Abolishing the Senate – More Power to Enda

That’s all I have to say about abolishing the Senate.

More power to Enda.

If you’re OK with that, vote Yes.

7 thoughts on “Abolishing the Senate – More Power to Enda

  1. What’s the alternative? Keep the Senate? Enda will only have the power for another two years! Get rid of it!

  2. The Dáil has consistently refused to cede power to the Seanad.
    Enda decided to end the constant stream of change recommendation reports and it is likely the cost of those reports is all the cash that will be saved by shutting up shop.
    And, the ripping up of the constitution is just a by product.
    So, yes, it will result in more power to Enda.

  3. “If it turns out today more people voted on “The Voice” or X-factor than in the referendum then we probably do deserve to be run by a single parliamentary house overflowing with plamásers, gombeens and gobshites.”

    – my friend Mark.

  4. Don’t underestimate ‘The Voice’ or X Factor, they’re better run, more entertaining and better looking than the government running this country…

  5. Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly have worse than Cowen and Lenihan,along came Kenny and Noonan. Kenny must surely be favourite for Ireland’s greatest ever gombeen politician. He is an embarrassment and a disgrace,one who has truly debased politics and democracy.

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