Adaptive Identity

The annual off campus exhibition by the LSAD third year students of Sculpture and combined Media is currently showing in the Integrated Media Solutions building at no 8 Chapel Court Limerick City.

28 artists have organised themselves under the banner of Adaptive Identity which is directed by the curator Annette Moloney. Film, Video, Performance, Sculptural Objects and drawing feature as the group present a variety of work on the theme of Identity.
It is evident that there is a strong collaborative aspect in the class and the show invites an audience to respond to the concept with an invite to participate in one of their group discussions that could be held in the space.

A mark of this annual LSAD outing is its diversity in materials and engagement with an off campus space and this is reflected in the shows full title Adaptive Identity: from singularity to pop-up collectivity. The catalogue features short statements and images and are an important calling card in communicating the professional ambitions of the third year artists as they begin to make ‘ their concerns voiced in visual art and public discussion’
With the open-ended theme of identity it is possible to investigate and appreciate each work as stand alone as well as link similar concerns.

The work of Erasmus student Elisa Cocchi references her experience in a foreign country (Ireland) and here inward and outward perspective is embodied in a delicate installation contained in a transparent tent.

There is also a healthy amount of socially based concepts translated within the shows expanded sculptural process. Liz Ryan represents here with work and reformatted objects from her investigation historical fishing groups on the River Shannon.  Padraic O’ Hora dramatically proposes turning manure into gold in a bid to open an eco dialogue on the subject. Feel free to take these nuggets away.

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