Land League Reforms to Protect Wealthy Lawyer from Repossession of Killiney Palace

Protecting the wealthy

Did you ever owe €71 million?

No.   Neither did I.

It’s a staggering amount of money, but by the same token, I’ve never been a hugely-wealthy lawyer, I’ve never had a property portfolio worth a billion euros and I’ve never owned a palace on the Vico Road next door to Bono, so what would I know?

brian o donnell house

Brian O’Donnell, on the other hand, knows all about these things.  Brian has been a hugely-wealthy lawyer who grew accustomed to living in a magnificent palace on the Vico Road and you know, magnificent palaces have a way of growing on you.   Somehow, it’s just so much harder to be evicted from a magnificent, opulent palace than it is from the average 3-bed semi.

But unfortunately, such are the vicissitudes of life, especially when you find yourself owing €71 million to a bank that seeks to recover some of the money it lent you.  A bank, by the way, that was bailed out using taxpayers money.  A bank we wouldn’t want to fail a second time.

How did Brian find himself in this appalling situation, owing €71 million — let me say it in words, seventy one million euros — to the Bank of Ireland?

I don’t know.  It must have been one hell of a motor car he took out a loan for, or else one seriously snazzy extension.

Seventy one million euros.  Say it and savour it, because for sure, you’ll never see it.  Seventy one million euros.

That’s a lot of dosh.

I think it’s fair to say that Brian isn’t an ordinary householder who ran into difficulty due to losing his job.  It’s probably fair to point out that he has no small children running around his Killiney mansion who might end up as mendicant snotty orphans if he finds himself ejected from his trophy palace.

Brian, in other words, is not your average terrified home-owner trying to stave off the attentions of a heartless banker, but that didn’t stop a group calling itself the Land League from blockading his palace, preventing Brian’s house being repossessed. Brian, meanwhile, remains inside his palace, still not paying back the €71 million he owes the bank.  What would Michael Davitt make of it all?

It’s hard to escape the echoes of those other millionaire Killiney denizens, the Kellys, who resisted eviction despite owning rental properties all over Ireland and London.

What is it about vastly wealthy people?  Do they feel the pain of eviction more than the dirt-poor negative-equity wage slaves who are routinely turfed out of their homes by the banks?

Is it that they’ll feel more pain having to live in a four-bed Foxrock estate house than the poor people will feel having to live on the streets?

I feel like saying fuck them, but I won’t.

Yes I will.  Fuck them.

brian o donnell house 002

11 thoughts on “Land League Reforms to Protect Wealthy Lawyer from Repossession of Killiney Palace

  1. Yes… fuck him…
    If that prick had a moat and a drawbridge he wouldn’t need that Land League group,
    He’d be content with his dolphins in his moat and his unicorns and peacocks in the grounds of his palace.
    If I owed the bank €0.71, in which I did about once in an overdraft, I got a letter, that probably cost more to print and send to me to what I owed that bank in an overdraft…
    But how has that prick got away with owing €71 million baffles me…
    It’s pricks like him that got this country to where it is with his €71 million in debt,

  2. The O’Donnell siblings, Blake, Bruce Alexandra and Blaise. I’m guessing Brian and the missus watched a lot of Falcon Crest and Dallas back in the days. Isn’t Blaise a man’s name?

  3. On second thoughts it mat have been Dynasty? Am getting my shitty eighties soap operas confused.

  4. This is how the ‘nouveau riche,’ behave with their ‘Southfork,’Dallas mansions, When I saw a picture of the house in Dalkey, I nearly got sick. How disgusting is this house? It’s fucking awful. And the ubiquitous swimming pool and tennis court and I think there are fucking jeeps in the driveway. This is what US soap operas and too much American culture do to you. The Irish unfortunately lap it up. We would sell our souls to become Americans.The name of his children! For fucks sake. And the land league?

  5. What’s wrong with Blaise and Blake, like seriously.. Those are lovely names.
    Not everyone can carry off that kinda shexy by their name alone granted.

  6. I’ve a kind of a spare room they can have a loan of for a few weeks if they’re stuck . . .

  7. I hope the judges in the supreme court fuck this deluded family out of gorse hill and then sentence them to death… They are the most deluded fucking fuckers that this country has ever known. They walk around with a sense of self entitlement and they think they are normal people. Blaise said in an interview that she did not know that her friends did not have swimming pools at their family homes.

    Wake up O’Donnell…. Bankrupt people do not live in houses worth €7million.

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