Pitch for Shane

Shane Geoghegan was shot dead by a criminal who mistook him for somebody else.

His death united Limerick, a city sick and tired of lowlife scumbags, just like every other Irish town.

Shane’s family decided that they would not be defeated by the negative mindset that motivated his killer and so they set up A Pitch for Shane.  Drawing their inspiration from the Chinese Terracotta Army, constructed for the necropolis of emperor Qin, they decided to create a miniature army, created by Limerick people.  And so, they set themselves up at the side of the road, in the Milk Market and everywhere Limerick people gather.  In a very simple gesture, they invited ordinary people to make clay figurines according to their gifts. I made one myself and it looked like a dead squid, but at least I tried.  Since then, the town has been filled with clay figures, every one made by a citizen of Limerick, every one made with care and love.  This is the antithesis of the negative and ignorant movement that our town has witnessed, and illustrates the reality that our town is filled with caring and concerned people.

It reinforces the reality that the idiots are a very small, though admittedly violent, minority.

And what an achievement they made.  Thousands and thousands of Limerick people made their point by making little figurines.  Some were skilled and others, like me, were ham-fisted, but all expressed their genuine care and their rejection of violence.  This project tells the violent fools that they have no place in our society.

The project went further though.  Just as Ireland wishes Europe to take control of our national troubles, this is a nationwide problem and it’s about time the government confronted it.

Limerick is as great town, full of decent people, like Mark Quinn, who climbed Everest to raise awareness of the  Shane Geoghegan Trust, and also full of fine musicians who have decided to hold an event in Dolans Warehouse on this coming Friday, in support of the charity.

The exhibition of this terracota army for peace is tomorrow in Limerick city council at 6pm.  Go there if you can and support it.

If you go to Dolans on Friday, you’ll be entertained by an outstanding selection of local musicians, committed to supporting the Shane Geoghegan Trust.  Cities across our country must stand up and assert the positives about our society.  Go to Dolans.  Don’t be such a miserable git.  Go to Dolans and support this fine initiative.

Go on.  You know it’s the right thing.

Go on. Go on.  Go on.

This is Limerick’s statement, and a fine statement it is.



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Pitch for Shane

6 thoughts on “Pitch for Shane

  1. ‘Limerick is as great town, full of decent people … and also full of fine musicians’. I couldn’t agree more.
    Anyone who says otherwise has their head stuck firmly up their hairy arse, obviously.

  2. how positive and wonderful your town is! my little town could take a lesson from limerick. i wish the best for the family and your town, sugar! xox

  3. Great post as usual, Bock. Whenever Limerick musicians get together, it’s always a special thing. The O’Malley’s should be applauded for never shirking a cause they believe in and they’ll be in Dolan’s Warehouse, along with the brilliant Healers and the fantastic Damien dREA, amongst others. It’s going to be a great night.

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