Palestine: The Absurdity of the Terrorist Label

When words mean what we decide they mean

We hear so much about the Hamas Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel, but not a lot about the genocidal and bloodthirsty Torah on which fundamentalist religious Israelis base their claim to ownership of Palestine.

Hamas’s so-called denial of Israel’s right to exist is constantly invoked as justification for subjugation of the Palestinian refugees who cower inside the huge open-air prison that is Gaza, even though everyone knows — including Bibi Netanyahu — that the terminology is typical Arabic hyperbole, and that Hamas have already retreated from that position many years ago.

It wouldn’t be convenient to acknowledge that point and it isn’t even the real point.  When a population’s very existence is inconvenient, they must be eliminated and every excuse will be invoked, as we have seen in many conflicts of recent years.  We saw it in former Yugoslavia when Serb and Croat turned on Bosniak.  We saw it in Rwanda when Hutu turned on Tutsi.  We saw it in Germany and Poland and Hungary and Romania when Nazis turned on Jews and described them in much the same way that Israelis describe Palestinians.  Cockroaches.

Gazastan, the sneering nickname used by many Israelis, tells much about their attitudes towards those who are imprisoned behind the Fence.


If Palestinians are not characterised as terrorists, the all-purpose condemnation that somehow, magically, excludes Israel’s Haganah, Irgun and the Stern Gang, the merciless assassins whose existence facilitated the creation of the Israeli state, then they must be reduced to the level of vermin as Israeli politician Ayelet Shaked did recently, calling for the execution of Palestinian mothers to prevent them producing more “snakes”.

Terrorists everywhere, except in the Knesset or in the cockpit of the F-15 bombing Palestinian children.

Hamas terrorists whose ridiculous firework rockets managed to kill a single Israeli by comparison with the hundreds of civilians cockroaches killed by the Israeli defence forces who, of course, are not terrorists at all.  The terror they inflict on Palestinian children isn’t really terror.   The sort of terrorists who obsess the Israeli spin-doctors are comic-book bad guys, people who were never children and whose only interest in life is to inflict terror, whatever that is.  Such terrorists have no children, no mothers, no lovers, no favourite novels or musicians or sports.   They were born on a distant planet, and they are wedded to terror like a nun is wed to Jesus.  This is a new species,  as if Israel was fighting against Lex Luthor or Doctor Octopus, and not against flesh-and-blood people whose grandparents had been kicked out of their homes by real villains.

Kicked out of their homes, often murdered, by Zionist terrorists who cared nothing for the human rights of the people they dispossessed.

I would not be invoking the Holocaust as a reason to criticise Israeli policy but for one inconvenient fact.  Israel has for years traded on the Holocaust as a justification for its existence, even though the Israeli state is founded on the blood of the Palestinians ruthlessly extirpated by the likes of the Stern Gang, and subsequent actions by the IDF.  Israel, nobody can deny, is based on ethnic cleansing, and therefore we need to look at the Holocaust, or the Catastrophe as Jews call it.

We need to look at the 1982 slaughter of the Palestinian refugees in the Sabra, Chatila and Bourj-al-Barajneh camps by the Christian militia under Major Haddad, known as the DFF by the UN peacekeepers and the SLA by the media.  DFF is shorthand for de facto forces, signifying their real role as proxy killers for the IDF.  The Israeli defence forces, who controlled Haddad, knew full well what dark actions these killers were engaged in as they went about their filthy work.  Indeed, they watched from guard towers as the murderers came and went, but they did not intervene.

The seeming contradiction has baffled us for years.  How can it be that Israelis, given their experience of oppression, are able to justify treating the Palestinians in exactly the same way that Jews were treated by other countries?

The answer is simple.  Despite Netanyahu’s declaration that Israel is the Jewish state, this aggression is not coming from Jews, as anyone who follows the worldwide Jewish opposition to the current obscenity that is being inflicted in their name.  We’re talking about a combination of hardline Zionists and religious maniacs who rely on a boneheaded political intransigence and on the Pentateuch to justify their position.  If, on the one hand, as a Zionist, you are determined to take another man’s home no matter what the rest of the world thinks, that’s what you will do.   And if, on the other hand, you think the merciless, psychopathic God of the Old Testament has given you these lands then likewise, you will smite and slaughter your enemy.

The entire disastrous and misconceived Israel experiment was entirely predictable.

As George Antonius, a civil servant with the British occupation said in 1938,

“The cure for the eviction of Jews from Germany is not to be sought in the eviction of the Arabs from their homeland; and the relief of Jewish distress may not be accomplished at the cost of inflicting a corresponding distress upon an innocent and peaceful population.”

It”s obvious. Only a fool could imagine otherwise, and that”s precisely why we now find ourselves where we are, with an overwhelmingly-powerful Israeli army mercilessly pounding civilians into submission, yet again.

Here we are again as the inhabitants of Sderot gather on the hills overlooking the Gaza concentration camp, setting up their picnic tables in the very fields they stole from the refugees behind the Fence, and cheer as their jets bombard those who have the audacity to resist their dispossession.


