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Here’s a big welcome to our friend the Bolted Nut, who finally came on board and sent this collection of photos from the Waterford Tall Ships weekend.


Click on the picture for the full gallery

And by popular demand, a few shots from last year.


























































8 thoughts on “Waterford Tall Ships Photography

  1. Superlatives fail me, Mr. Nut.

    Would it be greedy to ask for more?

    I have forwarded a link to a good friend of mine who was a volunteer on the Nelson for a couple of years.

  2. Thanks. I took about 100 pics on the day, Having eliminated the ones that were unsharp or severely off-plumb, finishing up with twenty isn’t a bad batting average. Remember there were fewer ships in the race this time than in previous years. Note too that the ships are motoring in still air with the sails up for appearances, so the sails are blowing back onto the masts and rigging instead of being filled from behind by the wind.

    These were all taken with a little €100 Sony digital. I’m normally more of a traditional film snapper, using medium and large formats preferably – 35mm at a push. However, a tripod on a small boat isn’t much use, is it?

    I do have some nice pics from the previous visit of the Tall Ships to Waterford that I’ll send to Bock.


  3. I fell head over my heels in love with Europa and Mir – stunners both. Great photos your royal Nutness.

  4. Look forward to seeing those earlier pictures, Nuts.

    As a matter of interest, do you have your own darkroom facilities? I’ve searched in vain for any type of community darkroom – the art college in Mulgrave St. won’t allow their facilities to be used by the general public. I’m interested in doing some medium format and f295 work at some point.

  5. Thanks BoldPilot. I don’t have a darkroom. I shoot medium format with a mamiya professional TLR on either neg or transparency and have them processed and scanned in the UK by mail order. The water where I live leaves drying marks on film due to excess calcium – that’s a problem. It would be feasible to process your own transparency film at home with an E6 kit, I’ve often done it. If you then had a hi-res medium format scanner you would be on the eay to the highest-possible quality digital image at a tiny fraction of the cost of a modern digital SLR.


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