Terracotta Peace Warriors for Shane Geoghegan

A silent army

I wandered into the market this morning, a little the worse for wear after last night’s outing to Dolans for the gig in aid of Pieta House.  When people say “a little”, they mean “a lot”, so perhaps I should start again.

I staggered across the road and hammered on my neighbour’s door. Can you take me into town?

Why?  Where’s your car?

Dunno.  One of my children has it.   I hope.

Do you know what time it is now?

About 10? Ish?

It’s one o’clock.  You’re just out of bed, aren’t you?

True.  But I’m showered and scented.  As fragrant as the buds in May.

You’re like the shipping forecast.


Visibility low.   Rising slowly.

I didn’t wander into the market.  I blundered into the market, where I came across these women  with a big pile of clay sculptures in front of them.

Somebody handed me a lump of clay and instructed me to make a little man.


What’s this?  Tell me more.

Isn’t that just the maddest thing you ever saw in your life?  Every single one made by a member of the public.  Every one different.

But it gets better.

You see, these folks are all related to Shane Geoghegan, murdered in 2008 by drug-dealing scum who mistook him for another of their kind.  Now, unlike the people who killed him, Shane was a fine young fellow who brought love and happiness into the lives of all who knew him, and who enriched everybody he touched.

Therefore, his friends and relations have chosen to celebrate his life in this original way.  The hope is that, with your help, 10,000 terracotta figures will fill a public space in Limerick, for Shane.  The figures will all be between 4 and 6 inches high.  Because each one is hand-made, they’ll all have different faces and they’ll stand shoulder to shoulder to form a tight group.  A little army of resistance against low-lifes and scumbags.  Once the models have all been made, they’ll be allowed to dry out for several weeks and then fired in a kiln , eventually ending up like the light brown ones in the picture.

If you want to help with this effort, check out the Facebook page for more information.  The folks can supply the clay and the guidance needed to make your terracotta team members.

As the girls said, we can smile because he lived.

I’m afraid the thing I made for them looked like ET after a bad motorcycle accident.

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