Tom Collins’s 3 — Nancy Blakes 2

Top-class football in Limerick

The game of the century.

No.  The game of the millennium.

A clash of Titans.

A veritable — STOP!!!  Scratch that shit.

A hard-fought match between middle-aged heroes and aspiring young tyros ended in a narrow victory for the oldies, ably marshalled by extremely ancient athlete and impresario Nicky Woulfe, despite a last-minute super-sub intervention from world-renowned – sorry, well-known – pub-owner, Donal Mulcahy, who slotted home a heart-breakingly late goal that failed to save Nancy’s blushes.

The contest was notable for an outstanding chip of the keeper from the kick-off.  David Beckham is reported to have commented, Well I never!

Following his Maradona-like strike, Mr Mulcahy provided a heart-stopping celebration which the proprietor of this site fully expects to earn him a large amount of dosh to suppress.  In all fairness, however,  Mr Mulcahy made up for it by filling everyone with beer and burgers at his newly-acquired establishment, Tom Collins’s Oyster Bar.

Here’s a gallery from the match, which may or may not contain photos of Mr Mulcahy’s extravagant display.  Click on the pic.


13 thoughts on “Tom Collins’s 3 — Nancy Blakes 2

  1. A five-goal thriller – any of the Nancy Blake crowd pulled off in the second half?

  2. Not sure. I didn’t notice anyone being pulled off, but I was concentrating on the match. Maybe Glenn noticed.

  3. I heard that most of the players showed a surprising turn of pace, as in the turn of pace of a mattress circumventing a roundabout dangling off a rope attached to the back of a light-haulage truck.

  4. Sure is ! know that wall , Munchins primary and some of them heads , sniffle indeed….nice one !

  5. Its that Shels Park, I missed two sitters down there. “How did you miss from there, you were standing on the line, ” wailed our manager.

    “Not everyone can miss from point blank boss, said I, it takes a enormous amount of concentration.”

  6. Donal me auld mate. The expression says it all ‘ Yeaaaaaaaaa what a fucken Goa…..Fuck it, did I ?……..Ah its OK, the shorts are black.

  7. I have a Limerick connection but maybe not strong enough to have an opinion on the local threads of your site but that does look like one wicked game of football.
    One chap looks like he might have only just been released from a burns unit.

  8. Did the second goal from the eventual winners come via a penalty? – it was strongly suggested the other night that the ref pointed to the spot after someone did a “Klinsman” after minimal contact in the penalty area?

  9. One of the winning goals came from a penalty. Unfortunately, I wasn’t looking at the time, and therefore can’t provide any testimony.

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