Report by Commission of Investigation into Catholic Diocese of Cloyne

Lifting the lid a little further on failures of bishops

The Cloyne diocese report has been issued and a download is available here.

Among other findings, the commission found that

The Vatican showed no interest in helping to set up systems for protecting children from abusive clerics.

John Magee, the bishop at the time, failed to operate the agreed child-protection measures and showed no interest in dealing with complaints of sexual abuse.  He lied to the minister for children and the HSE about complying with his church’s own guidelines.

The diocese chose not to report certain complaints to the Gardai, even though it was obvious that they were police matters.

Magee deliberately hid the real facts about child abuse cases and failed to confront child abuse until he was forced to do so.

The diocese knew about sexual abuse and its consequences but still failed to provide support for people making complaints.


The Cloyne report underlines what all previous investigations have said.  When it came to sexual abuse of children, the Irish state was happy to place power in the hands of the abusers.

Instead of imposing law-driven rules on priests the same as any other human being, Ireland accepted guidelines, framework documents, assurances and voluntary commitments.

It still does.

In this country, control of our primary schools is for the most part in the hands of the people who protected paedophiles.  If the head of a primary school opposes a priest, he or she risks not being paid, even when that priest is a predatory child-abuser demanding that children be delivered to him for rape.

You think  I made that up?  I did not.  It happened and is documented in Judge Yvonne Murphy’s report on child abuse in the diocese of Cloyne, which covers all of Cork except the city.

John Magee, bishop of Cloyne, lied to the health service, lied to the government and personally behaved inappropriately to a teenager during the investigation.  A priest appointed by Magee as chairman of a school’s board of management threatened a school principal with loss of salary  if she didn’t supply him with children to abuse.

This didn’t happen 100 years ago.  This happened in the last few years.

Magee himself abdicated responsibility for child protection, handing this function to a character by the name of O’Callaghan, a canon lawyer, whose main concern was protection of the church.  These guys truly believed that the law of the land was secondary to the law of Rome, but this wasn’t in the dark ages.  This was only a few years ago, in the new millennium.

O’Callaghan was a professor of moral theology in Maynooth prior to his appointment in Cloyne and may well have regarded his role as one of confusing the police and everyone else he regaarded as his intellectual inferior.  This is a characteristic common among these frustrated celibate old men whose only pastime is to play games with the authorities.

The bishop prepared two reports on a  particular case — one that went to Rome detailing full details os a sex abuse case, and another for local consumption, with the true facts omitted, in case somebody might discover it.

It’s over.  It’s time our government removed any semblance of authority from these dysfunctional old witch-doctors.  They have no qualifications to be in control of our schools and it’s time we removed these people from control of our children.  They are not to be trusted.


12 thoughts on “Report by Commission of Investigation into Catholic Diocese of Cloyne

  1. Bollix to Mr Magee sir, I’ve just driven past some of these properstant people lighting their bonfires and marching like their fecking life depended on it (it might)

    Just how many Tricolours and Celtic shirts can they burn of a night? Rioters throwing their feckin petrol bombs willy-nilly in Northern Ireland. Christ, they must be loaded! That’s like me granny throwing potatoes during the famine!

  2. I’ve given up writing about those idiots. If it wasn’t for petrol and hash, they wouldn’t have a culture to celebrate.

  3. God but i am so so so sick to fucking death of this shit , typically there’s never an einsatz gruppen about when you need one ,, and sadly that is really what is required in this situation , a raucous band of merry ethnic cleansers plied with generous rations of cheap vodka , armed to the teeth and loaded for priests and bishops , shooting burning and looting .

    Bring back Cromwell .

  4. An interesting statistic that can be extrapolated from the report, there were 19 active child rapists mentioned in a diocese of 46 parishes so up to 40% of parishes had a clerical child rapist in them. The frequently cited “A few bad apples” line rings hollow in the face of this.

  5. I was fascinated with MoJs announcement that he was going to introduce a law that would make it an offence not to report child abuse. I thought withholding information about a crime/possible crime from the Gardaí was an offence already.

  6. He should also make it a crime carrying a 5 year prison sentence for Gardai who dont act on information and complaints that they recieve.(or ahmm..”lose” the files)

  7. According to Alan Shatter on PT last night, Information and complaints re ” lost files ” will carry ” disiplinary procedures ” for Garda, as opposed to Criminal prosecution.

  8. the cunts don’t give a fuck.
    they will keep spouting the same shit until a few bishops are jailed, or a vast anount of their money and property is taken off them.
    magee spent years in rome and is only doing what the vatican wants.
    they are just biding their time, after all the vatican works to much longer time periods to most.
    in rome what is a hundred years to wait for this to die down, as long as they keep their wealth

  9. In the Gardai “disciplinary procedures” is a euphemism for fuck all…I think a letter from a higher ranking guard telling them not to do it again….or they will get another letter telling them not to do it again!!.And there is where the whole system breaks down. The behaviour of the Gardai in many of those cases has been outrageous.Their role has been that of the Paedos protectors.Yet once again their role in it has been minimised and largely ignored.Those fuckers should be in the same cells as the cunts they protected and who gives a fuck if being guards they “might” have a harder fucking time.

  10. The Catholic Church has not changed, and will not change, at an institutional level. Report after report has shown this. Nobody can plead ignorance, or ‘it’s all in the past’ anymore. Therefore, at this stage, I view anyone who supports the Catholic Church in any way, and that includes going to Mass, as supportive of these crimes. If Irish Catholics boycotted Mass en masse, for months, refused to hand over a single penny to church coffers, and refused to bring their children to Catholic-run schools until the patrons had been removed, the Church and State would have to act. This won’t happen, of course: there’ll be a lot of hand-wringing and talk, and then everything will go back to normal, and next year we’ll see the same old show of proud parents bringing children to be confirmed and receive communion from men who’d lie about the same children being raped and abused. And we’ll hear the same old bullshit about how ‘our priest is a good man’. The fighting Irish: what a fucking joke that is!

  11. I’m waiting for the day something like the above photo appears with your man in red (any man in red) handcuffed to a gardai being led out of a church.
    Wouldn’t it make for a great conversation stopper.

  12. I see a mouth piece for the vatican has criticised the Cloyne Report. He said that criticism of the holy see was curious. Curious! Just shows the freedom these bastards enjoy around the world. Lombardi also suggested the Church had done nothing worse than the Irish State as rigorous child protection rules and mandatory reporting were not in law at the time.

    So it’s ok to ignore, cover up and fail to report child rape and torture because the reporting of such was not mandatory at the time. And these are the people who teach morals and ethics in schools.

    Alan Shatter is taking no shit from the vatican.
    The sooner the catholic church is relived of its power base in Ireland the better. A secular society like France should be our goal.

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