Fine Gael Become Fianna Fáil After Website Hacked

The Fine Gael website was hacked yesterday, stirring up widespread apathy and indifference.  As I write, it’s still off line.

Depressingly, Fine Gael responded to the attack with a series of statements that were based on spin, inaccuracy, and what tech professionals refer to as as horseshit.  This is not a good foretaste of what we can expect from the future party of government.

Fine Gael have a very poorly-coded website which is vulnerable to attacks by six-year-olds.  As Michele Neylon put it

People were able to post comments including Javascript which was actually executed, instead of being stripped out. As Homer would say – doh!

In response to the attack, Fine Gael posted a statement to the effect that the site had been compromised by professional hackers.

It hadn’t.

In an unbelievable moment of hubris, FG announced as follows:

Despite the attacks by outside entities, this will not stop us from moving forward to continue to continue to allow the comments of the Irish public to be posted onto the website.

Do these guys know anything at all? Anything? One little thing just to give us hope?

Apparently not.

Fine Gael should be far more worried that their site has been invaded by a shite written-English virus, but leaving that aside, just think about the implications.

Their site has been hacked by two fat bastards in Slayer t-shirts with pizza in their beards, and Fine Gael go into defensive mode. They lie. The invent nonsense about international attacks and they vanish up the arsehole of their own self-importance.

Their site was cracked by children, but Fine Gael are afraid to admit it.   Instead, they come up with nonsense about what they call an “entity”.

An entity?  Are Fine Gael trapped in an episode of Star Trek?

No.  They’re not.  Fine Gael are simply the same fucking eejits as Fianna Fáil, and their first reaction to any criticism is waffle, instead of holding their hands up, or finding out the facts.  They are the very same as the corrupt gobshites we’re about to kick out, and the embodiment of why Ireland is fucked.


This is before they’ve been caught committing a single act of corruption.

Imagine what they’ll be like when they get into government.

Jesus, it’s a movie. Fianna Fáil: Redux. The Director’s Cut.

A horror movie.

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“Their site has been hacked by two fat bastards in Slayer t-shirts with pizza in their beards”.
Call crimeline Bock! It seems you may be able to identify the entities responsible.

What’d be the reward I wonder? Surely a fiver at least.

Any dictators out there fancy taking over? At least it would put an end to all the waffle, bullshit and family dynasties that take turns in gang-raping the people of this country

The sad thing is F.F. and F.G. are two sides of the same coin Equally incompetent. However it seems this is what the voters want. The real problem is F.G. are more to the right wing than F.F. (who are whatever your having yourself and mines a large one).

Are we doomed?
What are we to do? From the list at the starters gate, I couldn’t pick a winner with a pin and my eyes closed.

We are still going to have to pick up the pieces and go on if we want to see our country through this mess. We are in grief looking at the future going through airports to start life in another country. What will we have left? The thought came to mind that it benefits the Government to see our young people leave. One wonders if it means less pay out of dole money. In the long term are we up the creek without a paddle? We will have to choose very carefully lest we create another dictator as Germany did. Could we recover in the long term?

On a personal note: I am ill with the thought that all this was contrived. Somebody please convince me it was accidental.

They have the following on their website now:

“The Fine Gael website was professionally hacked on the evening of January 9th by an entity calling themselves the Anonymous Group.”
This is starting to sound like an episode of Star Trek.

“The Anonymous Group has been associated with the Wikileaks investigation and attacks on companies such as Visa, MasterCard, and Amazon.

The website will be offline while we follow-up with the appropriate authorities to resolve the matter. ”

Does this mean that the Garda Siochana are involved? They probably have a crack squad watching Tron to see how they can catch the culprits.

Given that the authorities can not access the records on the Anglo computers I suspect the F.G. hackers are safe.

Could not help but laugh when I saw this. “Professionally Hacked”. WTF?

You can’t catch them…they don’t have “members”. And they most certainly are not “professional hackers”….makes me sick that FG would try to put this kind of spin on it by playing to the ignorance of the general populace.

Ah, I just read what I wrote there. Silly me!!!

If “the data collected was never seen by the outside entity”, how did Anonymous manage to email copies of the 4,000 comments posted to the FG website to various media outlets, highlighting how any comments submitted which were critical of FG (specifically, calling on Enda to resign) were deleted before they ever saw the light of day?

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