Marriage-equality amendment passes

Tomorrow we’ll try to understand what the overwhelming Yes vote means for Ireland.

Today is for celebrating the liberation of our brothers and sisters.


marriage equality referendum


7 thoughts on “Yes

  1. Yes indeed. A resounding yes. All the more so because the alternative would have been devastating.

  2. Congratulations Ireland! A grown-up country at last!

    That’s the day I kept my last bottle of the finest Prosecco for!

    I’m overwhelmed with joy!

  3. YES….
    I’m delighted for all of them….
    Ireland is officially in the 21st Century….

    People’s Republic of Ireland 1 – The Christian/Catholic Church 0
    (Jesus saves, but the people scored on the rebound)

  4. Great day for Ireland and the World. To the memory of all those who have been persecuted its a yes and a profound apology for the needless suffering. Thank you Ireland

  5. Great result. I was getting worried there for a while. Polls put the result a lot closer than that. More of old Eire’s chains thrown off.

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