Out and About in the Countryside

A few pictures

It was a nice day, and I just happened to be out in the Tipperary countryside, so I thought you might like a few pictures instead of the usual ranting.

14 thoughts on “Out and About in the Countryside

  1. Lovely, lonely country roads and charming abandoned farmhouses. This seems familar, you wouldn’t be hiding/ storing/ selling/ running / importing guns now would you. I say all this without prejudice.

  2. more incredible eye food from bock~ thank you m’friend, i love when you take us along on your road trips!!!
    then ps: i never knew moss could grow in the center of a road, i’d never seen this before, and live in a moss covered valley~ oh oh~ the drive up restaurant/ toooo much!!! does the food really come through that tiny slot, do you think? love their signage!!! how beautiful is the emerald isle, and so soft to the eyes.
    thank you sir bock~

  3. LJS — Lots of derelict cottages on that mountain.

    Jane — It isn’t moss. It’s grass. The road is only wide enough for one car, so the dirt builds up in the middle.

  4. Bock , great to see the Irish countryside in its majesty . Allmost wish My mountain cabin was in the mild Irish countryside instead .

  5. bock~ i’ve never seen a public road with grass in the middle, and asphalt on either side, but not in the middle. that’s why i don’t see anything but solid asphalt on country roads, no moss or grass in middle. are these one way roads? they are so beautiful!!! if they are used for 2 way traffic, what does one do to avoid or pass around opposite traffic?

  6. It’s a narrow little road in the middle of nowhere. If you meet another car, someone has to back up and find a gateway or something but I saw no other cars.

  7. Whenever my frind drives with his four year old daughter on one of these little roads with grass growing down the centre she crossly says, “Daddy look (@ grass strip)”You’re lost AGAIN!”

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