Freddie Flintoff Goes Pro

Frank Warren thinks Freddie Flintoff’s fight is disrespectful to boxing.


Is this the same Frank, innit, wot got fackin shot, didn’e, by ‘oods wot ‘e didn’t know nuffink abaht?

And Frank finks Freddie is takin da piss?  ‘Ang abaht, my son.  Wot da fack is goin on ‘ere then, eh?

It’s gone fackin mad, innit, the way British boxing has clubbed together to condemn Flintoff’s first pro fight.

Khalid Yafai tweeted: “Fair play to Flintoff but he should see my nan’s right hand!! Embarrassing for boxing though!”   What Khalid doesn’t reveal is that his nan would have been the Yemeni middleweight champion but for cruel anti-women boxing laws.

When asked his opinion, Chris Eubank adjusted his monocle and intoned One must become one’s opponent.

See, here’s the thing.  Freddie’s first fight was a joke.  We all agree with that.  Even Freddie probably agrees, but guess what?  He’s joined a sport that’s a complete fucking joke.

This is a sport that tolerated Mike Tyson as world champion and Don King as the principal promoter in the USA, so really, what does it matter if Freddie Flintoff has a glass jaw?   The sport is already a cartoon   Maybe Freddie has a glass jaw and maybe he hasn’t.  I don’t know.  All I know is that anyone who’s prepared to go through that sort of punishment deserves all our respect.

In fairness to Tyson, he understands the game, and he is the man who gave us this immortal advice: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.  I understand his point of view, just as every general in history would, including the famous paraphrasing of von Moltke: No plan survives contact with the enemy.

It’s true.  Show me a plan of any kind that ended up being exactly the same at the end of the effort.  It doesn’t matter if that plan is a political strategy or simply a scheme to build a house.  No intention survives in the light of physical experience.

Amateur boxing is tough and I can tell you now that I’m not stepping into a ring with anyone trained to punch me in the nose, but Flintoff went up a level and while he might be at the bottom of professional boxing, he managed to get there.

Besides, he reached the top of his game in a sport that’s decided by the final score, not by judges, unlike Khalid Yafai, so Freddie arrived fully equipped with bragging rights.

Know what I mean, Frank?





2 thoughts on “Freddie Flintoff Goes Pro

  1. He also won this fight with a few months of training behind him, most boxers have years in the ring before the have their first pro fight

  2. Good article….warren had no business making those remarks. Of course the fight was a bit gimmicky and the basis of it was the making of a TV program in fact anyone who understands boxing understood that. whenever I hear words like disrespectful or bringing the game into disrepute I become a little cautious. There s always some agenda and it usually has more to do with the interests of the controlling elite than it does with issues pertaining to respect for the actual sport.

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