Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

If you’re raped, get out fast.

That’s right.  I’ll say it again.

Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

A woman who had been raped looked for an abortion when she discovered at eight weeks that she was pregnant.

Under our new compassionate law, following the horrifying death of Savita Halappanavar, the woman was entitled to seek an abortion if she was pregnant and suicidal, but this is Ireland, the most moral country in Europe, and therefore it’s not that simple.

Instead of acting on the issue immediately, the medical experts who have legal jurisdiction over her body made the woman wait a further four months, until the foetus became viable.  An Irish solution to an Irish problem, as that vile old cynic, Charlie Haughey, once intoned.

When the pregnant rape-victim went on hunger strike, they force fed her.

They then anaesthetised her, cut her open and delivered the now-viable six-month-old baby.

None of this happened in Pakistan.   This happened in a country that claims to be a modern, secular, western European democracy.

Welcome to Ireland, the world’s most moral country.

If you happen to be a rape victim, here’s my advice.  Get out of this little Caliphate as fast as you can before the men in the white coats come for you and force you to bear your rapist’s child, whether you want to or not.


8 thoughts on “Rape Victim Force-Fed and Cut Open in Ireland

  1. It is that simple. I know what my reaction would be if someone waving a placard told me what medical procedure I could or could not have. They’d need one to have the placard removed from some orifice or other.

  2. We have an appalling history of misogyny in Ireland. This is just a continuation of same. What gets me is that two psychiatrists agreed that the woman’s life was at risk only to have their decision overruled by some obstetrician. So basically the opinion of an obstetrician who has no psychiatric qualification trumps two qualified psychiatrists. Utterly baffling that.

    The whole episode is barbaric in the extreme and worrying too that the HSE have custody of the child.

  3. “We have an appalling history of misogyny in Ireland” Agree, ALC.
    We’re a little backwater of women haters here.
    If you’re raped in Ireland, if you’re carrying a foetus with abnormalities you can fuck off elsewhere to deal with it. We’ll try and stop you travelling if we can, but otherwise fuck off.

  4. Who will take responsibility if the baby has health problems due to it’s premature birth ? It might be viable but is also prone to immature lung problems, inability to regulate body temperature , and many other conditions. Poor little innocent mite. Far better the mother had been granted her wish at eight weeks or the baby allowed to go full term and immediately adopted.

  5. I cannot stop thinking about this woman. On the birth of my first child I had a particularly cold and nasty midwife and and this old Dublin 4 gobshite of an obstetrician who turned up late for the birth as he was watching his son play rugby. I was in distress and I felt like an animal lying there listening to his banter as he talked to the staff as if I wasn’t there. He used a forceps to drag my son out. I had nightmares about that birth for months.

    So now with my little knowledge of Irish maternity hospitals I am trying to imagine how those weeks between the asking for a termination and just before the forced caesarian must have been for this woman who had limited English and was obviously experiencing huge fear and distress. I feel so sad that this should happen to any woman.

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