The Many Victims of Graham Dwyer

Calling Dwyer a sex maniac is too simplistic

Graham Dwyer has been convicted of murder, confirming what everyone in Ireland, including the trial judge, knew.  The only doubt was this: would the circumstantial evidence be enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he had murdered Elaine O’Hara?

graham dwyer

As it turned out, the prosecution did more than enough to convince the jury, who wasted no time in finding Dwyer guilty of this filthy crime.  Given the appalling evidence presented to the jury, it was to their credit that they didn’t  immediately convict him solely on the grounds of his utter personal vileness.  They didn’t succumb to that temptation.  Instead, they retired and considered the evidence for almost a week, occasionally asking for clarification before finally returning to pronounce him a murderer.

The jury had no scope to convict him of being a pervert, a sadist, a deviant or a psychopath, and that’s just as well, since these labels tell us nothing about the urges that motivated Graham Dwyer.

They tell us nothing about a charming, talented young man who was sacked from at least one architectural practice for destroying the desk of a colleague he’d provoked a row with in the pub.

They tell us nothing about the man from a humble background in Bandon who was so obsessed with his status and his diminutive stature that he hacked the  computer system of an employer to find out how much his colleagues were being paid.

They tell us nothing about the popular, guitar-playing architectural student, liked by women but who preferred to target vulnerable girls with low self-esteem.

Graham Dwyer isn’t suffering from some syndrome.  He doesn’t have a psychiatric condition.   He has no mental illness.  Graham Dwyer is simply bad, all the way to the bone.  This is one evil man and that’s all there is to be said about him.

Sadly, Graham Dwyer has left a string of victims behind him, including, but not confined to, the mother of his first child, who provided the court with horrifying evidence of his desire to stab women during sex.

Including, but not confined to, his wife and his children, who have obviously decided that he’s already dead, ignoring him in court as they gave evidence against him.

Including, but not confined to the family that raised him in Bandon.

We don”t know who else Graham Dwyer has hurt in the course of his violence-obsessed life, but it’s safe to assume that his proclivities didn’t suddenly appear on his fortieth birthday, or his thirtieth or his twentieth.

This is an evil man.  There’s no other way to describe him.

He’s not disordered.  He doesn’t have a psychiatric condition.

He’s simply evil. This evil man enjoys violence against women and when the evil urge overtakes him, he has no control of himself.

It seems clear that the murder of Elaine O’Hara can’t be  Graham Dwyer’s first foray into that horrible world of sadism, so the question now arises, what other murders and disappearances should be re-examined to see if this pervert had some involvement.

Sadly, Dwyer compounded the hurt in the statement he issued after conviction, in which he appears to imply that his children are not his family.  His lawyers, who facilitated this statement, appear to have little difficulty with this.

I wish to take this opportunity to formally thank my legal team, my solicitor Jonathan Dunphy, senior counsel Remy Farrell, barristers Ronan Kennedy and Kate McCormack, for their work and dedication since 2013.
I also wish to thank my family, friends and colleagues for the continued unwavering support throughout this period.
To the members of the media, I am grateful for the privacy you have afforded both my family and people close to me during the trial.
I now respectfully ask that you continue to respect their privacy and I confirm that there will be no further comment by my family or myself concerning this case whatsoever.
Thank you,
Graham Dwyer.


By contrast, this statement released by his estranged wife, Gemma, shows concern and compassion for Dwyer’s victim.

Gemma Dwyer and her immediate family have noted the proceedings of the court and its guilty verdict today.Their thoughts and condolences are with the O’Hara family for the grief and pain they are suffering.
In the interests of maintaining privacy, and in particular to protect the interests of her children, Gemma Dwyer and members of her immediate family – parents, siblings and children – will not be making any further comment now, or in the future, on the case.
The family would request that the media and members of the public respect their privacy in any further reporting or commentary, particularly with regard to the need to protect their children from any intrusion into their lives.

11 thoughts on “The Many Victims of Graham Dwyer

  1. A dangerous dangerous man obviously with not the slightest bit of remorse. A seroius threat to women. Could he be the one to take over the media obsession that once was Larry Murphy???????

