Jean McGlynn at the Belltable

Jean McGlynn, a local singer who has performed in UK productions of South Pacific, Oliver, Beautiful Game and Les Miserables,  returns to the Belltable Arts Centre in Limerick this month with a stageshow conceived, devised and produced by herself in collaboration with musical director Noel Lennon.

McGlynn sees Lily as a piece of theatre which will take the audience on a journey through a range of emotions.

It’s a show about love, losses and longings, says McGlynn.  My inspiration came from a piece of music I discovered about a girl with nobody in her life. I was moved by the story and the emotion contained within. I felt it would be interesting to look at a range of songs which showcase the relationships that women have with others and how they need these relationships in order to survive.

I’m looking forward to this though I don’t quite know what the show is, nor do I know who it will appeal to.  It’s probably fair to say that the thing is outside my comfort zone in a bizarre sort of way, even though it seems eminently mainstream.  Why?  Because in the ordinary course of things, I’d regard South Pacific, Oliver, Beautiful Game and Les Miserables as the very epitome of Late Late Show blandness.

The Anti-Bock.

The audience, in its hair-dos and creased slacks, would be so far removed from my cultural homeland that I wouldn’t possibly have a single word  to exchange with them, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Maybe I’m the one leaping to conclusions. After all, who hasn’t jumped up in the pub, following a good night, and belted out something from South Pacific or Oliver?

I’ve done that, and the advantage of listening to Jean is this: the singer will be both tuneful and sober.

How bad?

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