A Pitch for Shane

I went to see the Shane Geoghegan exhibition in Limerick City Hall.  It’s truly astonishing.  Somewhere in the middle of that throng is a thing I made myself  in a hamfisted way, as did twenty thousand other people who wanted to help.

There are twenty thousand tiny figurines in this installation.  Some are miniature works of art, while others, like my own, are to put it at its kindest, well-meaning, but it doesn’t matter.  Every one of these little creatures was made in honour of a fine young fellow, and collectively they make a statement that we citizens of Limerick embrace a spirit of healing and of mutual support.

We were always that way, and the people who ended Shane’s life were always outsiders despite living in our midst.

We reject them.  They are not us and they are not of us.

Shane’s family and friends set up their stall week after week, inviting people to mould little fellows for the tiny army of peace and their determination has paid off.


The numbers grew and grew.  I don’t know how they kept track of all the little creatures, but they did.  They collected the  fresh clay works, fired them and stored them safely until they were ready, and now they have their exhibition.

Look at this.  Click on the image to see some more pictures of the exhibition.

The strange thing about the Geoghegan installation is that the miniature world has districts and neighbourhoods.  Some are dark and angry while others are optimistic.  Some city blocks are filled with frowning, menacing people while others are frivolous, dancing little mutants.

It’s extraordinary.

This deserves world recognition.  If somebody could put a pile of bricks in the Tate and call it Art, why not give the Pitch for Shane the exposure it deserves?


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  1. Very glad to have been a part of it too. Well done to all involved. This is bigger than all of us, and deservedly so.

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