Arresting Wrongdoers In Britain and Ireland

Why Rebekah Brooks would never have been arrested in Ireland

For generations, the Catholic clergy warned Irish people about the evils of Britain, and with good reason.  Over there on that neighbouring island, they have all sorts of bizarre practices and peculiar beliefs that are completely alien to our Irish way of life.

For instance, if a person is suspected of wrongdoing, the police arrest and question them.  Now how on earth would that work in Ireland?  If we started doing things like that, the holding cells in police stations would be full of assorted beef barons, property developers, serving policemen, former prime ministers, county council managers, bishops, lawyers, Vatican diplomats, race-horse breeders, night-club owners, supermarket bosses, civil servants, Christian Brothers, doctors.

Even nuns and judges!

You couldn’t be doing that.   It just wouldn’t be right to make decent people share cells with common criminals in their smelly tracksuits.

I know we have laws, but we never really had a tradition of enforcing them because, you see, we’re Irish, and that makes us special.  We’re the best in the whole wide world for making laws.  Jesus, we’ll pass a law about two flies walking up a wall, but the way we get around that is very simple.  We don’t appoint anyone to police the new laws we pass, except, of course, when we find out about a 14-year-old girl going to England for an abortion after being raped.  Then we enforce the laws.  We even hold constitutional referendums to make sure that raped 14-year-olds don’t get over to Britain where the heathens are so degenerate they allow such dreadful things to happen.

Unlike us.

Yes indeed.  Over there in Britain, they arrest influential people — something so incomprehensible to our Irish way of life that we can hardly, well, comprehend it.  They jailed Jeffrey Archer for something that in Ireland would possibly earn him an honorary doctorate or at the very least an invitation to late drinks in the Dáíl bar.  They even arrested Rebekah Brooks — former chief executive of News International.  Imagine that!  Arresting a journalist and a business leader.

It’s true that we have arrested and charged journalists on this island, but they were generally of the troublemaking  kind.  The sort who stirred up difficulty for their betters when there was no need for it.  Journalists like Susan O’Keeffe, who exposed gigantic fraud in the beef industry, prompting the establishment of a tribunal, and who was the only person ever charged in connection with the scandal, for refusing to reveal sources.  Quite right too.  We couldn’t have the Irish police investigating billionaires and prime ministers. Could we?  It’s just not our way, here in the land of the welcomes and the nod and the wink.  Just not our way.

Isn’t it ironic that Ireland leads Britain in protecting the right-thinking, connected classes?  Maybe we should point out to them that we’re supposed to be the classless society, not them. What sort of Communistic takeover has happened that a country such as Britain has started to arrest the rich and the influential for a matter as trivial as breaking the law?

Here in Ireland, we know full well that laws are for the little people.  After all, isn’t this the land of the little people?  And that’s why we wouldn’t dream of arresting men as influential as the Papal Nuncio or the bishop of Cloyne.  Don’t be ridiculous.

It seems the sun has finally set on the glories of the British Empire.  Thank God Ireland is still here to carry the flame.

23 thoughts on “Arresting Wrongdoers In Britain and Ireland

  1. Yes indeed! And over there people even resign when they are suspected of doing wrong while here they are paid bonuses.

  2. For the love of all things feckin holy, down on your kness Bock and kiss my holy ring in foregivness for your blasphemous ways. As I walked past my neighbours house in Limerick earlier today, he signaled to his ginger son, “get here Tom, I don’t trust him!”

    “For fuck sake!” I shouted, “I’m a paedophile not desperate!”

  3. Sir Paul Stephenson the head of the Met Police has resigned. Meanwhile Michael Lowery is still a TD, Bertie gets a pension so big most working people wouldn’t earn it in 2 years, Seanie Fitz and Fingers are at liberty to enjoy their ill gotten gains. Some times I wonder why I ever left London.

  4. This is one miserable, corrupt little country where no-one takes responsibility. But you know, we have to keep calling the fuckers for what they are. What other choice is there?

    Having said that, Stephenson’s connections with News International look pretty dodgy. Yes?

