Great Rock Band Origins #23

As you know, I love a good loud rock band, and I’m always fascinated to find out how they started on the road to greatness.

One of my all-time favourite outfits grew up in abject poverty, living on the banks of a mighty river.

They were so poor that they lived in crude dwellings woven from plants growing by the river-bank and they were so cold that they kept warm by playing home-made guitars fashioned out of old wooden boxes that floated past them in the flood waters.

One day, they said to themselves, What’s the point of living here with no money, in a makeshift home fashioned out of watery plants with no heating?  Let’s form a band and dominate the rock universe!

And that was the start of the Reed-Hut Chilly Paupers.

4 thoughts on “Great Rock Band Origins #23

  1. Then there was the sixties band who were sick of living on their social network, so they formed a pop band and dominated modern music, The Tweetles.

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