Purse but no crown at stake in Lee-Quillin fight

Andy Lee’s title not in contest

Peter Quillin must be kicking himself for scoffing that last tempting slice of strawberry cheesecake when he just knew he shouldn’t, but hey, we’ve all done it, right?

We’ve all been in training for a world title fight and somehow managed to overshoot the weight limit by a pound and a half, haven’t we?  The last time I trained for a world title fight, my coach said, Just do your best and go easy on the chips because that’s how modern training methods work.   Close your eyes and hope for the best.

Science?  Ha!

What an interesting situation it was, with Quillin challenging Lee for the world title, and then turning up just a fraction too fat.  Not fat, admittedly, by the standards of the people who’ll attend the fight, as anyone who’s been to these things will tell you, but still overweight.  A pound and a half overweight, which doesn’t seem like a lot.  If I was a pound and a half overweight I’d be celebrating with cakes, beer and burgers, but I’m not an elite athlete and neither are you, in all likelihood.

This sport has rules, including the requirement to weigh in and meet the standard, because boxing is based on, of all things, weights.  Who knew?  Was nobody around to remind Peter Quillin that he had a fight coming up and that maybe it would be a good plan to stay away from the pies until after he got on the scales?  Apparently not, and the result is that he won’t get a shot at the title, although he still gets to fight Andy.

Now, in my estimation, Andy Lee is a true sportsman who will do his best in the contest with Quillin.  A lesser man might decide to take a shot to the jaw and drop in the second round, since he’d still collect his purse and still be the Champ, but Andy isn’t made of that sort of stuff. He’ll defend his honour and his pride right to the end.

On the other hand, even if the fight goes the distance, and even if Quillin wins, it will make no difference, since he threw away the chance of taking the belt by scoffing too much strawberry cheesecake and too many deep-fried salted fatfukkers.

What a strange situation.  I don’t know how the purse works out after Quillin’s unfortunate lapse, but it seems obvious that Andy should get whatever was agreed, since he had no part in the ridiculous collapse of the title fight.

Andy met his side of the bargain.  Quillin didn’t.  What else is there to say?

2 thoughts on “Purse but no crown at stake in Lee-Quillin fight

  1. Quillin, aptly nicknamed Kid Chocolate, had to fork out 125,000 dollars to Lee’s camp to take the fight after he missed weight twice.

    Billy Joe Saunders, the mandatory challenger who was allegedly paid 100,000 dollars to step aside and not create a scene and allow Lee and Quillin meet, could now face Lee in Thomond Park…..

    Billy Joe was very diplomatic in his assessment: “Now I see why he let Korobov fight go, fat cunt.”

    This was in relation to Quillin vacating the belt and avoiding Matt Korobov, who Lee TKO’d to claim the vacant belt in Las Vegas in December.

    According to reports, Lee’s purse was half a million dollars, improved to $625,000 after Quillin forked out, but back down to $525,000 after Saunders was paid.

    Small change to some of the well-dressed people around ringside in New York on Saturday. They’d make Tony Soprano look a Buddhist career guidance councillor.

    Quite a few were making extravagant hand gestures, but didn’t have violin cases. Capice?

    Very unprofessional by Quillin to not make weight. I’d blame his chief seconds, what the fuck were they doing in training camp for the last two months; can’t they afford a weighing scale?

    Our Elite boxers are weighed three and four times a day, but a man targeting one of the biggest prizes in pro boxing can’t be bothered with the rudiments of his trade.

  2. WBO crown is coming to Thomond Park on Sep 19 – Lee to defend against fellow southpaw Billy Joe Saunders.

    Does anyone recall the nuns batin’ kids for using their left hands in class. The bro used get a proper hidin’ from the nuns – fair play to them – for using his left hand, which is the hand that Lucifer uses, apparently.

    But now the lefties are fighting for a million doubloon plus purse within a drop kick of the school where bearded nuns legally assaulted children from dawn to dusk.

    Anyway, Ireland’s only boxer at the 2004 Olympics to beat the British 2008 Olympian inside the distance in our greatest win at the ground since 1978.

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