Victorious Unionists Riot In Scotland After Referendum Result

Extremism in Glasgow

Years ago, when the great Scottish lightweight boxer Jim Watt had a bout somewhere in South America, he did a radio interview with a prominent sports journalist.  Maybe it was Harry Carpenter.  I don’t know, but whoever he was, the timing of the fight was dictated by TV schedules which meant it took place at some ungodly hour, and the journalist put it to Jim Watt straight.

Jim, how do you feel about having to fight at four in the morning?

Watt never missed a beat.

Nae bother.  Everyone in Glasgow fights at four in the morning.

I thought it was hilarious at the time, but maybe not so much today, as the triumphalist unionists strut around Glasgow, intimidating anyone who looks like a Yes voter in the referendum.

Tonight, in a city which proclaims itself part of the United Kingdom, there are people making Nazi gestures in front of a war memorial.  The same people are burning a Scottish saltire which just happens to be the insignia of Glasgow Rangers, thus proving that idiocy is not a barrier to following a football club, as if anyone needed reminding.

Scotland loyalist independence referendum

Tonight in Glasgow, we’re witnessing the sort of triumphalism that we saw in Belgrade and Kiev, and we all know how well that turned out.  Tonight we see a rabble of drunken thugs attempting to intimidate their fellow citizens for holding a particular political opinion and we have to ask ourselves the obvious question.

If these thugs had appeared the night before the referendum, would the moderate No voters still have supported the Union?

In a less regulated society, such as the former Yugoslavia, I think we’d already be witnessing militias forming but luckily the UK is a stable entity with the capacity to stand on displays of extremism.

The authorities need to do that urgently.  They need to crush these unionist extremist idiots because if they don’t, they face the possibility of very serious civil disorder from now on.  Many of the Yes people never realised how savage and vehement the unionists were until they were attacked after the count, and neither did many of the wavering No voters.

If these thugs had emerged yesterday, Scotland would be independent today.


2 thoughts on “Victorious Unionists Riot In Scotland After Referendum Result

  1. I wrote this yesterday. Today I believe the reality is that freedom from a system cannot come from the ballot box. It is paid for in blood. Suffer the children, but what other way id there?:

    Comrades! This morning I was incredibly sad as my dreams of a fresh start were gone, like a highland lament on the wind.
    Yes, there was massive fear-mongering and media bias, with not one Scottish Newspaper or weekly backing the Yes campaign! The main UK parties, fully covering the narrow British political spectrum from right to left, presented a united front against ‘Salmond’ and the ‘Bullying Separatists’. No going back they told us, alternately cajoling, threatening, and tugging our emotional strings.
    The playing field was cleverly laid out. No Devo-Max was offered. Scotland would have to battle for full independence we heard. We discovered our share of the British Riches around the world and the Bank of England is supposedly a big fat nothing.
    The ‘Yes’ team was woefully unprepared for political or any other combat: Which General in the modern age would enter battle with not one MSM outlet in their pocket? Why did the Yes side have no coherent answers to questions on Currency, EU Membership et al, that would stand scrutiny? Why did they also fail to present a corresponding, negating political unity, with current Yes supporting Tory, Liberal and Labour figures beside Salmond at every News Conference?
    In the final weeks before the vote the Scottish Socialist Party became the face of the Yes campaign in the crucial former labour heartlands like Glasgow and Dundee. Fertile ground with the Red Tay- and Clyde-siders. Enough socially disadvantaged were galvanized by the socialist’s frank message for Yes to win handsomely here.
    I believe the rest of Scotland was horrified by this supposedly looney left flashing across their screens on the British Biased Corporation, with their tales of food banks and the Social Injustices of the great unwashed. Their (perfectly understandable) protests at the BBC HQ only reinforcing the BBC’s message of fear of the mob for the rest of Scotland.
    The result is shockingly efficient. Labour’s main strongholds in Scotland demolished. Apart from the City of Dundee, SNP controlled regions across Scotland singularly failed to support independence, a debacle. The only stated purpose of the SNP was to deliver independence, so their politic is now wholly mute. Labour and the liberals will discover Cameron will see off both UKIP and them as HE IS the saviour of Britannia, rebellious Scots are crushed! The will of the simple, servile Scots destroyed for another generation at least. Westminster rules adjusted to allow English only-voting thus negating Labour and the Lib-Dems forever. Expect British planes over Syria soon, an early general election, delays or even cancellation on the promises of more powers for the Scots.
    Divide et Impera!
    They tell us we just witnessed the greatest example of democracy ever in the United Kingdom, a beacon to the world for sensibility and fairness.
    It’s nice to come second and still be a British Citizen I suppose, as much a slave today as we British were to the Romans. Not a bad political prison really. I feel my Stockholm syndrome returning, I must take my Solyent Green. I’m getting sleepy now.
    Our General Salmond has left the field. He says his work is done.
    Perfidious Albion indeed……………

  2. Aye, right. There is a mightily pissed off 45% in Scotland, walkin roun while declaring it’s respect o the democratic process yet at the same time askin it’sel “fit a fuck happened?” Since Friday morn membership o the SNP has rocketed – so much so that it is now the third biggest party in the UK. Tommy Sheridan has cried for a united front at the next election – Greens n’ Socialists must vote SNP in 2015. Alec Salmond (blessed be his name) in his New Deer speech has turned despondency tae glee – we dinna need a referendum – 30 SNP MP’s in 2015 is enough tae go U.D.I. The 45% is getting younger while the 55% nostalgic and feart fa their pensions is aging.

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