I found this disturbing even though I wrote it.

12 thoughts on “Him

  1. excellent , reminded me of something you’d see from doctor who, what with the glowing lights in the wardrobe and all.

  2. Freaky but compelling, Congrats, Bock, Reminds me of Un Chien Andalou (1929), Keep up the good work.

  3. Loved it.

    great settings, great use of the usual tropes.

    only flaw I noticed was to do with the writing the girl (I assume it was a girl – the face is never shown) was doing. in the beginning, there was a scritchy sound as of a lead pencil writing, later on after the colour comes on there was no sound at all, but it looks like it was a ball-point pen that was used in both cases.

  4. Well done to everybody involved. Great stuff!
    Over 30 years ago I was accidently locked into the building where this was filmed.(Long story). Brings back terrifying memories.

  5. Disturbing is right, gave me the creeps anyway. Very atmospheric & clever in as much as it only hinted & left your imagination to do the rest.

    I once spent 14mths living in a Queen Anne Georgian house near Mullingar. It had only been updated just enough to be barely comfortable, most of the original fittings were still intact. The place gave me the creeps, especially in the middle of the night when annoyingly, I used to have to go for a piss across a big landing. The film gave me the same feeling as I used to get on those nights. Congrats to all involved.

  6. Great dark film with a lot of really good camera work, lot of atmosphere
    says a lot for new Irish film making. Scary too.

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