Gays Die Young, Says Insane Irish Catholic Group

Extreme religious groups opposed to same-sex marriage.

The Alliance for Defence of the Family and Marriage, yet another cloak for the same small grouping of extreme religious ideologues, came up with the following vile homophobic tract recently.

Don’t read this if you’ve recently eaten.

alliance defence family marriage

Now, you might be asking yourself, what sort of deviant could possibly have written such hate-filled nonsense, and in truth, I can’t tell you that.  I don’t know what individual wrote this, but I am willing to suggest that whoever wrote it is suffering from severe psycho-sexual disorders.

Perhaps we’ll never know who wrote it, but we can at least say who published it.

The owner of the domain name for the Alliance for Defence of the Family and Marriage is Anthony Murphy.

adfam owner

Anthony is also the owner of Catholic Voice, which he calls a newspaper but which is in reality just a blog.  Anthony lives in Athy with his wife KIm and they both do their best to promote their own personal religious agenda, God love them.

They once tried, without success, to force a county councillor to resign from the board of a school for supporting same-sex marriage.  Yes.  It’s that level of gobshitery.

Anthony and Kim seem to be so obsessed with other peoples’ sex lives that you’d have to wonder if they have any time for a sex-life of their own, but of course, that’s none of my business.  What Anthony and Kim do in the privacy of their bed is none of my business, just as what I do is none of theirs.

But strangely, people like Anthony and Kim don’t seem to grasp that essential point.


I don’t know but I could speculate.

Perhaps it’s because Anthony and Kim are utter idiots.  Or perhaps it’s because Anthony and Kim are controlled by ugly ideologically-driven people.

Who can tell?

Now, let us turn to Richard Greene, who is certainly not a fool.

Richard Greene, who stands over this hateful, homophobic tract, is a spokesman for Cóir, the extreme-Right grouping that uses abortion as a front for its political ambitions.  Another face of  Youth Defence, Cóir is the Irish Golden Dawn.

Greene has been unable to remain in any political party for one reason or another.  He  was a member of the Greens and Fianna Fáil but couldn’t survive there.  He couldn’t even survive in the ludicrous Muintir na hÉireann and eventually ended up as a spokesman for the sinister Cóir.

These are the sort of people opposed to same-sex marriage in Ireland.




6 thoughts on “Gays Die Young, Says Insane Irish Catholic Group

  1. You have to love the irony though:

    Voting for same-sex “marriage” is like voting for Islamic-State-style ‘sharia law’

    This, in a document produced by what is the Irish equivalent to the Taliban!

    God help the poor bastard who puts one of these hate crimes through my letterbox…

  2. I’m afraid I’m always very suspicious of these ‘protest too much’ types. I think it’s more often than not themselves they are trying to convince.

  3. “Don’t read this if you’ve recently eaten.”
    Ah jaazus, I was just about to have my boiled egg on wholewheat bread…

    Too many fooking right wing weirdos in this country, with far too much influence and access to our national broadcaster too.

  4. you really have to wonder about the mental stability of thee people. Who do they expect will be swayed by this hateful s**t? Any of the horrible bead rattling morons who would actually believe this are already voting no. No normal Catholics will want anything to do with it or this group and will, like everyone else, be appalled by it?

    It’s likely to cause more ire than it is to gain the anti-equality side any votes.

    Clearly these people are f**king idiots, whether they are insane f**king idiots or just nasty lying f**king idiots will probably remain a mystery to is all… With the exception of the mental health professionals they’ll be treated by when Ireland votes to stop treating gay people like second class citizens.

  5. Voting for same-sex marriage is like turkeys copulating before Christmas.

    Any more referendum slogan suggestions?

  6. A friend, who is dating a woman of the opposite sex, he’s very old fashioned, claims that the LGBTQERTERRAFFERTHGYTERFVVVDSET & V group have threatened to hand bag the first person that darkens their door if the same sex marriage proposal is not passed.

    “I think you may be missing an E from that acronym?” said I.

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