It’s Ok to Hit Children, Says Pope

Children as possessions

Remember Pope Francis, the kindly, humble, smiling Jesuit?pope francis

That guy.  Jorge Mario Bergoglio, from Buenos Aires.

Jorge reckons it’s all right to hit children as long as you don’t hit them in the face, because that would be humiliating.

After all, it isn’t even a tiny bit humiliating to be pushed around by somebody bigger, as we all know.  Just as long as they don’t slap us in the face.  That would be very humiliating, but we’re ok with a smack on the arm, which is why your boss is allowed to do it if you screw up at work.  And why your spouse is allowed to leather you if you annoy them.  And why the police are allowed to beat you about the calves if they catch you double parking.

Isn’t that right?  Just not on the face.

This unwed cleric, who has fathered no children and raised no children, sees no humiliation in hitting a powerless person, provided that person is a child, but perhaps that’s because he doesn’t see children as people.  Perhaps he sees them as possessions.

He also doesn’t seem to understand precisely what violence is.

One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say “I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them”.

How beautiful.  He knows the sense of dignity! He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on.

I wouldn’t care what Pope Francis said if it wasn’t a fact that so many people listen to him.  But here he is, endorsing an act that is illegal in many countries for a good reason: we can’t guide children with violence.  All we can do with violence is instil fear, which, I suppose, is pretty much how the Catholic church has always tried to guide its followers (or flock, as it insultingly refers to them).

You might say that a light smack is not violence, to which the obvious reply is, Really?  Is that how you’ll feel the next time a workmate or a family member gives you an unwanted light smack to make you do what they tell you?

I have no doubt that many celibate, childless ideologues will agree with Bergoglio, coming from a position of complete ignorance on childrearing, but luckily, such ideologues have no children of their own.  All we can fear is that they have access to other people’s children.

Methinks the Masque of Bergoglio slippeth.






5 thoughts on “It’s Ok to Hit Children, Says Pope

  1. I am very confused he told his flock stop breathing like rabbits and beat the kids. It sounds like a devious jesuit plan to take over the world. Good luck with that one.

  2. Don’t them in the face he says…
    Sure they don’t want to leave a mark, hit them where the marks won’t show…
    I think he is reverting back to his bouncer days..

    I just have to laugh out loud sometimes with the utter shit he is spurting out lately..
    They (the catholic church) just seem to make their religion up as they go on…
    with adding in these stupid weekly comments… along with if you insult his mother he’ll punch you…

  3. What about simpletons such as himself getting a few slaps? Would it knock some sense into him?
    As he feels qualified to tell people how to do the difficult job of raising children, maybe he should be encouraging more people to opt to not have children.
    No need for the aul horizontal hooky pokey then I suppose in their eyes.. the perves.

  4. Yep, a good smack never hurt anybody,

    smack a yid, smack a nigger, smack a queer, smack a foreigner, my palm is sore but there appears to be lots of smackees to be dealt with still out there….

  5. They got a kick up the transom – wasn’t that the comment of a Fine Gael cabinet minister in the dangerous 1970s after the gardai caught provo arms smugglers redhanded trying to land stuff in a fishing harbour down south? As for the occasional sharp smack by an irritated parent: I seem to remember that children at Confirmation receive a light symbolical pat on the face as a warning of possible future hardships in their lives of faith.

    Has the media honeymoon with the pope come to an end after two years of superficial feelgood blah blah?

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