Enda Kenny Lays Down the Law With Greece

Skin-job snow-job

Many years ago, we had a dog called Lazarus.  He wasn’t named after the famous Lazarus who rose from the dead at the command of Jesus, but after an entirely different Lazarus, a poor beggar who crouched at the rich man’s table and scoured the ground for whatever crumbs might fall there.  He was a nice dog, but he did have a habit of grovelling and moaning until someone threw him a few crumbs.

Now, you might think I mention this parable in reference to the Greeks, but I do not.

Getting support from Europe does require conditions to be adhered to, warned Enda Kenny, in an impressively lifelike illusion.  Robotics has come a long way from the days when a ventriloquist had to sit the puppet on his lap with a hand through a hole in its back.  These days, they can be radio-controlled and the new plastic skin is incredibly convincing, though they still haven’t quite nailed the synthetic voice-box and the hair is a bit red to be fully human.

Was that a trace of a Dr Strangelove accent creeping into Enda’s lecture as he reminded Greece about getting too uppity with the ECB and his good friends at the top table of Europe?  The ones who occasionally throw Enda a crumb when they’re not patting him on the head or kicking him.

Enda would do well to remember what country he’s the Prime Minister of.  This is the country where, according to Professor Bill Black, the government made the worst financial mistake in history.  A country where insane decisions were taken, including the decision to bail out subordinated bondholders, which has never happened anywhere else.  A country that capitulated fully to the bullying of the ECB and the European Commission, with the result that the country sank.

And after Kenny crawled into office by defeating the worst government in our history, he continued to support the same insane decisions that had sunk the country, including paying subordinated bondholders every  penny of the face value on the paper they held.  He continued to provide high-risk gamblers with a guarantee of winning the jackpot.

Now, in an embarrassing example of Stockholm Syndrome,  here’s Enda parrotting the words of his remote-control operators, and patronising a country that seeks to resist the sort of bullying that drove Ireland to the precipice.

I imagine the Greeks laughed it off, if they noticed at all.  In truth, who could be offended by anything an automaton might say?  Especially an automaton that is still too stiff to pass a Turing Test.

The Lazarus-2015 unit is working well enough, but it’s still at the development stage.  Unfortunately, it somehow managed to become our head of government.

Send for Deckard.



Enda gets an Action Man



6 thoughts on “Enda Kenny Lays Down the Law With Greece

  1. The two Brians headed up a Government that was spectacularly incompetent. Enda heads up our version of Vichy. A spineless arrogant sycophantic arse licker. He has allowed Merkel and her cronies to impoverish a generation of our citizens who played no part in the greed that was the Celtic tiger. I have an image in my mind of Enda sitting on Merkel’s knee with her hand up puppet Enda’s arse. It’s fascinating that Europe were very quick to denounce the softening of our Government’s position on water charges. Where were the fuckers the night of the Bank Guarantee? They should have been advising our Government that a blanket bank guarantee was against the national interest but predictably they took the side of European banks and investors. There is no solidarity and the European project is just a scam to promote German exports.

  2. How much longer are we to put up with these band of Traitors ? Because this is what they are. They have sold the people of Ireland down the River. My Family fought and died for the freedom of this Country and Europe. What Hitler failed to do with the Bomb, Merkerl has done it with the Pen.We should demand Mr Kenny call a general Election NOW and get out of Europe !!!

  3. The people in jeans build countrys, the suits destroy them. Its fear that keeps our country in thus mess, how do we get out of it. By just doing it, simple

  4. Wasn’t the pathetic pea-brain advising Cameron a few months back about the rules too? Contemptible pea-brain. He obviously has his eye on a job in Europe when he’s kicked out on his arse here.

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