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Darren Ryan is a local photographer and I think he’s damn good.

Here’s his entry in a competition sponsored by Actimel called Winter Moments.  Make a quick visit and click on the VOTE button.  Do it very day if you can and let’s see if we can win the dosh for Daz.

Drinks for everyone if he wins.

13 thoughts on “Vote for Darren

  1. I just voted.. it said ‘Thank you for your vote. Remember you can vote everyday’
    I’ll be back! :)

    Good pic.
    Drinks of Actimel for everyone? Thanks!.. I need some e-casi-eyes – immun-er-taz

  2. Would love to support but am not allowed to; voting it seems is restricted to the Republic of Ireland… just the way FF like it!

  3. It is a very good photo, but I fail to see how it “captures a winter moment” which is what the competition requires.

  4. It might not even be a photo. He might have hand-painted in in acrylics. The people might be cunningly-disguised dummies. For all we know, it might not even be Planet Earth.

  5. Where in that brief does it say it has to be snowbound and chilly??? Winter moment, Full of Life. Ta-daaa!!!..It was xmas and thats as full of life as yer gonna get without strippers being involved. Think outside the trocraire box kids.

  6. I pondered when the photo was taken too.. and I thought to myself ‘this could have been taken at any time, any time at all’. Then just as I asked, the question was answered when I saw:
    Description: Celebrating Christmas in Nancy Blakes, Denmark Street, Limerick.

    The Christmas bit gave it away for me. Yep definitely the Winter I thought.

    I just clicked to vote and it’s telling me It’s restricted to residents of the republic of Ireland only. Now I’m wondering where the fuck I am.

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