Unlike the Israeli Defence Forces who, in a masterful example of news management, jumped the Fence at precisely the same time that Ukrainian Russians shot down the Malaysian flight, and went on to kill a record number of Palestinian cockroaches in a single day.


Knesset member calls for ethnic cleansing.

Five Israeli fallacies

19 thoughts on “Palestine: The Absurdity of the Terrorist Label

  1. Remember that Benjamin Netanyahu the current Prime Minister, resigned from the Israeli Govt when they gave up Gaza. He never wanted to relinquish Gaza. This could be another push for reoccupation. Gotta love them Gas reserves off the coast…

  2. Netanyahu was interviewed on CNN last night. It made my blood boil. The Fucking Lying Murdering Bastard. Now Gaza health ministry says that white phosphorous is being used by Israeli army in eastern Gaza.

  3. IF both sides each declared a unilateral ceasefire, then the killing would stop.

    IF each side would put human life above all else, this would actually happen.

    Un-realistic and un-fashionable an approach I know, but Pacifism does actually work.

    IF only…..

  4. Yes Toff, if only Israel respected the rights of others. Rather than complain when they meet resistance to oppression. Like a rapist complaining about his victim putting up a fight.

  5. Yes all, I think I’ve got your point – you believe Israel is the earthly manifestation of the devil!.

    Partisan rhetoric from any side achieves NOTHING.

    So, where to now? What’s the REAL plan that resolves the situation for EVERYONE?

  6. I don’t disagree with any part of your post, however as situations change rapidly in the broader middle East. When people write about Hamas there is a generalisation which does not explain or highlight the increasing gap between the Political wing and the Military wing, since Sisi rose to power in Egypt it has isolated Hamas, especially in Gaza because of association with The muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

    The Political wing of Hamas, based in Qatar offer reasonable cease fire proposals but there needs to be an on the table agreement with the Military wing in Gaza and so far that hasn’t been made clear, neither has the will of the Political wing in it’s expression of willingness to co operate with Fatah been made clear by the Military wing and just how wide is the gap between these two wings ?

    When Hezbollah come out publicly offering their support to Hamas, what does that really mean ?

    Meanwhile the civilians and children of Gaza will continue to be slaughtered while Israel and both wings of Hamas hash out their own agendas.

  7. Maybe a start would be to acknowledge that a war crime is currently being perpetrated in Gaza. Would you do that? Also I do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth.

  8. I’m not clear how the statement ” …they are wedded to terror like a nun is wed to Jesus. ” adds any value to this article.

  9. well Toff, the acknowledgement by Israel of the injustice perpetrated on the Palestinian nation by successive Israeli governments. On the table , needs to be the immediate withdrawal from the occupied territories overseen by the UN. (When hopefully Israel wont be bombing any more UN compounds – more “mistakes”) – The immediate opening of Gaza’s borders and port. A declaration that Israel acknowledges the right of the Palestinian People to National self determination – That would be a start towards a period of peace during which diplomatic efforts would be pursued towards a two state solution. Ireland endured a lasting bloody conflict which ended only after it was finally admitted by those in power it was a political , not a security issue. Anyway you appear to be under the illusion that if the rockets stop coming from Gaza, people would no longer be killed. That may be, however, do you believe that in that event, the ongoing crime of the illegal blockade and collective punishment of the people of Gaza, and the occupation, would cease. Do you believe that? In addition,do you believe there is a crime against humanity being perpetrated in Gaza at the moment? You referred to this situation as a “War” – could you actually describe the situation in Gaza as A WAR? By the way Toff I have noticed a few annoying traits – the most recent being to put words in my mouth. I don’t need you be be providing your insightful interpretations of my thoughts thank you.

  10. Tommy, I believe that IF everybody stops killing each other, then anything is possible.

    Well said BirdinHand – each side are too busy with their politics whilst people are being killed.

    That is exactly the point, both sides display partisan selfish attitudes, and until that ends, there will never be a just solution.

    The reactionary entrenchment commonly displayed just fuels the hatred and killing.

    PS Sorry Bock and Tommy, but I didn’t know how else to summarise your views. ;)

  11. Well Toff, Netanyahu stated yesterday that he was not going to stop until the end of Ramadan.

  12. Clearly Netanyahu does not want or will not entertain a two state solution, unless of course the 3 billion dollars they receive from the U.S. per year is threatened and how likely is that ?

    As for Hamas and Fatah, as representatives of the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank, until they speak with one voice and one voice only there is no hope of any level of peace for Palestinians.

    We have no idea how both parties plan on controlling their own Military wings, al-Assifa of Fatah and Al Quassam of Hamas. Any agreement Hamas draws up with Turkey as peace brokers won’t be trusted by Israel and any agreement Israel draws up with Egypt won’t be trusted by Hamas, the unity planned between Fatah and Hamas and their plan for General Elections later this year is the only hope of one voice and that unfortunately is the small glimmer of hope the Palestinians of Gaza can cling to.

  13. Unfortunately,very few artists in our celebrity obsessed culture, speak out today against the crimes of the powerful. Roger Waters is one who speaks up for the Palestinians.

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