Pascal Papé Gets Five-Week Reprieve After Apologising on Twitter for Injuring Heaslip

Cynical use of social media

French second-row, Pascal Papé,  has received a fifteen-week ban after breaking three of Jamie Heaslip’s vertebrae with a deliberate knee to the back.  The ban was reduced to ten weeks when Papé’s Twitter apology is taken into account.

Imagine that.

You assault somebody so viciously that you break three of their vertebrae.  If you did it in the street, he’d get three years in jail, but when you come before an RBS disciplinary committee, you get a third of your punishment cancelled because you said sorry on fucking Twitter.   After injuring a fellow player so gravely that you might well have ended his career, not to mention the possibility of crippling him.

Doesn’t this say a lot about the RBS and how much they care about the welfare of players?

pape yellow card

Jamie Heaslip could have been paralysed by Papé’s attack on him, an attack that referee Wayne Barnes considered worthy of only a yellow card.  Admittedly, Barnes was trying to oversee a game in progress and he could easily have missed the nasty little stab that incapacitated Heaslip, but at the same time, he saw enough to sin-bin Papé, so the question has to be asked: why didn’t he understand what he saw?  Why didn’t he recognise a deliberate attempt to injure?

It was an ugly incident, and the RBS decision to take Twitter into account makes it even uglier.

Of course he apologised when he saw what was plain to the whole wide world.  He was caught and he held his hands up.  So what?

He put some nonsense on Twitter.  So what?

He followed the advice of the French spin-doctors, tweeted some insincere bullshit and got a five-week break as a result, while Jamie Heaslip has to endure the pain of a serious spinal injury.

Imagine turning up in front of a judge and explaining that you were completely drunk, you drove that stolen car at 150 mph and you definitely stabbed the cop who tried to arrest you, but at least you apologised on Twitter.

Good luck with that.

What sort of nonsense is this?



4 thoughts on “Pascal Papé Gets Five-Week Reprieve After Apologising on Twitter for Injuring Heaslip

  1. Wayne Barnes made a fundemental error in the interpretation of the laws. After viewing the replays, he himself termed it “deliberate” while disylaying the yellow card to Pepé, one should have been a red.

    So far, the Six Nations has been a series of quite brutal affairs between heavyweights so that the old maxim that rugby has a place for ‘all shapes and sizes’ no longer applies.

    Add in to this a level of unpunished and under-punished cinical assaults that masquerade as ‘accidents’ along with general indisipline that some referees find difficult to control, teams end up with an attritition rate that’s now accepeted at about one-third of a squad at any one point in time.

    Under the circumstances where a lot of rugby is almost gladitorial in nature, the IRB aka World Rugby need to have many very sharp referees who understands the laws fully (as well as their spirit) and applies them both correctly and evenhandedly. A referee who explains the situation to all players – what they see and what they’re calling.

    Example: “…Number six – leave it!…”

    Sadly, they haven’t found the key to replecating Nigel Owens quite yet, Chris White was an excellent referee but retired now.

    Oddly, I now find myself thinking that Roman Poite’s not so bad.

  2. Total crock of shit from start to finish.

    Claw got a 26 “playing week” ban for a dangerous stamp. Pape deserved the same based on that knee to the back.

    Given that Pape has said it was his last 6N, why not just ban him for the RWC also?

    Fucking cop out, that’s why.

  3. Should have been a straight red.

    Come back to the AIL club game where the maxim of all shapes and sizes still prevails. No event junkies or social status seekers just rugby fans and a few post match pints with friends and opposition supporters.

  4. Thuggery.

    Who was it that was going on recently that you have to be able to kill your granny to be competitive? That loon Dunphy or the other one Hook was it? Ridiculous.
    Granted, they’re not out there to hug and kiss it out, but there’s no need of that sort of carry on.

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