Reading the papers

I picked up a newspaper today and as I flipped through it, I became more and more irritated.  Jesus, do they write about anything else?



It’s depressing.  A little further down the page, there’s more of the same angst.




In search of a little relief, I quickly riffle through the pages and come across the following information.  It seems that a Mr Duffy has been elected president of the Union of Students in Ireland, a traditional haven for loudmouths and bullies.  Let’s hope Mr Duffy breaks with that tradition.

Joe Duffy elected USI president


What’s this?

Sadly, the fighting in Nicaragua continues, and the Sandinistas have issued a strong statement, despite Mr Reagan’s hard line.





Oh God.  War.  US intervention in foreign countries.  It’s too depressing, but there is some light on the horizon.

Firstly, Mr Desmond, the minister for health, is planning to make condoms available without a prescription which will come as a relief to those hard-pressed couples having to pay a GP every time they need balloons.


Barry Desmond contraception



And the other good news is that soon you’ll be able to get a phone within a few weeks of applying for it.




So there you go.  What changed between 1983 and 2013?

Everyone has a phone and everyone can buy rubbers, but apart from that, pretty much nothing at all.

The Yanks are still invading countries that didn’t attack them, and Joe Duffy is still loudmouthing.  Bishops are still ranting about abortion.  Everyone is up in arms about taxation.

Welcome to the 21st century.

John Healy



5 thoughts on “Reading the papers

  1. Nice one Bock, the funniest ones are in the Limk Leader 1936, and some interesting ones, whereby the Abbey fishermen got amounts of 1100 Pounds for giving their fishing rights to the E.S.B.

  2. Only one thing has changed since the eighties – we now have Sudoku, and the crossword can still be enjoyable too.
    The rest of it can be tedious and repetitive.

  3. That’s what you get for reading the newspaper, Bock. You should know better.

    Can’t get condoms without a prescription? Really? Huh! Imagine that.

  4. Kirk — I suppose in fairness, I should point out that the paper is 30 years old. and we’ve moved on from some stupidity. But not all by any means.

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