Think Jihad is Bad? Read the Old Testament.

When is a religion crazy?

So you think the behaviour of ISIS is savage?  Well, you’re right.   It is.  In fact, it was downright medieval, conjuring up images of Savonarola and Joan of Arc, both of whom were burned in public by a vengeful church of Rome.

The ISIS burning of the Jordanian pilot, Moaz al Kasasbeh, was nothing short of barbaric.  So barbaric, in fact, that Jordan immediately killed a woman by hanging, which isn’t even slightly barbaric, Jordan being an ally of The West, and all that.  And of course, as we all know,  the Judaeo-Christian world never does anything that could be remotely regarded as barbaric.

Besides, the ISIS fanatics are relying on that old holy book, the Quran, with its demands for retribution equivalent to the hurt inflicted, while the Judaeo-Christian word relies on that eh, old holy book, the Bible, with its demands for, eh, retribution equivalent to the hurt inflicted.

An eye for an eye.  No, I’m afraid we can’t have non-Christians and non-Jews singing that song.  It’s our copyright.

And as for these these crazy ISIS bastards besieging cities and slaughtering everyone who doesn’t share their faith.  I think we can all agree that this kind of thinking is insane, but yet, uncomfortably, the Christian Right in the USA and the religious Zionist movement of Israel both derive their justification from the Old Testament.  All of of the Old Testament.   No cherry-picking.

Victory of Joshua over the Amelekites

So I thought we might have a look at Deuteronomy 20.  Here’s essentially what it says about besieging cities.

When you come to a city, offer them peace.  If they agree, don’t kill them.  Instead, just steal from them and make them serve you.

If they don’t like that, you can attack them and when the LORD THY GOD wins the battle for you, then you have two choices.  

If the city is far away, you should kill all the men, rape all the women, kidnap the children and steal everything.

If the city is local, and the LORD THY GOD has given it to you, then you should kill everyone — men, women and children, animals, cats and dogs, cows, sheep, everything.

But not the trees.  Kill the people but don’t injure the trees.

There you go.   Unlike those ISIS savages, we in The West hold beliefs based on a reasonable holy book.


Meanwhile, these days, the righteous West burns nobody, apart from whoever might happen to be beneath their righteous bombs.




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4 thoughts on “Think Jihad is Bad? Read the Old Testament.

  1. But spare a thought for radical Islam.

    Having run out of Jews, who fled, in the Levant – they, the Jews, apparently had issues with indulging in a cultural exchange which involved having their throats slit, so much for the inclusiveness of Judaism, eh? – radical Islam is now pogromising – stand fucking back – snowmen.

    A Muslim cleric declared recently that building snowmen is un-Islamic.

    First they came for Frosty and I said nothing!

    But after beheading all the snowmen, or Frosty and his mates melt, and with the Jews gone, radical Islam has been reduced to pogroming Christians, the bastard children of Judaism, according to the late Christopher Hitchens.

    But Abdul and his more motivated colleagues know in their black hearts that legging it around the walls of Jericho after a renegade Jewish sect, which is essentially what Christians are, is a poor man’s pogrom.

    Basically, if your going to have a proper pogrom, one you can brag to your grandchildren about, the ones that are not being scraped off the wall of a cafe by forensics after they detonated themselves in anticipation of a celestial shag fest, nothing compares to Jew.

    Europe’s Jews used smile at their more motivated compatriots when they mentioned Aliya, but Israel doesn’t look such a bad idea when bodies are lying in pools of their own blood in a kosher bakery in Paris, killed for no other reason than they were Jews, although if you were listening to that shameless wretch Obama, a man who would make Neville Chamerlain look like Smokin’ Joe Frazier, they were just random killings…

    Elsewhere, Himmler, at the Wannsee Conference, said that certain over-plain talk and jargon expressions had to be rendered into formal language, the banality of grammar to paraphrase Hannah Arendt.

    But radical Islam, if not confronted and defeated, won’t be rendering anything into formal language. They’re cutting, quite literally, to the chase.

    Maybe the Jews, from their ancestral homeland of Israel, might be forgiven a wry smile – given the ultimate intentions of radical Islam in Europe – if the citizens of the continent formerly called Christendom, in one of history’s bleaker twists of fate, become the new Jews.

    The hieroglyphics are on the wall, as they say in Cairo.

  2. Been so long since I attended a rc service (thankfully) so tell me this. are such menacing Old Testament verses routinely quoted in sermons and homilies today, thanks. I should remember but zoning out during the pulpit mumbo-jumbo was inavoidable ).

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