  5. Stephensons connections were certainly dodgy but I think they were a consequence of Murdochs infiltration of the British establishment. Not condoning just trying to explain / understand. Blair bent over and touched his toes to get elected and reelected.

    But before we rasie our neighbours to too high a pedestal, both Thatcher and Blair should have been indicted on war crimes, instead Blair makes £ms on the lecturing circuit. His donation to the Royal British Legions of the proceeds of his memoirs don’t show on their year end accounts. Which is ironic seeing as how he sent many to their avoidable deaths. Thatcher also gave sanctuary to Pinochet, a lovely man.

  6. All we can do is confine this discussion to how we deal with domestic wrongdoing, and in that regard, the Brits seem to know how it should be handled. As regards international bullshit, it appears that Bertie Gobshite Ahern has persuaded the world he has two or more ideas to rub together, thereby fooling the entire planet and putting Tony Blair in the ha’penny place.

  7. I digress.

    Peter Mandelson resigned for receiving an inappropriate mortgage. A mortgage which he fully financed. Can you imagine that here? We wouldn’t have an opposition in the Dáil.

    David Blunkett resigned because he had a rather messy relationship with a women and their child. Emmet Stag was on the prowl in Pheonix Park.

  8. “Why Rebekah Brooks would never have been arrested in Ireland”

    OK. This is a quiz?


    Because Ireland is a shithole.

    Do I get the prize.

  9. “Do I get the prize”.. Yes Richbanker.. Here’s a block of cheese for ya. Enjoy :)

  10. Its possible you are being too kind to your English neighbours, for sure this news of the world thing has taken on real momentum and some heavyweights are hitting the deck but it shouldn’t be forgotten that all the players in this thing tried and very nearly buried it.

    Its not so long ago that the mantra coming from all of them was that it was a single rogue reporter and that there was no new evidence to show otherwise.

    Now the story is it was common practice not only at the news of the world but several other papers.
    Now other reporters, senior editors and even the boss policeman are all falling in a mix of resignations and arrests.

    The truth is the general public simply did not believe that it was a single reporter that caused all the trouble.
    No believes andy cousin, rebecca brooks, james and rupert murdoch when they say they didn’t know about it but they didn’t care what people believed, they were just going to stick to their story until the storm passed………well the storm didn’t pass.

    The resignation of paul stephenson (we can drop the “Sir” bollocks, it meaningless) is proof to me that our countries are not that different when it comes to powerful people that have done wrong.

    Stephenson is not resigning because he understands his actions and those of the investigating officers were wrong. He is resigning in clear indignation that his name has been tarnished, he is clearly angry that people have dared to question his actions.
    The met police hired a guy as a PR consultant, that had been investigated not long before regarding phone hacking. He is now under arrest again based on evidence that was there to see all the time.
    There is something clearly wrong with that and stephenson simply can’t/won’t see it.

    He reminds me of one of your bishops resigning because he protected child abusers. They are not sorry for what they did but only sorry that it all came to light and simply cannot nor will not see what is clear to just about everyone else.

    In my opinion it comes down to tipping points, the Milly Dowler issue was the tipping for the news of the world scandal, after those revelations the thing was beyond managing and heads started to roll.

    You would think that with the horrific findings of several government investigations into cleric child sex abuse would have reached and breached any tipping point but perhaps for you it will be a generational tipping point and the next generation will see the release of the church power over schools and the church will pass into the irrelevance they belong in.

  11. No.8 David Blunkett resigned twice in fact, once because he tried to speed up the immigration process for his lovers filipina nanny and the second time because he took up paid work without getting permission……apparently ministers are supposed to check if thats okay…….wouldn’t want a scandal an’ all that wot !!!!

    Again, I stress my point, David Blunkett knew good and well that he should not have tried to interfere with the visa application of his lovers nanny, he knew it when he did and he knew when it came to light but when he resigned he wanted people to believe it was an honest mistake…….he resigned because it came to light not because he understood it to be wrong.

  12. Well said JayU. There are still a few here in the Republic who have a tendency to look across the water with rose tented glasses. People in power everywhere including Grear Britian, only “resign” when its the only option available to them.
    Remember there was a full investigation into the NOTW carried out by the MET a few years back, which came to nothing. Lets watch this space and see if any of the people implicated in this attack (Police men, Politicians & Journalists) go to trial and are imprisoned.