  2. Excellent piece. Mary why mention Larry Murphy? Mr Dwyer has all by himself with his pure evil, unconcern and smugness brought all the media attention on himself. He is beyond twisted, he groomed, scared, tortured Elaine O’ Hara and then he calls her ‘that awful woman’. He preyed on a mentally ill woman and took her life. He deserves nothing from any section of Irish life, he is vile. I wish his former partners his children and the O’ Hara family some sort of peace in the years to come. His family in Cork made need to take a cold hard look at the son they produced because their is not a person in the land who feels anything for this vile specimen. Well no right mined person anyway.

  3. Only mentioned Larry Murphy because now that the Elaine O’Hara trial has concluded, for now, the question will be asked in the media about Dwyer just like was asked about Murphy, what if, who else, etc etc. Agreed though, a vile specimen indeed.

  4. firstly I think what this man did was horrendous ,but we cannot judge him evil.Sick yes ,deluded yes but evil .I feel so sorry for his parents especially and Elaine’s family.

  5. I remember people in work discussing it, when he was arrested for her murder, saying ah that was just some kinkiness that went wrong, which I was sure it wasn’t.. People don’t want to think there are evil, twisted yokes out there.

    I’m sure there are many people who’ve ended up killing another person who aren’t evil, however Dwyer is not one of them.

    He knew Elaine O’Hara had just left a psychiatric hospital the day he murdered her.
    He knew she was particularly vulnerable, he knew it would look like suicide. He put careful planning into killing her. God knows what he put her through before she died and leaving her to the animals in the woods.

    He must have thought it was all so easy, thinking he got away with it, with almost a year going by before her body was found… fate can be a cruel mistress indeed.

  6. IT is bad indeed, to kill just for fun… But many murderers do not have to be that long in prison.
    What about Monsters in Argentine war! Many man and boys were brutaly killed with the same des-interesting feelings as Dwyer had for his victum!
    And those who did nothing to stop the killing of thousends are not in prison… Terrible.

  7. its hard to know what goes on in someones head.i dont know graham dwyer but i do know his family in bandon. theyre all very nice people and i feel sorry for all affected by the case.

  8. I read in the Bible about healty wirds, When we are leaded by Gods healty thinking, we would stop with wrong longings much earlier. Look for help, pray for help. God would let us feel what is wrong.

    Jesus forgave a murderer in his last houres… on the cross. Because he recognized it was indeed the Son of God hanging there. That is why he was saved and not the other murderer who was also hanging there.

    To be saved is only this important: to KNOW the Lord.. Read John 17,3.

    Because 5 virgings (Matt 25) were not wise, they heared: i do NOT know you.. and got lost..

    All prisoners have lots of time to read Gods Word. Hope they do.

    Feel sorry for all in this case…

  9. I’d say it’s reasonably likely that Dwyer has killed before. The steps he took to cover his tracks points to this (what the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit term an “organised” killer – usually more seasoned predators.) The condition Dwyer likely has is a congenital failure of the development of the limbic system in the brain (the empathy and responsibility bits) which (arguably) combined with environmental factors leads to what’s currently known as Antisocial Personality Disorder (in layman terms: psychopathy) combined with Paraphilia (sexual interest in atypical items or scenarios) makes him an incredibly dangerous man. This condition is currently not curable, it’s hard wired. He will always think this way and have these desires. Such people are driven to repeat offend and don’t learn from punishment. He feels no guilt whatsoever as his brain hasn’t got the necessary mechanism. He should never be allowed back into society in my humble opinion. A nasty predator in a respectable wrapper much like Ted Bundy.

  10. In respect to Dwyer’s parents according to current thinking there is literally nothing they could have done. APD is a wiring problem in the brain and Paraphilia develops through god knows what mechanism. It’s likely he had a very normal childhood (although there should have been signs of APD in his youth). Ted Bundy developed his interest in sadism as a youth through finding “true detective” magazines in a local rubbish featuring images of women tied up. This fueled his fantasy which he then took to a horrendous reality. Generally it’s not abuse that creates these predators. It’ starts with an unfortunate biological twist of fate.

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