meet up with the Prime Minister for dinner and a round of golf at Druid’s Glen and nobody mentions a word about the trouble the bank is in?  Two months before the government issues a country-destroying guarantee to cover the staggering losses run up by Fitzy and his pals, this banker meets the head of that same government.  They play some golf, enjoy a nice dinner, perhaps light up a cigar with a brandy and talk about …

Pop music?

It was a social occasion, protests Biffo.  No-one, it seems, mentioned a word about banks or money or anything.

A social occasion.

Imagine that.

Do Biffo and Seanie play much golf?  What are their shared interests?  Do they go to the movies together?  Are they avid stamp collectors?

Whatever they have in common, Fitzy certainly had no problem getting Biffo on the blower.  Only a few months previously, when Cowen was still finance minister, Seanie phoned him to talk about the disastrous state of Anglo shares and the looming Quinn screw-up.

I told him I’d refer it to the governor of the Central Bank, Biffo mumbled.

So how did the conversation go?  Hi Brian.  This is Seanie.  We must meet up for a game of golf some time, and a nice meal.

Howya Seanie.

Look Brian, the thing is this.  Anglo’s shares are goosed.  And that Quinn fellow is into us for billions.  The bank is going down the toilet unless you help us out.

I’ll tell Hurley.

That feckin gobshite!  Listen Brian, if we go down, so will half your party cronies.  I know where all the bodies are buried so you’d better front up here, fat boy.

I’ll think about it.

Lovely talking to ya Brian.  Se you in Druid’s Glen.  Byeee!

So we know that Fat-Boy was having phone conversations with Fitzy while Anglo was going tits up.  And we know that those conversations were about the imminent collapse of the bank.

Now, there are only two possibilities regarding the golf special.

Either Cowen is a gullible fool who believed all the horseshit Fitzy threw at him, in which case he wasn’t fit to be finance minister or prime minister, or else, he knew exactly where the disaster was going.

And if he knew that, why was he playing golf with the chief perpetrator?

And finally, I’d like to know who paid for the round of golf and the dinner and the cigars and whatever else Biffo and Mrs Biffo had that day.  Did Biffo put his hand in his own pocket or did Seanie Fitz pick up the tab?  And why would he do that?

27 thoughts on “Biffo and Seanie Go Golfing

  1. Collusion and treason of the highest order.
    Fucking greed. Fat greedy gobshites, dragging their fat arses around a field, trying to get a ball in a hole, discussing how they can cleverly swindle the Irish for generations to come to pay for their high browing bullshitting, treasonous fat arsed other friends. Fucking treason. Biffo the treasonous bullshitter – a social occasion was it? What a bullshitting gobshite. I wonder will they be in power still by St. Patrick’s Day, so they can all swan off around the world on our fucking backs – paying for the likes of Harney and her faced arsed hair do’s.

    I got very pissed off this morning filling up my car – It cost me €60. That’s sixy fucking euro and I thought to myself.. this is to keep the likes of Biffo, Seanie and their cronies who invested in Anglo in the lifestyles they are accustomed to, while I work my ass off for them.

    ” Did Biffo put his hand in his own pocket or did Seanie Fitz pick up the tab? ”
    Makes no odds to my mind, (but I see your point Bock ) we’re paying for it.

    I’m embarassed they are Irish.

  2. Yes, the cunts are holding out till the end of March.
    “Meanwhile, a prominent figure in the Northern Ireland peace process has compared Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s stance on the economy with Nobel prizewinner John Hume’s peacemaking role.”
    ha. You’d almost believe it, it’s so incredulous.

    That’ll be nice to see them swanning off to the four corners of the earth before they head off into the sunset.
    I have to buy this book soon. – ‘Wasters’ by Shane Ross and Nick Webb on government expenses.
    I advise taking very deep breaths whilst reading the review though. (9,000 Cartier watches given out!)

  3. I agree with you Bock, It is the transference of Bank Debt to Irish Sovereign debt that has the country fucked. The Greens can’t be so thick so as not to have noticed that this criminal scam was going on. The sooner that both of them are obliterated the better

  4. I don’t think that the Greens are thick, FR.

    Completely amoral, perhaps, but not thick.

    In his very own “road to Damascus” moment (a journey travelled, no doubt, by bicycle), Trevor Sargeant “……is proposing a constitutional amendment with a new charge of “economic treason”, to have potential retrospective effect.”, according to the Irish Times of Saturday, 8th January.

    Cue numerous clichés referring to sinking ships, and rats.

    I sincerely hope that the Green Party are banished to the wilderness for decades to come for their complicity in the willful destruction of our country.

  5. “POTENTIAL” retrospective effect. Thus can the fish slip off the hook. What a load of codology.

  6. Scandalous , an FF taoiseach riding the gravy train, whatever next?
    AIB bought Haughey and FF in the 70s, little has changed
    What I want to know is how much that shower have in their Swiss bank accounts as a reward for bailing out the banks?

  7. hi bock read your stuff all the time think its spot on is it possible that fitz is sending biffo a warning after all only they know what was discussed and biffo is as likely to reveal anything as he is to win 1st prize in a beauty contest between 2 pigs seanie on the other hand could possibly end up in jail or not if biffo dont want him talking further

  8. Such is the fury in Iceland caused by the banks and goverment that already two bankmen have been sentenced to prision terms. The former prime minister Geir Haarde is to soon stand trial for his behaviour towards the country. This trial is called “Riksrätt” and is unheard of in Iceland but has been last used in Oslo in 1945 when Quisling was tried for high treason during the Nazi occupation of Norway. Economy Professor Thorvaldur Gylfason says in an interview with Svenska Dagbladet 9-1-2011 that many prision terms will be served by leading bankmen in Iceland. Thanks to the banks and corrupt politicians Icelands population through emigration is falling for the first time in a century. The decrease is 5000 young people in 2009 and continuing each year. The population is 317630. Families are having to share apartments with relations and so on and some young people are living in places they are too ashamed to describe. Many in desperation take their own life. So translated into human terms in daily life Iceland is allready a major crime scene. But Icelanders are resisting and doing it with fantasy and never in living memory have so many bought warm traditional jumpers and domestic products . Must order an Aran sweater.

  9. whats it with FF leaders and golf courses? did charlie not get a sum of money from dunne on a golf course? does it really take 9 hours to play a round of golf?

  10. biffo met neil Armstrong for a game of golf, and never once talked about the moon.
    that is the level of shit we are been fed.
    he must think we are fucking stupid

  11. i cant take credit fo it, the idea came from a sit-com written by the same people who wrote the royle family.
    but it dose sum it up.

  12. Last night I dreamed of Tunisia and for a moment O’Connell St had palm trees growing there.

  13. I dont know Charles the problem with the likes of them is they can be like a shit stain in an underpants..very difficult to remove.

  14. Bock, I take it all back. Biffo will not resign. You see yer man can not leave the trought and this is a man who is prepared to sink anyone and every thing so as to remain there. This is Ireland not Scandinavia. Still it will hasten the demise of that cartel if he hangs on and maybe that is worth something. What options does Ireland have?.

  15. Charles…you have been out in the real world too long when you think the likes of Cowan will go in a dignified manner.No by god he is not stepping down.In fact he is going engage in a heroic selfless act and stay on for the good of the country and not for his own personal gain as some uncouth cynical types have been suggesting.

  16. What a noble act and what a noble man. Tears running down my face as I read how he has allways put Ireland and its people first. What a fine man, sure they will be singing songs across the country in his memory . “The Bauld Biffo Cowen”. Recyckling plants will be named after him. Ah William I am so moved.

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