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My terrible fish ‘n’ chips conundrum

I love fish and chips.

As far as I’m concerned, fish ‘n’chips comprises the complete meal, combining delicious flavoursome chippiness and tasty fishy nutrition coated in a batter of crunchy goodness.  That’s what we all grew up on, in a town full of Italian chippers run by people with names like Di Vito, Marsela and Nardoni.  People who grew up with us and who became part of us.

In Limerick, we know our fish and chips.

I’ve never been a fan of Donkey Ford’s. Their chips are soggy, flaccid and unappetising, though of course, I have been known to hoover a bag or two when tempted, or after a surfeit of drink, but apart from that I wouldn’t go near them.  Poor enough.

Anyway, this is all a preamble to something else, which is this.

René Cusacks have taken over the old Lazio café in the Milk Market, and now they’re doing fish and chips.  As a family that has been dealing in fish forever, their offering is impeccable.  Their menu presents you with a choice of cod, hake, calimari and whatever else is available on the day, as one would expect of a fish restaurant.


Rene Cusack fish and chips

Last week, I went and had cod and chips, which I gobbled down like a dog with two dinners, just as my friends did, and that was for a very good reason.  It was delicious.  The batter on the cod was the crispiest, the crunchiest, the crackliest batter I have ever had on any cod ever.  And the fish was the tastiest, freshest, most delicious cod I have ever encountered.

I’m telling you now.  Go and experience this piscean experience, but the advice comes with a however.


The chips are not Italian chips, and I’m sorry to tell you that, but it’s a fact.

True, they’re not skinny McDonalds chips.  They are big and chunky, but they’re cooked in a bland vegetable oil, entirely unrelated to the wonderful chip culture we grew up with, and that’s not something I want to buy.

Sorry, René Cusacks.  The battered cod is as good as anyone will find anywhere, but the chips are a one-legged Tarzan.

In future, I’ll buy my battered cod in Cusack’s and my chips in Enzo’s.  That works for me.




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I had to look up Italian chips, as I had no idea what they were! Of course, here they’re called Italian fries, low and behold, exactly the way we make our home made fries! All that aside, I have a place to eat in Limerick when we finally get there! Thanks for the tip! xoxo

I tried René’s.
Chips there are shite.
Enzo is the biz.
And so is Luigi’s on Parnell street.

Jesus Christ. And here was I going to start my diet tomorrow – instead that’ll be dinner. Thanks man.

I”ve eaten there several times and agree about how good the fish is (Scampi is outstanding) and how average the chips are. The Tartare sauce is also outstanding and wouldn’t be out of place in Gallaghers.

Must give them a go.
I was down the market there recently and nearly ordered a falafel, until I asked what type of meat it was made with. Sometimes you just want a piece of meat like.
I got some Indian dish instead from that ‘Green Saffron’ crowd. Well it was one fella there, but they have their little packages of spices too in Tescos now. They’re very good!
I got some Indian spices from an Indian outside the Mall too.. A bit of a cowboy that fella. Not half as nice as the Green saffron stuff.
Oh they have jars of that Green Saffron stuff now too in tesco. Much healthier to make it yourself though with the spices, tomato paste/can of whole tinned tomatoes.. a few tablespoons of low fat yogurt, when it’s cooled down a bit – dont want it to curdle, chicken and veg or lamb or whatever too. Not in that order either.. ah nevermind.. Can’t bate a bit a fish n chips though all right. Extra vinegar…and lemon and tartar sauce to make it a bit posh as you’re stuffin’ your gob down the market.. mmmmmm

Donkey Fords don’t canvass for supporters all they want is our money (tax deducted).

Their chips are second to none – so is the mini-battered sausage and with 3 choices of fish as well as curry sauce and and that other stuff – what more could Limerick want?

BTW fish and chips should never be served up a on a square plate FFS – especially in a market ! Gentrification me arse !

Donkey’s do two types of fish and have never done curry sauce.
Still a lot better than anything down here in Cork.

Re Reputable Rog

Have you you not heard of the Sausage fish ? Tis well known to swim the waters around here! And as for curry sauce….well now… have you asked for it ?

Thanks for the comments .Re the chips in Rene Cusack Fish bar .( Language a bit excessive noting like freedom of expression, they said the same about James Joyce )
We have listened and have Changed .
Up to now we have single fried our chips ,we have now double fried them we think that they taste much better ,why not give them a try .See the difference
Fish in Light Batter not effected !!!!!!!!!!
Square Plates remain Square
( Donkeys still do the best Battered Sausages though no competition there )

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