Aggressive Secularism Has Gone Too Far. Time to Turn Back the Clock.

A return to old values

We are surrounded by the “I” generation.  All this new pluralist, secular liberalism has robbed society of its traditional Christian values and — I say it without fear of contradiction — we are the poorer for it.

At one time, obedience was everything.  We knew our place and we stayed there — none of this thinking nonsense, and no need for it either.  Why should there be, when people had their betters to do the thinking for them?

In a time not long past, there was no crime in Ireland, and what crime we had was legal.  No video nasties in 1948.  No joyriders in high-powered BMWs. No computer fraud.  No LSD.  No students!

But not any more.  No indeed, my friends.  Now we have self awareness.  Now there is assertiveness training.   Now we have men doing the ironing and it is ruining — say it loud, it is ROTTING the moral fibre of this ever-proud land.

What would our forefathers have said, those patriots who gave their lives for a better Ireland?  What use had Patrick Pearse for Wash ‘n’ Go shampoo?  Would Connolly rise from his wheelchair for deeper-acting fabric conditioner?  Was it for the Kenwood range that Collins bled his last at Béal na mBláth?

Now, let me tell you something and let it be said plainly lest anyone misunderstand.  A new Ireland beckons, an Ireland where men of the cloth will once more be respected as moral guardians of our Irish  Faith.  When that time comes, there will be no counsellling classes, no personal assistants, no chief operations officers and no improved double-acting formulas to cleanse and soften.

We have had enough aggressive secularism in this historic land.

There will be a return to old values.  Children will once again know the joy of sleeping under their fathers’ overcoats.   River walks will once more echo to the voice of Mícheál Ó hEithir commentating on the All-Ireland.  Women in flowery dresses will cycle to the seaside  and the glorious aroma of boiled cabbage will once again grace the snooze of our menfolk after Mass.

This I promise you!

3 thoughts on “Aggressive Secularism Has Gone Too Far. Time to Turn Back the Clock.

  1. And the Iona Institute will put on nice programmes on the telly and the Pope will maybe even visit

  2. Her thighs, fuller and softhued as ivory, were bared almost to the hips, where the white fringes of her drawers were like featherings of soft white down. ..(Joyce). I miss the guilt.

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