Same-Sex Marriage

The government is committed to holding a referendum so that a law can be passed permitting same-sex marriage and this is something I look forward to, but not the stuff that will come with it.   I don’t look forward to the onslaught of lectures from self-appointed moral guardians, including the Catholic bishops and the ludicrous Iona Institute who will no doubt be afforded endless air time by RTÉ to promulgate their bigotry.

You see, we here in Ireland have an extraordinary commitment to principle.  We love principles above everything else, and that’s what makes us better than everyone else in the whole wide world.  We love a thing called The Family and we’ve used it over the years to fight all sorts of things from contraception to divorce and same-sex marriage.  Now, of course, you wouldn’t want to confuse The Family with real families.   While we’re more than happy to fight for The Family, you won’t see too many of these extreme right-wing groupings like the Iona Institute out there on the streets fighting to protect actual, real-life families as they struggle to survive.

Why?  Because for the most part, such families are poor and the likes of the Iona Institute have no experience of poverty, just like  the Catholic bishops.

Same Sex Marriage

In fairness to Enda Kenny, I have to acknowledge his continuing stance against Catholic authoritarianism.  This is not something I expected of him, and as you know, I’m not one of his greatest admirers, but I do admire this about him.  Despite being an observant Catholic, he does not bow down to the edicts of the Catholic hierarchy, a bunch of old men whose time has passed.

In coming months we’re going to hear a lot from the likes of the Catholic bishops and representatives of the ludicrous Iona non-Institute.  Their submissions will all follow the same lines and they’ll all be nonsense.

Iona will be against same-sex marriage because at heart, the very thought repels them at a visceral level.  They lack the maturity to accept the idea  but they won’t express it in those terms.  Instead, they’ll invent studies, research  and papers to support their opposition.  They’ll make stuff up, as they’ve done before, and for some inexplicable reason, people sympathetic to their point of view in RTÉ will ensure that they get access to the airwaves despite their being no more than a tiny self-appointed group of right-wing ideologues.

The Catholic bishops will be against it because that’s what Catholic bishops do.  They can’t help being obsessed with sexual matters, and while they’ll dress it up with talk of The Family, in the end, it’s all about their obsession with genitalia.  Bless them, the sad, virgin old men that they are.  Sex can be a terrible obsession if you’ve never had it.

From every quarter, they’ll be telling you that same-sex marriage undermines a great institution and you’ll need to be asking them why, exactly?  Is it because two men or women getting married somehow prevents you or me from doing the same with a member of the other sex?

Well, no.  You can still marry a man or a woman, depending on your preference.

Will it stop you being happy in your relationship?  No, unless you have an unhealthy obsession with other people’s same-sex marriages, as the bishops and the Iona Institute do.

The bishops are insisting that marriage should be about procreation.  Very well then.  In order to be consistent, will they insist that post-menopausal women and men who have had vasectomies should be forbidden from marrying?  Of course they won’t, the silly old cross-dressers.

How exactly will a same-sex marriage affect anyone  apart from those involved?

The answer is that it will have no effect whatsoever.

Relax.  Your marriage is safe.  The gays can’t damage it without your help, and besides, they don’t care.


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  1. Google the Iona stuff on the HPV vaccine. They weren’t against it, but they were obsessed with the idea that the HSE were hiding something by not telling girls that HPV was linked to promiscuity. It’s as if they think God’s plan is that sex (outside heterosexual marriage) should lead to death.

  2. ” Sex can be a terrible obsession if you’ve never had it.”

    Probably true. But what’s it got to do with a discussion about the church ?

  3. Given your post I’m hardly likely to mean the Quakers. I thought sex of one kind or another was all the rage in the Roman Catholic church ? Celibacy not to be confused with chastity and all that ?

