Limerick City Council Votes Unanimously To Support Marriage Equality

Jesus, the Ionanists must be chewing the sticky carpets in 23 Merrion Squeer.

Not that I’d call them carpet munchers or anything like that, especially with the Pure in Heart Virgin Battalion waiting in the next room.  All that pent-up unrequited sexual energy just waiting to overflow in an outpouring of rage that can only be cured by chaste, Catholic marriage.  Nothing like a bit of Rosary bondage to get the juices flowing.

Wouldn’t you love to know how they while away their days, waiting for The One to appear?  Reciting pious thoughts and ejaculations, perhaps.  Tying each other up with Sellotape.  Messing with the heads of impressionable teenagers in the schools they visit.

Pure in Heart — putting sexual guilt back into education.

Who can tell what goes on in the Merrion Squeer tardis, filled with organisations that have absolutely nothing to do with each other?  Nothing at all.

Ionanists, Pure-in-heart sworn virgins, hereditary Bourbon princes, the Knights who say Ni, demented American pizza-millionaires, retired priests, supremely-gifted PR ninjas, Pulitzer-winning journalists, all wandering around the same smallish house and, horror of all horrors, sharing the same toilet on the second-floor landing.  That would explain the discarded chain-mail hanging from the banisters, wouldn’t it?

Why do I mention the carpet-munching though?  You might reasonably ask this.

Well, it seems the peasants are revolting.  In a deep affront to the principles of Ionanism, Limerick City council today voted unanimously to support marriage equality for same-sex couples.  A council full of conservative backwoodsmen has no problem with marriage equality.  What does that say about the Ionanists?

I suppose we should look forward to the next ex cathedra statement from Ireland’s greatest public relations expert, explaining how Limerick City Council speaks for nobody.

God bless the Fiona Institute.


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3 thoughts on “Limerick City Council Votes Unanimously To Support Marriage Equality

  1. Politicians are surely a most useless variety on the planet.
    Why they voted this support I suspect is probably more to support the stance of the Labour Minister in New York’s upcoming St.Patrick’s day parade than it is with the subject matter itself.

  2. No, what politicians have more than anything is a nose for self preservation. This sense over rides greed, “principals” or anything else that might be going on in the brain of the rabbit at the controls. They know the tide has turned. Any of them who voted against would be claiming expenses after the next locals.

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