Beauty Pageants — Learning to be an Airhead

I’m listening to some fool of a woman on the radio promoting beauty pageants.  This cretin can see nothing wrong with dressing up two-year-old girls to display themselves on a catwalk, and just in case you think I made a mistake about the age, no I did not.   This idiot runs beauty pageants for kids of two and upwards.

There’s a bit of controversy at the moment because Irish hotels have refused to host a contest for the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant, next November.  This is a redneck outfit from Texas, whose contests involve dressing very young girls in tiaras, wigs, stockings, and high heels, and coating them in fake tan.

As a man phoning in on the radio remarked, the words two-year-old and catwalk do not belong in the same sentence.  This is sexualisation of toddlers.

Not only are these events Paedo Paradise but they’re also basic training in the art  of being an empty-headed moron.

They’re teaching tiny toddlers that the only important thing is how you look, and the worst culprits are the demented, needy, stupid mothers.  The American organisers say they’ve been inundated with calls from hundreds of Irish parents desperate to make sure that their brand of beauty pageant comes to this country.  Think about that now.  These parents aren’t desperate to make sure their little girls get a good education and grow up to be capable, confident, assertive, happy adults.  No.   Instead they’re desperate to dress them up like tiny hookers and parade them in front of other morons.

Call it what it is: child abuse.

As if we haven’t already imported enough trash culture from American trailer parks, we’re now going to have children on a catwalk in swimsuits.  Life is suddenly going to get even weirder for little Kourtney and Beyoncé.

19 thoughts on “Beauty Pageants — Learning to be an Airhead

  1. seriously, someone call social services on these people.

    Gary Glitter and friends must be drooling over this kind of stuff. These parents are just teaching their kids to be vain, shallow and stupid. theyr also setting them up to be targeted by abusers and perverts.

  2. I heard that fuckwit on the radio the other day, with her 80’s Dallas accent. I seriously doubt she was ‘inundated’ with a few hundred calls, utter bollox. I can only imagine the type of orange numpty, hooped eared big brother and xfactor devotee cunts that would put their kids forward for this utter muck.

  3. It is most certainly a sad indictment of our civilisation when we prostitute female children in such a manner. This is as serious as actual child sexual abuse.

  4. There is something seriously wrong here. Why is this still allowed? Such people should be investigated by the authorities…and if their children were targeted, can you imagine the reaction from them? Then again they’d probably enjoy the publicity!

  5. We’ve always had it. It’s called Irish Dancing. It’s what a certain strand of Irish mammies do instead of keeping a few greyhounds.

  6. No question about it. Irish dancing is getting into the region of serious weirdness, but the Texan version is definitely in the pedo range.

  7. In the last sentence of your post you begin, “As if we haven’t already imported enough trash culture from American trailer parks…”

    I thought Irish media import the bulk of American culture from metropolitan New York and Los Angeles, not from trash trailer parks. Some of our popular musical tastes emanate from Nashville and California, which are not normally associated with trailer parkland.

    Do tell us more about trash trailer park culture though.

  8. You’re changing my words. I didn’t say that all our American cultural influences are trash.

    Most are very welcome.

    I already gave examples of what I mean.

  9. But what is this trash culture from American trailer parks? Who produces it, the community of the trailer parks or the hugely-bankrolled media corporations in New York, LA and San Francisco? The people who earn good salaries in those metropolitan culture machines have no residential links with the trailer park communities.
    I’d bet that fashion shows that sexualise children do not emanate from trailer parkland. Well-heeled people in leafy suburbia, not trailerparkers, are conceiving and promoting such exploitative culture. Where the bottom line is making dollars from selling sexy clothes for toddlers and kids. The trailerparkers are poor, sometimes feckless and drunk, but cultural sickness is coming from other quarters.

  10. I think you probably know full well that the term Trailer Park is widely used in a figurative sense to describe a particular type of American redneck, as opposed to a description of a person’s abode.

  11. The American rednecks, whether residing in Hicksville or trailer parks, are not producing brilliant cultural ideas such as kiddies’ sexy fashion shows.

  12. I don’t know where the evidence is that the people entering their kids in these competitions are poor. Poverty is not an essential part of being a redneck.

  13. Whether rednecks are poor or not, they are not the prime movers of mass culture. They are among the targets of merchandising events promoted in theatres, television and other public arenas. Well-educated, calculating people dream up junk entertainment for the masses. Just leave rednecks out of it. They may lap it up or they may not. They are innocent but vulnerable.

  14. Excuse me? What is wrong with Irish dancing? I am an Irish dancer myself, and I would like to tell all of you out there who think that Irish dance and child beauty pageants are the same thing that you need to wake up, get of the couch and go try to actually compare these two things. Sure, we dress up in expensive dresses and dance on stage, but unlike beauty pageant girls, most of us are over the age of seven, and chose to do this. We wear wigs, sure, but that’s not a requirement, just a fashion that was created after “Lord of the Dance” started performing. For those of you who have teen daughters, you know that they don’t need to have that style of pants that everyone’s talking about, but it’s a fashion, so they can get it if they want to. I would also like to say that it’s quite strange that most of you are taking your anger out on Ireland and Texas, considering that beauty pageants are held everywhere, usually multiple times a month. Also, while many children don’t have a say in whether or not they compete in beauty pageants, even more are the one’s who chose to. Oh, and leave airheads out of this, they didn’t do anything wrong. Please stop comparing Irish dance to beauty pageants, and just let all of these girls be. Thank you.

  15. Competitive Irish dancing as we know it today was invented by the sexually-repressed, puritanical clerics of the 19th century, following the installation of Cardinal Paul Cullen. It’s a joke.

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