Michael D Michael D Up On His Bikel D

There will be no political rant today.  Instead I’ll simply offer best wishes to our new president, Michael D Higgins, probably the only candidate suitable for the job, all things considered.  One thing you can say for sure about Michael D: he won’t be an anonymous president and he might even manage to make life uncomfortable for this government and the next, in that powerless presidential, ceremonial way that the two Marys managed to perfect.

What about a bit of a song?  And I do mean a bit, since this is cropped from the end of an old Saw Doctors song.  I hope they won’t mind too much, but they seem like decent enough lads and anyway it’s all a celebration of the new man in the Big House.






Here we go. Michael D Michael D Up On His Bikel D.


8 thoughts on “Michael D Michael D Up On His Bikel D

  1. A bunch of bloody nonsense.A big ceremony to hand over the keys of a mansion with servants and all that goes with it paid for the the ordinary working stiffs of Ireland.Guess who picks up the tab for the banquet to celebrate this lunacy…yeah,the working stiffs.

  2. Dazman, a second Limerick man. Dev (the bollix) and now Michael D. Dev may have been born in NYC but his reputed dater was Major Gubbins, a near neighbour in Bruree. I don’t think his mother or grandparents could have afforded his private education. Anyway the best of luck to President Higgins.

  3. Best of luck to him. Hope he does create a bit of havoc before he, um departs us for his hazy days. Ha ha. Just kidding.
    There was no need of the ageism he got during his campaign. He even said himself that he still gets up to all sorts of things that most people don’t. I think I spotted a wink to the misses when he said it.
    He probably meant the poems though. Oh well.
    Anyways, he’ll do a fine job I’m sure.

  4. He is a good man. Been on the right side of most of the arguments for most of my life. I wish him well.

  5. I don’t mind the few bob it costs to have a pres. The last two did a good job and I don’t regard electing a person worthy of our esteem and respect to represent us as a complete waste. Better that than the crazy pensions paid to gangsters with (and here’s the crime) no style. He’s started well with a beautiful piece ‘The Deer’s Cry’ sung by a fine example of Irish womanhood. When he craned the neck was he listening or looking. Go on ya boy!

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