  4. I make my living as an entertainer in a wedding band, we do weddings, we entertain the guests of couples who get married. We do weddings, of couples, we have never done a ‘gay’ wedding, but we have done weddings of same sex couples, bisexual couples, and couples of different gender. Same price kid, same entertainment, same show, weddings, two people getting married. It’s a wedding, two people showing commitment, love, and the willingness to pay a good wedding band to entertain their friends. :)

  5. Bock,

    I draw your attention to paragraph 10 of your article above: ” The bishops are insisting ………” In it you questioned why adults past parenting, male or female, can marry.

    I would like to point out that in the Catholic Church, impotency and certain other factors which prohibit having children, can be put forward as grounds for annulment of an otherwise valid marriage.

  6. The state I live in approved same sex marriage in 2008. Aside from the increase in absolutely fantastic weddings life continued on as usual. Nothing to fear.

  7. Annulment is a different matter. This is the process of declaring that a marriage never existed in the first place.

  8. I’m going to get eviscerated for this but if marriage isn’t such a big deal then why do same sex couples want to do it? Here is the kicker though, if we redefine marriage then what comes next? A man and two women? Just putting it out there.

  9. You won’t be eviscerated. Same-sex couples want marriage in order to achieve the same legal status as opposite sex couples. Nothing more and nothing less.

  10. I have no objection to gay “marriage” as such but I do object to calling the union of gay people marriage. Marriage as generally understood describes the commitment of a man and a woman to one another in which one parthner is called a husband and the other a wife. I suppose my objection could be considered trivial but I feel strongly that calling the union of two men or two women marriage is an abuse of language.

  11. I’m all for it…

    1: noun: marriage;?plural noun: marriages1. the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.
    synonyms: wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage ceremony, nuptials, union;

    2: synonyms: union, alliance, fusion, amalgamation, combination, affiliation, association, connection, coupling, merger, unification

    To me only in church law.. they underline the use of the word marraige to cover the union of man & woman.
    What exactly are they afraid of….
    Then again they do live in the past, and haven’t bearly ventured into the 21st century…

  12. I’m not clear what point you’re making with that dictionary definition.

    Dictionaries don’t lay down the law regarding the meaning of words. All they do is document the changes as time goes by.

  13. What legal status do they not have? Worth checking out I would imagine. Any comment on the redefinition and what it might mean for two men and a woman to be wed?

  14. I was only just simplifying the word “Marraige” as some of the posts didn’t seem to be able to grasp the word. So the simplest form is in any english dictionary.
    So maybe the word marraige in the latest dictionary should be brought up to to date for the use of the word in the 21st century.
    Then again if some peoples dictionary on life is a bible and they’ll never change that…

  15. @Bock

    Is it about the words used?

    Yes. The word marriage should be reserved for the matrimonial union of a man and a woman

  16. I guess my reasons are more emotional than rational. Up to recently marriage was used to describe the matrimonial union of a man and a woman – husband and wife. I acknowledge that the phrase same sex marriage or gay marriage has come into use. Language is a continually developing thing but using marriage to describe same sex unions will I think lead to confusion. Can a woman be a husband? Can a man be a wife? I suppose the neutral word spouse can be used but calling the union itself marriage does not seem right to me. I acknowledge I’m struggling in the argument a bit and I won’t die in a ditch over it.

  17. Will another divorce referendum be needed? I would not recommend anybody to marry for tax reasons though.

  18. @Bock
    I know a woman who says it would be great to have a wif

    Thanks Bock. You let me down gently

  19. Why is marriage equality needed? Here is a good link for the basics

    When people are saying “won’t someone please think of the children”, the children are already here so please think of them and allow them the right to have their parent with them in hospital.

    My both my brother and sister are married, neither of them were married in a church. My sister was previously divorced and can’t physically carry a child, yet she was allowed to get married twice. Why am I not allowed to get equally married to the mother of our children? Why do our children have less rights to their parents than my nephew does to his?

    My apologies for the rant/vent but this is an important issue for some of us and to deny it because you don’t like to hear a man calling another man his husband isn’t really a valid reason to say no.

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