Lostprophets Ian Watkins Jailed for 35 Years for Abusing Children

I’m struggling to understand many things about the Ian Watkins case.

lostprophets ian watkins paedophile child abuser

First, I struggle to understand why there isn’t a law that provides for the instant castration of anyone who rapes anyone.

Second, I struggle to understand why there isn’t a law requiring the instant extermination of anyone who sexually molests a young child.

Thirdly, I fail to see why there’s not a law requiring horrible torture of any pervert who rapes a baby.

And yet, all that Ian Watkins got was a 35-year sentence.

This pervert has been raping babies all over Europe.  Babies.  This piece of shit has been violating babies.  Can you even begin to imagine that?  Babies.  What the fuck is that?  Babies?

There’s something even more disturbing about the case though. Two mothers were sentenced along with Watkins for facilitating his rape of their babies.


What is wrong with these people?  What exactly is missing from their DNA?  Two mothers agreed to let a sex offender abuse their babies.  Can you process that statement?  Can you make sense of it?  I can’t.

You know what?  Maybe there are circumstances in the background of Ian Watkins that predisposed him to abuse children, but I don’t really care.  As far as I’m concerned, the 35-year sentence he received is all very well, but really what he needs is a bullet in the back of the head to make sure no other child is ever in danger from him.

You think that’s extreme?  Well, maybe, but it’s in response to a fairly extreme crime.

Raping a baby?  For fucksake, just shoot the prick now and get it over with.


17 thoughts on “Lostprophets Ian Watkins Jailed for 35 Years for Abusing Children

  1. The law?
    The law has nothing whatsoever to do with real life.
    Real life is what happened to those babies and what allowed the abusers do as they wished.
    You won’t see real life on ‘reality’ TV.
    Or judge Judy either.
    And the law is both a scam and a con.

  2. Based on your previous behaviour, I’m willing to bet that you’ll never make another comment on this post even if someone calls you a pompous idiot.

  3. As you know, if you’re a long-term reader of this site, I’m absolutely against capital punishment. But sometimes, as a father, I feel the need to emote.

    Is that ok?

  4. He would not have got 29 years plus 6 years release supervision in Ireland, he would have got about 12 and done 8. He will probably be sent to the main prison in Cardiff and he will suffer, a very tough place by all accounts, as unlike Ireland there is no Arbor Hill, where pedophiles are protected . I do not agree with the death sentence or torture, as brutality does not ” cure” anyone, they tried it for hundreds of years and it does not work.

  5. Mix him in with the general population and let justice reign. He has made a ton of money since his conviction. Those bitches should be removed from the planet as well. HIs hubris is astounding. I feel bad for his band mates.Hurry up and die.

  6. The problem with mixing him with the general population is that those most inclined to violence are often perverts themselves – as many of those who have spent time in the care of religious groups will testify

  7. He pleaded guilty and there was no trial. The fact is that if any case comes to trial any statement made in the press or media by who ever can prejudice the proceedings., You do not have too be a witness and in the UK papers are very careful in reporting cases and never let any comments during a trial. The South Wales Police where informed of his activity in 2008 and failed to act by Watkins ex girlfriend.

  8. What is the reason as to why the identities of the two convicted women are not being revealed? They are being referred to as ‘Woman A’ and ‘Woman B’ respectively. I presume that their children have been taken into care. Once the said children become adults, someone will no doubt be tasked with the unenviable job of sitting them down and explaining to them what took place during their infanthood. Supposing hypothetically, that Mr Watkins or either of the two convicted women, upon being released from prison, decided that they wished to engage in the act of procreation. Are there any legal measures in place that could prevent them from doing so, such as maybe chemical setrilisation?

  9. I suppose it’s to protect the identities of the children.

    As to your other question, any gobshite can have a child. It would be harder to buy a dog.

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