    After all not only have these people seriously damaged the image of the “Free press” They have also betrayed those journalists who for many years were seen as the only defenders of the poor and disenfranchised, particularly in countries controlled by very oppressive governments. They often risked their lives and the lives of their families in an effort to expose to the world, the wrong doings of these oppressive regimes.

    They have also let down over 300 journalists who have been killed since 2007, mostly because of their efforts to expose corruption in their national governments. This was a serious attack on democracy itself and they nearly got away with it. They may still get away with it..

  13. LJS — The post is more concerned with what we should do here than with how they arrange things over there. Rose-tinted or not, I can’t recall too many Irish government ministers being forced to resign for any reason, despite much evidence of impropriety.

  14. Yes, but in the post all the comparisions are drawn with how they do it over there. I am just making the point that they don’t appear to do it any better then the shites on this side of the water. The propaganda machine is well oiled in the UK and I believe all these arrests are just that – Propaganda. The establishment in the UK is probably the greatest propaganda machine in the world. As I said the recent Murdock scandal involving Politian’s policemen and women and journalists was an attack on democracy itself. Lets wait and see how this is actually handled.

  15. JayU Blunkett may have resigned when exposed but at least he resigned. I’m not aware of anyone who has reported themselves for interfering in a system and trying to influence its operation. Our great and good elected representatives get letters from constituents on a daily basis to speed up passports etc. Should all these TDs report their actions and resign? Should the constituents be fined for seeking to pervert a national system?

    LJS, Lecester Piggott was jailed for tax evasion. Michael Collins (FF) forged his tax returns in order to run for the Dail. He never saw the inside of a cell. Bertie won money on the horses. Jackie Healy Rae, enough. Until we stop nodding approval at cute hoorism and secretly admiring rule bending we are in no position to criticise our neighbours, as flawed as they may be in comparison to us. Here are my principles, if you don’t like them I’ve got more.

    Mrs T was my MP in London. I would have gotten short shrift from “clinic” in the Duck & Drake if I asked her to influence anything.

  16. The argument is easy to resolve,just Google…MPs jailed in Britain…then Google…TDs jailed in Ireland…

  17. Looks like David Cameron might have some Irish blood in him. From the Irish Times

    Asked at a news conference to explain the difference between Mr Stephenson hiring Mr Wallis and the prime minister hiring Mr Coulson, Mr Cameron said: “I don’t believe the two situations are the same in any shape or form.

    “There is a contrast with the situation at the Metropolitan Police, where clearly the issues have been around whether or not the investigation is being pursued properly.

    “In terms of Andy Coulson, no one has argued that the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. He worked well in government, he then left government.”

  18. Another high-level London cop is gone. I find it almost inconceivable that top Gardai would resign, or be pushed to go for anything short of being caught red-handed robbing a bank. Even then, I reckon they’d fight it. Remember the gardai who successfully resisted a Dáil committee’s demands to attend a hearing about the Abbeylara shooting?

  19. I think you’re correct in your comparison Bock.
    Although it’s still difficult to read.
    Was reading about John Edwards there in the U.S. recently. He’s facing a criminal trial in October for illegal campaign contributions etc. And didn’t they go after that U.S. Senator Eliot Spitzer for prostitution one time.
    There seems to be even an appearance of justice in most other places.
    Here, tis an apology over “failures” for the concealing of crimes and alls forgotten.. or the big pensions etc.
    Jesus I was only reading about Fingers going on there recently about how he feels misunderstood. We buy any aul bullshit in this country. Give us free cheese and all is well.

  20. I hang my head and cry / laugh hysterically.

    This cunt-ry is unbelievable. You are absolutely correct. Our laws are there not to be policed unless it is the small guy/gal who breaks the.

    In just one example (among many) the bishops, papal nuncio and others have admitted to not reporting the crimes of pedophilia and abuse so why aren’t they immediately ……….and as for all the other corrupt bastar……………..

    Better start reading comics again ………….for some sanity

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