Brian McMahon Retrospective Exhibition

Magnificent exhibition of work by one of the finest artists Ireland has ever produced.

Brian McMahon retrospective

Just go and see this.  Just go, that’s all.

Here’s forty years of magnificent work, gathered together in one magnificent old building.  This is an outstanding example of a working artist doing what an artist does, because he doesn’t know how to be anything else and he doesn’t know what it is not to paint or draw.

You might as well ask a dog not to bark.

How many people are lucky enough to have one of Brian’s astonishing, vibrant, sculptural oils?  Let them be thankful for owning a piece of wonder, and now here it is, all gathered under one restored roof; the old Sailors’ Home on O’Curry Street, later an RIC barracks and a Garda station but now a rescue project thanks to the Shannon and Foynes Port Company.

What a superb building, but how sad that the elements have done so much damage to it that even the very plaster needed to be hacked from the walls.

And yet, in a fine moment of serendipity, how appropriate that those same bare brick walls, never intended to be exposed, form the background to Brian McMahon’s exhibition of his life’s work?

If this show was in Dublin or Dún Laoghaire, it would be covered by the Irish Times, but since we’re “down the  country” as they say in the national media, it will have to be covered here instead.  Go along.  Soak in the ambience, the decrepitude, the crumbling magnificence of the whole thing, and that’s just the artist.  Enjoy the old pile of bricks, but most of all enjoy the 40-year career of one fine artist.

Do it immediately.

Brian McMahon retrospective 015

Brian McMahon retrospective 016

Brian McMahon retrospective 017

Brian McMahon retrospective 019

Brian McMahon retrospective 020

Brian McMahon retrospective 021

Brian McMahon retrospective 023

Brian McMahon retrospective 024

Brian McMahon retrospective 025


12 thoughts on “Brian McMahon Retrospective Exhibition

  1. Brian McMahon is a brilliant Limerick Artist, particularly in his field of painting. This is a wonderful exhibition of his work in such a unique place. Go see it, and well done Bock for photos.

  2. Clare, I’m ashamed to admit that I turned up with a camera that had a dead battery, and I had to rely on my phone.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree!
    I’m luckily enough to be the custodian of some of Brian’s work and his retrospective is better than 100 EVA’s and with a lot less ‘Art Speak’ too!

  4. Perfectly good photos Bock whatever the apparatus! Great piece & a great show- though I see it as a compliment to things like EVA. Great venue too.

  5. I’m trying to find out the opening times for this exhibition but can’t seem to find them online. Just wondering if you can help? Thanks.

  6. Opening Hours: 30 May to 20 June 2014, Monday to Sunday 11:00-17:30

    Admission free

    Ends next Friday.

  7. I loved the exhibition & the location was perfect. Looking at Brian’s work over 40 years is wonderful to see. His colours are so intense & dramatic, they can light up a room. I love his figures, something really appealing in their setting also. His flowers & landscapes are gorgeous. I loved the Achill Beg series also. What’s not to like? He is a terrific artist.

  8. I was very fortunate to view this amazing retrospective collection on the morning after the close of the exhibition. I came to the party late but I will never forget the experience. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Brian is truly a great artist.

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