Fatal Foetal Abnormalities. Irish Politicians Take the Cowardly Option as Always.

Women forced to carry dead babies

Let’s be clear about fatal foetal abnormalities.

This issue has nothing to do with severe disability, as the anti-abortion extremists would have you believe.

This is about babies who can never, ever survive outside the womb.  This is about things like  anencephaly where  the baby has no brain, and only lives within the womb  because its mother acts as a life-support system, if you could call it living.

This is about women discovering that they are carrying an anencephalic baby that will certainly be born dead, and who are denied an early delivery because the demented ideologues of Youth Defence and the Iona Institute have terrified our spineless politicians into silence.

This is about forcing a woman to gestate a dead baby for three, four or five months in order to satisfy an insane religious ideology.

That’s what Claire Daly’s bill was about.  Giving some relief to women who are already undergoing a huge loss.

Unfortunately, given the profound  dishonesty of the Iona Institute and Youth Defence, this is not how the ideologues will try to spin it for the media.  It’s almost as if they have some other agenda, which has nothing to do with compassion.

As a result, the chances are, some idiot teenager will stop you in the street and try to lecture you about aborting disabled babies.

Smack them about the ears and tell them to live a life before lecturing a grown-up.  This issue is not about disability.  This is about women being forced to carry dead babies inside them for months.

This is barbarism at its worst but  sadly, our spineless politicians seem content to put up with it.

We get what we deserve.

5 thoughts on “Fatal Foetal Abnormalities. Irish Politicians Take the Cowardly Option as Always.

  1. Those spineless pricks of so called Politicians, when they vote in the dail they need to leave their personal religious issues and beliefs out side the dail when it comes to important issues regarding the people of the state…
    None of them are a willing to step up to the mark (except those brave few that voted for it)
    So how long more will this go on till we get another government in power to do the same cowardly thing.

  2. Brave politicians have short careers, unfortunately. Someone like Inda can say nothing and do nothing for decades, and rise without trace to be Taoiseach.

  3. I don’t think the Fatal Feta! abnormality bill was ever going to be a runner because of it’s timing.The government parties are desperate to avoid any public controversies until the election. They are aware that the bill would draw down the lunatic religious fringe who want to link this bill with the more general question of greater access to abortion. I think Enda and Joan have decided that they have enough shit to contend with on the streets with the water charges protesters and the unnerving possibility that the Greeks might expose them for the cowards they are by getting a better deal from Europe.
    Enda and his cronies want nice mood music with nothing but good news stories about the economy, improving retail sales and stories about how the Yanks are going to buy tons of beef from Paddy. There is no place for any type of controversy or difficult decisions between now and the election. Everything is wonderful. Welcome to North Korea.

  4. Women should protest vigorously against this barbaric law and continue
    doing so until it’s gotten rid of, this is control of Women in it’s most
    cruel form.

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