Max Clifford Convicted of Sex Assaults

When my children were small, I always took the view that I’d do time if anyone laid a hand on them and I haven’t changed my attitude to that. I would kill anyone who hurt my children. However, that’s just my personal view, and such an emotional sense of retribution should never form the basis for the law of the land, even when it comes to people like Max Clifford, now exposed as an utter slimeball, convicted on eight counts of sexually assaulting young girls.

Max Clifford OJ Simpson

The man who ran the PR spin for OJ Simpson, David Mellor and Sven-Goran Eriksson turns out to be a horrible, manipulative, controlling creep who groomed young girls as young as 15 with promises of stardom. Imagine that. Who knew?

I don’t want to repeat the details of Clifford’s behaviour, because the more I read of it the more homicidal I feel, and that’s not good for the blood pressure of a man my age. At least 20% of my readers would be disappointed if Bock departed this life as a result due to a Clifford-induced raging fury so I’ll say no more, apart from this.

It’s true that we can’t be condemning people on the basis of simplistic, pre-digested insults, but Max Clifford is a despicable piece of shit. He used young kids for his sexual gratification and that’s something for which there is no excuse. He promised them stardom. Sometimes, he phoned them using fake accents pretending to be Stephen Spielberg, Cubby Broccoli and Michael Winner, promising them parts in movies.

What right-thinking father would not, at the very least, feel the urge to punch this man in the face? I know it’s the caveman in all of us, and I know it can’t be done because it’s illegal, but unfortunately, with our new, touchy-feely approach to sex offenders, they can’t even be put in a normal prison with what we used to call ordinary decent criminals who take a dim view of sex abusers. Instead, they’re housed with other abusers in low-security wings where they can remind each other how hard the world has been on them.

I’m probably old-fashioned on this one, and for that you’ll have to forgive me. That’s how I feel. Normal service will resume tomorrow with further attacks on the system but I’m afraid, when it comes to kiddy-fiddlers, I’m with General Franco, Mussolini, Thatcher, China and the Taliban.

5 thoughts on “Max Clifford Convicted of Sex Assaults

  1. Do you know of any other species who’s members commit acts of premeditaded, perverted sexual abuse for sadistic pleasure, with such meticulous and sophisticated planning and in such a covert manner? Or is that unique to Homo Sapiens?

  2. No forgiveness necessary, old fashioned is the way to look at it – the word “horse-whip” is the first word that comes to my mind!
    Well written!!

  3. That should have read ‘whose members’, not ‘who’s members’. Apologies for the typo…

  4. Debate on Jeremy Vine today on the Beeb radio 2, how the fact that Clifford was the ‘master’ of manipulation, spin, lies and spoofin showed all the talent, for want of a better term, of somebody prone to child grooming…also David Mellor was a victim of Clifford’s muck-raking, Clifford was the spinner for Antonia Sanchez. who went to him with the goods on her affair with Mellor…also he didn’t spin for Eriksonn either, but for the the FA secratery who he was having the affair with…the sleazeball also offered free advice on how to earn from the media to the murderers of Stephen Lawrence…imagine that?

  5. Now there’s a piece of shit who has a lot of dirt on some bigwigs across all strata of society. I’m sure many of them’ll be quaking if he goes down. A lot more to follow, methinks.

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