Great Bouncing Ionaballs!

A galaxy of little frowning, bouncing Iona bobble-heads

The ever-expanding list of concerned groups against the Gay seemed to defy the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and common sense.  We only have four and a half million people in the country.  How could we have ten million right-wing Catholic pressure groups?  Mothers and Fathers Matter.  The Iona Institute. Educators for Conscience. Stand Up For Marriage. Down With That Sort of Thing.  Monty Python Against Sexiness.

And then it dawned on me.

There might be ten million pressure groups but there’s probably no more than a couple of hundred extra-loud busybodies trying to run our lives under the disguise of all these important-sounding titles.

So I did a bit of digging on the linkages between the usual faces that pop up on talk shows and the various creepy organisations.  And guess what?  It’s like a spider web.

I wasn’t quite sure how to represent these connections since a normal database structure wouldn’t really illustrate them properly, but that’s where our long-term associate Jim Daly, stepped in.



What about this? he said, producing a galaxy of little frowning, bouncing bobble-heads.  And there you have it.  That’s Ireland’s shabbby theocracy in one satisfying, stress-relieving computer graphic.

You can play with it.  You can zoom in and zoom out.  You can drag it around.

You can grab, let’s say, Breda O’Brien and see if you can make her bounce off Ronan Mullen.

Go on.  Have a look.  It’s fun.

Click on the pic or follow this link.


20 thoughts on “Great Bouncing Ionaballs!

  1. is john waters missing from the list? did not see him on it. his involved in First families first and i think Communion and liberation.

  2. John Waters belongs to an Italian-based Catholic movement called Communio et Liberazione. I doubt whether it has any connection to Iona Institute. Waters wrote an Irish Times column (remember those?) a couple of years ago in which he discussed a big Communio jamboree he attended as a listed speaker. He mentioned that the week of events in the Italian city drew crowds of half a million.

  3. This is brilliant.
    I’m just pulled Ronan Mullen’s ball off the screen.. he bounced back though.
    Can we get a paintball machine or an AK 47 added to this, where you can zap um altogether? Pleasssse.

    Seriously have pain in my hoop listening to it at this stage.
    Breda O’Brien on The Last Word there earlier going on about the mudders n da fadders n da babies, again.

  4. There’s a slight problem. The ‘handles’ for grabbing all the various little balls are all offset a bit to the left from the actual ball.

  5. Muders en faters en babbies and surrogacy

    Didn’t religion invent surrogacy, god implanted a fertilised egg into a poor carpenters girlfriend called Mary, he used her to transport an egg that he fertilised to create Jesus. I wouldn’t have thought Mary or Joseph were consulted at least surrogates get paid.

  6. so there is, god the father, god the son and god the holy spirit. surely at one time there was god the foetus?

  7. God Bock you should try and give your homophopophobia a rest for a while. It can’t be good for you!

  8. Well done, Damocles. You nearly used the taboo word, the word that most accurately explains why no voters will try to deny equality to gay people tomorrow, the word the Taliban Lite rump has intimidated almost everyone, including the national broadcaster, into not using – homophobia, the hate that dares not speak its name.

  9. Can I suggest the addition of the Bopps (Mr & Mrs) to M&FM group. Both are all over the M&FM facebook page and Kate Bopp has written pieces for and gotten RTE time recently.

  10. Evana Boyle is married to Dr Phil Boyle Director of Napro Fertility Technology,
    He appeared on the Late Late wearing an anti abortion pin in 2012 his name is on the Iona Institute Wikipedia page.

  11. Brilliant job! May I get a contact for genius Jim Daly? I’m planning on using the same diagram for a different project and want to ask for permission and acknowledge him.

  12. Evana Boyle’s sister is Dr Richelle Kirrane she is a psychiatrist and is one of the 100 psychiatrists who was against the new abortion legislation. She went to Leinster house with three other phychiatrists to voice their concerns!

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