Mickey Rourke Bavaria Ads

Beer breakthrough

What’s going on with the Mickey Rourke ad campaign for Bavaria beer?   First we had him promoting their non-alcoholic product with a unique message.

Drink Bavaria 0.0% and you’ll still behave like a drunk.

Apparently, Bavaria were trying to shake off  the beer’s uncool image by hiring, well, a drunk to be the public face of its zero-alcohol product.  They seem to be saying that even though this beer has no alcohol in it, you’ll fling fridges out hotel windows, feed your dog beer on the bar counter and curse at hotel staff.

If this is true, the Bavaria brewery in Holland has finally discovered the Holy Grail of beer.  Drink all you want.  Sing your head off.  Dance on the counter.  Get totally lang-balled, and still drive home legally, no matter how much of the stuff you’ve had.  Not only that, but you don’t wake up with a hangover, and while there’s no guarantee you won’t wake up with something worse, that’s your own business.

Now they’ve got him running for election, which is fine by me too.  He could hardly be worse than the crowd of dopes we’re going to end up with, and at least he has an occasional thought in his head, or so I’m told.  What’s more, even though he appears to have entered a William Shatner lookalike competition, he still looks better than three-quarters of the mumbling, shuffling goons we are going to elect tomorrow.

Now that he’s out of a job, I wonder if Bavaria would consider hiring Brian Cowen as the public face of their new campaign?  He could sing the Lakes of Pontchartrain while balancing on a small dog and spelling out the words Going Forward in the air with lit cigarettes tied to his nipples.

Mickey Rourke?  How do they choose these people?  I don’t know, but obviously there’s some razor-sharp marketing mind at the back of it.  Or a committee.  One or the other.

This sort of marketing is too subtle for a clod such as myself, but good luck to them.   Anyone who pisses Sepp Blatter off is ok by me, as Bavaria did in the 2006 World Cup by issuing 1,000 Dutch fans with orange outfits bearing their logo.  FIFA called it ambush marketing and banned it.  And of course, you remember the 36 girls in orange mini skirts at the 2010 World Cup who were all thrown out of the Holland-Denmark match by humourless and greedy old Sepp’s henchmen.




2 thoughts on “Mickey Rourke Bavaria Ads

  1. Who the flying fuck would drink beer with 0.0% alcohol.. besides an alcoholic and that’d only be torture I’d say. Good ad, wrong country. Germany maybe?

    Mickey Rourke looks weird. Did he always look this weird..
    “Hey man, I need a beer.. gimme a fucking beer.. and a mallet to the face to put it back in place”

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