The Curse of Mayo Football Strikes Again

Wouldn’t you think a place like Mayo with all its Holy-Mary shrines and magic mountains would be able to shake off a sixty-year-old curse ?  Ah, it just goes to show the power these priesty fellas had back in the Fifties that one single cleric was able to prevent an entire county from winning the All-Ireland football final.

What happened?  Well, it seems that when Mayo last won the trophy, back in 1951, they failed to show proper respect as the team bus passed a funeral.  I don’t know exactly what that means but I think it’s unlikely they mooned the mourners or anything like that.  More probably, they were a little excited as they headed home with their prize, and perhaps a little intoxicated as well, but either way, the priest got the hump and cursed them.

Never again shall Mayo win the Sam Maguire cup until every member of this team is dead, he thundered.  Or words to that effect.

And so it came to pass, and so it is that Mayo yet again fell at the final hurdle, and Donegal collected Sam.

Of course, that was an Ireland where parish priests toured the dancehalls with a trusty blackthorn stick, enforcing obedience on the compliant faithful and making sure nobody got too carried away.  Those were the days when  people took the lads in the collars seriously, and it would come as no surprise if the alleged curse managed to demoralise the Mayo players for a decade or more, out of sheer terror of the clergy.

But when it lasts sixty years, you’d have to start taking it seriously, wouldn’t you?

There are five surviving members of the victorious Mayo team, Mick Mulderrig, Pádraig Carney, Paddy Prendergast, Peter Quinn and John McAndrew, and they have reason to worry.  These five lads must be asking the obvious question: will some breakaway militant faction of the Mayo County Board decide to hunt them down like dogs and end the curse?

It won’t happen without a fight.  They might be getting on in years, but these are tough boys.  They won’t lie down and take it, so if you happen to be passing through some corner of Mayo and you spot five octogenarians in combat fatigues, perhaps scaling the Reek with backpacks and rifles, or maybe sprinting down the middle of the main runway at Knock, you know what’s going on.  The Sam Maguire Five have gone back into training.

They’re mean, they’re lean and they’re pissed off.  Not only that, but they have powerful allies in other counties with a vested interest in making sure they live forever.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Sam Maguire Five sought asylum in Kerry or Donegal.   It wouldn’t surprise me if researchers in Cork redoubled their efforts to come up with a potion for everlasting life, but of course, it could all be a high-powered game of double bluff.

Who’s to say that Dublin won’t offer them asylum only to imprison  them in a cryogenic stasis capsule hidden in a vast, secret underground cavern beneath St Vincent’s?

This could get serious.

10 thoughts on “The Curse of Mayo Football Strikes Again

  1. It’s ok though, it’s only bogball and nobody could really give a shit about such a terrible game. I remember, back in the 80s, shifting a girl in the Two-Mile Inn at a Redemptorist disco and being told by a priest to stop being so disgusting. He didn’t take all that kindly to being told to fuck off. I think he cursed me that day. He said I’d never win the All-Ireland and he’s right, I never have.

  2. Could this big match failure by Mayo in front of a Mayo taoiseach be a Sign? Do the numbers in the date: 23.09.2012 have any ominous significance? No? OK, the numbers may not be ominous but fateful, so, just to test things, I think I’ll choose the following numbers in the next couple of lottery draws: 09/12/20/23. Now I need two other numbers, so I’ll pick something from the date of the Marian apparitions in Knock – 1879. Here we are: 18 and 07, leaving out the final digit 9 since I’ve already picked that from the disastrous all-Ireland final date. If these numbers don’t win me five numbers and the bonus, I’ll tear up the damn ticket and simply not vote for Enda’s bloody party in the next election. That should be ominous enough.

  3. Ha! didn’t Enda say he was going to ask the pope for divine intervention on Mayo’s behalf. That was the kiss of death right there!

  4. Yep….yet another disappointment for Mayo – but Donegal were always going to be very difficult to beat and Donegal had the tougher route to the Final. Excellent game I thought – very little dirt (niggly – yes, but given it was a Final and stakes high, kind of understandable) and constant, good end-to-end stuff.
    After a disastrous start, Mayo could have totally collapsed but in fairness they dug deep and came back to make a game of it – but never got quite close enough to put sufficient pressure on Donegal.
    A good ad for the game.

    Hopefully what Donegal have done in Football, Limerick can do in Hurling……..consolidate and strengthen year on year. Any chance St. Munchin could throw an ould curse on about 10 other hurling counties next year ? Any influence there Bock ?

  5. Does every hard luck county have a curse? I was a young child in 1980 when Galway hurlers won the All Ireland (Joe Connolly’s great speech in Connemara Irish etc. Abu, pause and remember with misty eye) and distinctly remember that the curse of the priest was gone. Apparently he wished no All Ireland title on Galway because some of the players left Mass early on All Ireland Sunday. It really does boggle the mind the control the Church had on the minds of the “faithful”. Such a blend of superstition and fear. Deadly.
    Anyway, I’ll eat the same breakfast, sit in the same seat and wear the same shirt as I have at every game this season so far and hopefully see Galway win on Sunday. No superstition there at all sure there isn’t???

  6. I heard twas the widow of the man who died who inflicted the curse. As everyone knows, a widow’s curse is potent indeed.

  7. There are four very compelling reasons to cheer for Donegal in that match. Firstly Pee Flynn, secondly Beverly Cooper Flynn, thirdly Michael Ring and fourthly Enda Kenny. I am sure that they have gobshites and gombeens in Donegal as well but this particular clatter of cute hoors surely takes some beating.

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